#Winterborn Character Introductions and Fan Casting!

I have a secret to confess. I’ve been working on a project for about six months now, steadily hacking away at it in secrecy. But, no more! I’m ready to share Winterborn with you in all its greatness and imperfection!

Winterborn was a project I started as a way to get back to my Paranormal Romance roots, so to speak. Growing up, I was enamored with Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches, the quintessential staple of Paranormal and fantasy literature. It’s been years since I’ve written about any of them and I thought it was high time that I featured them in my work. Thus, a dinky little five-thousand-word short story was birthed and promptly forgotten about. That is, until I realized the little nagging feeling I felt at the back of my brain wasn’t going to go away until I stared my characters in the face and said: “Okay, the hell do you want from me?”

Enter Winterborn’s main characters, Edna, Byron, and Seth. Old school names for an old school story and a plot rife with elements I haven’t touched for years. This blog post will serve as an introduction to the characters and plotline of a story that is not yet completed but is quickly cementing itself as one of my favorite books not yet written.

Main Characters: 

Edna Deveaux Ersland: 

The great granddaughter of Evelyn Deveaux, a Haitian Mambo (Voodoo

Edna Deveaux Ersland played by Amandla Stenberg
Edna Deveaux Ersland played by Amandla Stenberg

priestess) who brought black magic to the French Creole after migrating from Haiti in the midst of the Haitian-French Revolution and slave uprising started by Toussaint Louverture. She is the subject of a “Final Destination” style generational curse that’s actively trying to kill her. Head over heels for Byron Lee since they were kids, she’s dedicated to keeping the newly transformed wolf out of trouble, even when he’s more of a danger to himself than anyone else. Edna, although an adult at twenty-three, is a classic teenager dying to escape from a controlling parent. Having no real concept of time and being an Ancient, Seth quite literally treats her like a child, which is almost entirely to blame for her rebellion and her constant need to test the boundaries of their parent-child relationship. Part of her wants to see how far she can push the Vampire, the rest of her enjoys the danger it brings because she knows without a doubt that he would A, never hurt her, and B, he’ll always be there to have her back.

In a Nutshell: Edna is an extraordinarily powerful young woman in love with a man both her controlling father-figure and the world want dead. Having the power to keep him alive isn’t the issue, it’s fighting off her own demons that will determine their survival.

Byron Lee Wallace:

Byron is the literal boy next door. He grew up in Warwick Rhode Island beside the Ersland Manor and moved back recently after his alcoholic father was murdered by Ioan Sharks. This move comes years after the drunken brute beat

Byron Lee Wallace played by Joo Hyuk Nam
Byron Lee Wallace played by Joo Hyuk Nam

his sickly mother to death. Because of his hard, strictly religious, upbringing, Byron has always longed for a normal life (white picket fence, the whole nine yards), a prospect that was stolen from him permanently when he was attacked, bitten, and subsequently transformed into a Lycan. He was found one night by his childhood friend and crush Edna, clinging to the shreds of his humanity after accidentally mauling a young woman to death, and she’s been taking care of him ever since. He openly returns the witch’s feelings but, after several mishaps where he’s accidentally scratched and even bitten her, he tries to keep his distance. Much to her dismay. Byron lives in a perpetual whirlwind of guilt, self-pity, and self-deprecation because he blames himself not only for the woman he killed the night of his transformation but for the murders and missing persons cropping up all over town. He still has a very human mindset and has not yet completely transitioned into the realm of the supernatural. Where death, missing persons, and magic are an everyday occurrence for everyone else, he still sees things through the eyes (and morals) of a mortal. He’s a welpling, a literal puppy who’s still in the midst of learning to control his transformations and will be forced to grow up very, very soon.

In a Nutshell: Byron takes being a good person to an entirely new level, but he’s soon to realize that being a good guy and staying alive doesn’t always fall in line. Watch him grow into a formidable force as he realizes that protecting his mate means more to him than his father’s religon ever could.

Seth Ersland:

Seth is a very old Vampire. So old that his personal history is lost to antiquity. (Okay, let’s cut the crap, Seth is Dracula. Literally, the OG Vampire himself. But that’s just between you and me.) Rumor has it, he met Evelyn during the French Revolution and aided her escape to the American South. No one really knows the relationship they shared, but Seth took it upon himself to watch her cursed

Seth Ersland played by Valery Kovtun
Seth Ersland played by Valery Kovtun

family after her unfortunate passing. Some suspect that the two were lovers and her dealings in black magic allowed her to give birth to Seth’s children, thus creating the curse that has now all but wiped them out. The master Vampire has lovingly admitted to having been reduced to a “Housewife with fangs” and it is noted by Lenora Bulwer (a Huntress and agent of the Vatican) that bringing him out of “retirement” would be extremely bad for anyone who crossed his path. Lenora hints at his power and at the fact that he was born Vlad Dracul, the former ruler of Wallachia in what is now modern day Romania. Why he abandoned his life after his suspected death in 1476 is up for debate and is purely speculation. After Edna returns home covered in unexplained cuts and bruises he discovers her illicit relationship with Byron and contracts Lenora into hunting and killing the wolf. He is extremely protective over the last of Evelyn’s brood (and possibly the last of his living bloodline) and will stop at nothing to keep Edna alive. He also could or could not be responsible for all the disappearances in Rhode Island and has a fondness for burning beautiful houses to the ground.

In a Nutshell: Seth is daddy,  by all meanings of the word, and someone you’ll want to keep your eye on. He loves his child, takes care of all who are indentured to him, and rains merciless hell on anyone who even thinks to abuse those he loves.

Stay tuned for more about Winterborn, including more character introductions, the Antagonists, Supporting Cast, and MUCH much more!

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Winterborn Fan Casting List:

Seth Ersland: Valery Kovtun

Edna Deveaux: Amandla Stenberg

Byron Lee Wallace: Joo Hyuk Nam

Lenora Bulwer: Bryce Dallas Howard

Finn Larsen: Linus Wordemann

Nick Brawler: Froy Gutierrez

Horace Watt: Buster Keaton

George Cunningham: Adam Beach

Evelyn Deveaux: Theresa Theresa

The Winterborn Cast
The Winterborn Cast


Genesis: The Awakening An Epic Paranormal Fantasy Adventure Romance – PRE-ORDER 10/31/16


Cursed with enhanced mental abilities and consistently degrading eyesight, VICTORIA BOUCHARD is a walking medical phenomenon most talented neuroscientists could never hope to unravel. As she struggles to cope with the news of her impending blindness, she learns of a deranged serial killer deemed by the FBI as the ‘Ghoul Butcher’ who’s rapidly making his way towards her humble University in the heart of Rural Iowa.

With police on a manhunt and the locals in a frenzy, her visual health is suddenly the least of her worries. On the other hand, her lover and best friend KAIZER DRESDEN is determined to keep his distance from the case as it unfolds.

As a Grim Reaper, stripped of his powers and exiled from his home world to serve out a three hundred year sentence on Earth; he knows he would be the prime suspect in the eyes of the immortals who banished him. But with the seemingly unstoppable Ghoul cutting a swath right for them, he and Victoria have no choice but to take matters into their own hands and investigate the murders in order to protect his new found home.

Genesis: The Awakening is a fantasy epic, over four hundred pages of action, romance, and a kickass heroine who flourishes in the face of adversity. Diverse and multicultural, Genesis breaks stereotypes and casts a unique light on the fantasy genre.

What advanced readers are saying:

…one of the best I’ve ever read. Couldn’t put it down.”–Lindsay S.

“…a story that will stay with you a long time. The characters have purpose and by the time you get into the thick of it, you have a purpose too. You have to see the battle to the end.”–Jerrica A.

“…a terrifyingly immersive experience. I have never screamed at a book like characters in a movie before.”–Brook J.

“…there’s finally a heroine that looks like me and the entire story isn’t just a written kung-fu flick.”–Soo Young K.

Coming this Christmas season to all major platforms AND print!


Sixteen Villain Archetypes

The TYRANT: the bullying despot, he wants power at any price. He ruthlessly conquers all he surveys, crushing his enemies beneath his feet. People are but pawns to him, and he holds all the power pieces. Hesitate before getting in this man’s way – he’ll think nothing of destroying you. 

The BASTARD: the dispossessed son, he burns with resentment. He can’t have what he wants, so he lashes out to hurt those around him. His deeds are often for effect – he wants to provoke action in others. He proudly announces his rebellious dealings. Don’t be fooled by his boyish demeanor – he’s a bundle of hate. 

The DEVIL: the charming fiend, he gives people what he thinks they deserve. Charisma allows him to lure his victims to their own destruction. His ability to discover the moral weaknesses in others serves him well. Close your ears to his cajolery – he’ll tempt you to disaster. 

The TRAITOR: the double agent, he betrays those who trust him most. No one suspects the evil that lurks in his heart. Despite supportive smiles and sympathetic ears, he plots the destruction of his friends. Never turn your back on him — he means you harm.

The OUTCAST: the lonely outsider, he wants desperately to belong. Tortured and unforgiving, he has been set off from others, and usually for good cause. He craves redemption, but is willing to gain it by sacrificing others. Waste no sympathy on him – he’ll have none for you. 

The EVIL GENIUS: the malevolent mastermind, he loves to show off his superior intelligence. Intellectual inferiors are contemptible to him and that includes just about everyone. Elaborate puzzles and experiments are his trademark. Don’t let him pull your strings – the game is always rigged in his favor. 

The SADIST: the savage predator, he enjoys cruelty for its own sake. Violence and psychological brutality are games to this man; and he plays those games with daring and skill. Run, don’t walk, away from this man – he’ll tear out your heart, and laugh while doing it. 

The TERRORIST: the dark knight, he serves a warped code of honor. Self-righteous, he believes in his own virtue, and judges all around him by a strict set of laws. The end will always justify his nefarious means, and no conventional morality will give him pause. Don’t try to appeal to his sense of justice – his does not resemble yours. 

The BITCH: the abusive autocrat, she lies, cheats, and steals her way to the top. Her climb to success has left many a heel mark on the backs of others. She doesn’t care about the peons around her – only the achievement of her dreams matters. Forget expecting a helping hand from her – she doesn’t help anyone but herself. 

The BLACK WIDOW: the beguiling siren, she lures victims into her web. She goes after anyone who has something she wants, and she wants a lot. But she does her best to make the victim want to be deceived. An expert at seduction of every variety, she uses her charms to get her way. Don’t be fooled by her claims of love – it’s all a lie.

The BACKSTABBER: the two-faced friend, she delights in duping the unsuspecting. Her sympathetic smiles enable her to learn her victims’ secrets, which she then uses to feather her nest. Her seemingly helpful advice is just the thing to hinder. Put no faith in her – she’ll betray you every time. 

The LUNATIC: the unbalanced madwoman, she draws others into her crazy environment. The drum to which she marches misses many a beat, but to her, it is the rest of the world that is out of step. Don’t even try to understand her logic – she is unfathomable. 

The PARASITE: the poisonous vine, she collaborates for her own comfort. She goes along with any atrocity, so long as her own security is assured. She sees herself as a victim who had no choice, and blames others for her crimes. Expect no mercy from her – she won’t lift a finger to save anyone but herself. 

The SCHEMER: the lethal plotter, she devises the ruin of others. Like a cat with a mouse, she plays with lives. Elaborate plans, intricate schemes; nothing pleases her more than to trap the unwary. Watch out for her complex designs – she means you no good. 

The FANATIC: the uncompromising extremist, she does wrong in the name of good. She justifies hers action by her intent, and merely shrugs her shoulders at collateral damage. Anyone not an ally is an enemy, and therefore, fair game. Give up any hope of showing her the error of her ways – she firmly believes you are wrong, wrong, wrong. 

The MATRIARCH: the motherly oppressor, she smothers her loved ones. She knows what’s best and will do all in her power to controls the lives of those who surround her – all for their own good. A classic enabler, she sees no fault with her darlings, unless they don’t follow her dictates. Don’t be lured into her family nest – you’ll never get out alive.

Source: tamicowden.com, via fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment

Dreaming in Three Dimension’s

This post may seem a little disjointed and out of sync, but that’s only because I’m attempting to recount the most fascinating dream I had the pleasure of having last night. 

For starters, I was a little girl again, and I was attending a birthday party for some other little girl that in my conscious mind I can’t recall ever meeting. She was adorable, as was I, dressed in our frilly party dresses and polished little church shoes. But the entire scene was terrifyingly dark, even when it was supposed to be daylight outside. Together the girl and I snuck away from the elaborate princess themed party and went to play in the expansive mansion where the party was held. On the upper floors someone had made the mistake of leaving a square shaped hole in the floor that was a direct drop to a platform on the floor beneath, which also happened to be surrounded by water. In our game, I jumped through the hole and landed easily on my feet. My playmate, wasn’t so fortunate. She fell into the water and I stood there, watching her drown. 

After my playmate was dead I returned to the party as a teenager, ready to eat my weight in cake and enjoy the festivities. But there was something off, all of the party guests appeared to be in mourning. I instantly panicked. Did they find her body? Did they know I’d let her die?Would I be arrested for murder? I tried to calm myself, repeating the mantra of ‘I’m innocent’ over and over until I’d convinced myself that I truly hadn’t done anything wrong. And this is when the police show up, a butch female detective who’s eyes zeroed in on me the second she arrived. She tried to pry the truth out of me but I stuck to the story I’d created in my head, never once slipping in my witness testimony as I fed her lie after lie. 

The scene changes there, and so does the police officer. Instead of being a woman, he’s suddenly a very attractive man who finds himself researching the occult for the case in which I was involved. Determined to prove my innocence I accompany him into a world of darkness and satanic worship to find out what really happened to the little girl. 

In our quest we happen upon a school, mid nineteen twenties style red brick, embellished with steel bars and gothic fences that fit the theme of the schools in that era. And, from the locals we were told that there were tournaments being held in the basement, fights to the death that were always won by one girl, a beautiful dark-haired teenager with a vicious glint in her eye. In this dream, she was represented by the symbol of a black goat, one most associated with Satan Worshipers and those who dabbled in black magic. The detective knew we’d found our prime suspect and implored me to go under cover as a participant in the tournament, equipping me with nothing more than a tiny concealable blade to protect myself. I entered. And I won. was the black goat. was the killer who murdered girls of my own age for self satisfaction and for the monetary reward provided by the tournament. 

Revenant: A list of Terms

In no particular order:

Living Vampire: Vampires with a pulse. They eat, sleep, and breathe just like every other living creature. They’re conceived by two living vampires and are, usually, carried to full term by the pregnant female, though there are known complications a pregnant female can face especially during birth. They grow rapidly, making problems of vampiric over-population a problem that is usually solved by strife within families and coven wide power struggles such as the uprising of 1876 when Elijah Cavaletti overthrew the judges, murdered his entire family with the exception of his sister Natalia who fled and sought refuge under the house of Leviticus.

The diet of a living vampire consists of many things, mostly human food, but they can develop an appetite for human blood. In fact, most living vampires still consume blood because for them it is tradition, a right of passage, something that is passed down from mother to daughter and father to son. Taste varies from vampire to vampire but the blood of young women seems to be a constant favorite.

Living vampires have all the perks of vampirism with none of the ill effects. So naturally, being exceptionally strong and resilient, there are only a few known ways to kill a living vampire. Beheading them reduces the body to ash, but removing the heart from the body turns them into one of the undead. Gold, blessed by a priest also does the trick if they’re infused with enough of it.

Undead (Strigoi): The Strigoi are the vicious monsters of legend that strike fear in the hearts of men all over the world. The blood drinkers, the flesh eaters who kill mercilessly. The undead are created by infecting humans with the vampire toxin, a viscid substance secreted from the fangs of the undead. Once bitten the host body tries to fight off the disease which results in the death of the human and rebirth of the undead.

The diet of a Strigoi is a simple one: flesh, blood, and sometimes even the bones of anything living will be consumed by these monsters.

Killing them is a lot simpler than killing a living vampire. Blessed gold, decapitation and disemboweling are all successful methods of killing the undead, and unlike living vampires this is the final death, there is no coming back a second time.

SPPO (Supernatural Police Protection Order): The SPPO is a government funded but privately run organization that handles supernatural crimes. They are the Anti-terrorist, Special Weapons and Tactics and even bomb squad of the supernatural world. Separated into different devisions their most prominent faction is Team Zeitgeist, an Anti-terrorist group of four who specialize in extraction, espionage and assassination. They are led by senior officers Adelaide Reagan and Elliot Cole.

Venom: Crotalus Tigris Aconitum, known better by it’s street name Venom is a super drug administered to werewolves to mimic ‘steroids’ or the ‘Human Growth Hormone’. It is highly hazardous to the health of the wolf taking it, especially in large doses. The drug contains Radium, an isotope that is highly radioactive and harmful to all living things. And like lead, the drug mimics calcium, working its way into the bones and teeth of the host body eventually causing bone cancer. The radium in Venom causes the serum to glow in the dark, and once injected into the bloodstream in large quantities or over an extended period of use, it can cause the host to glow as well. Over time, Venom users begin breaking down, their bodies failing them completely before they finally die very painful deaths.

Infected: The infected are usually humans who’ve been bitten or have injected themselves with the vampire toxin. Once infected they have less than an hour to reverse the turning process with an anti-toxin before their immune system loses the battle against the toxin and they succumb to death.

Triginta: A term used to identify the sanctioned three rulers of the house of Leviticus. 

Wolfsbane: A poisonous flower that completely shuts down the central nervous system if any werewolf that comes into contact with it. It is not known to be lethal so long as the antidote is administered in a timely fashion after the injection. Bullet wounds plugged with this ammo are known to ooze a purple substance reminiscent of the flower Monkshood, a type of wolfsbane.

Silver: A precious metal that is poisonous to werewolves. It toxifies and eventually solidifies the blood making it very deadly. There is NO cure for silver poisoning.

Gold Pyrite (Fools Gold): Not particularly poisonous but a very uncomfortable experience for vampires. It slows the blood flow from the heart to the brain in living vampires, temporarily rendering them unconscious. You can tell if a vampire has been shot with fools gold because of the black entrance point and dark veins that spread over the body. Ineffective against the undead or the infected. 

Gold (Holy Metal): Lethal when used against a vampire, living, undead or infected. Also particularly useful against demons.

Anti Magic Ammunition: Specifically designed to short circuit a witch’s powers making it temporarily impossible for them to cast spells.

Centum: A term used to identify the sanctioned five rulers of the house of Judges. 

Order of the Triad:

  • JUDGES (Centum) – The lawmakers of the vampire world. They decide the who, what, when, where and why, and have the authority to pass judgement on all those who fall under their jurisdiction. The judges are run by five living vampires who govern the houses that are made up of the wise, creative and the scholarly. Those who reside under the house of judges are exceptionally intelligent and particularly gifted in all things artistic and intellectual. 
  • LEVITICUS (Triginta) – The Leviticus are the enforcers, the police and military force of the vampire world. They carry out the orders of the judges without question and with stunning effectiveness. They are run by three living vampires who govern the houses. They are best known for their astounding mathematical and business skills. The Leviticus house the lawyers, accountants, stock brokers and CEO’s of the vampire world. 
  • EXODUS (Decem) – Those under the exodus household are the executioners. They are chaotic and have no set ruler answering only to the judges themselves and have a hard time getting along with the Leviticus who they believe shouldn’t even exist. They are made up of the evil undead and the infected, those who prey on humanity and are only skilled in bloodshed.

Cavaletti Enterprises: A well known company that manufactures police grade armor and weaponry such as the Cavaletti A5600, the auto ammo switching handgun used by the SPPO. It started as a manufacturer of tempered glass but switched to firearms after Giovanni inherited the company from his late brother Micah Cavaletti. Since his takeover at seventeen the company has been infinitely more profitable.

Revenant: The dead who return to life. 

Guardian of the Hellmouth

Guardian of the Hellmouth

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KAILANI KEHENA was taken into foster care at just nine months of age. She has spent her life with the knowledge of her parent’s abandonment hovering over her head, and now, twenty-three years later she is forced to return to her hometown of Waikiki to settle the estate of the very people who threw her away. But what awaits her in her parents little seaside cottage is a world of horror and magic, a world of demons and angels that she’s a lot closer to than she would have imagined. As a Hellmouth, a rare breed of Changeling created through the unholy union of Norse Swart Elves and Dark Witches, she finds herself on the run from creatures of the dark who want her dead just to claim the darkness inside her soul.

THE LEVIATHAN, an ancient demonic principality spirit has spent the last one thousand years of his life in self-exile, avoiding the power struggles and pressing government issues of the hell realm that he calls home. Just when he believes he can spend the rest of eternity alone, he is summoned to earth to protect a plucky, albeit beautiful, Hellmouth. Against his urges to simply murder and be done with her, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the sassy Changeling, igniting a fast burning romance that leaves them both breathless whilst they embark on a quest to keep her alive and away from the demons, and angels, who want her dead.

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