#Winterborn Character Introductions and Fan Casting!

I have a secret to confess. I’ve been working on a project for about six months now, steadily hacking away at it in secrecy. But, no more! I’m ready to share Winterborn with you in all its greatness and imperfection!

Winterborn was a project I started as a way to get back to my Paranormal Romance roots, so to speak. Growing up, I was enamored with Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches, the quintessential staple of Paranormal and fantasy literature. It’s been years since I’ve written about any of them and I thought it was high time that I featured them in my work. Thus, a dinky little five-thousand-word short story was birthed and promptly forgotten about. That is, until I realized the little nagging feeling I felt at the back of my brain wasn’t going to go away until I stared my characters in the face and said: “Okay, the hell do you want from me?”

Enter Winterborn’s main characters, Edna, Byron, and Seth. Old school names for an old school story and a plot rife with elements I haven’t touched for years. This blog post will serve as an introduction to the characters and plotline of a story that is not yet completed but is quickly cementing itself as one of my favorite books not yet written.

Main Characters: 

Edna Deveaux Ersland: 

The great granddaughter of Evelyn Deveaux, a Haitian Mambo (Voodoo

Edna Deveaux Ersland played by Amandla Stenberg
Edna Deveaux Ersland played by Amandla Stenberg

priestess) who brought black magic to the French Creole after migrating from Haiti in the midst of the Haitian-French Revolution and slave uprising started by Toussaint Louverture. She is the subject of a “Final Destination” style generational curse that’s actively trying to kill her. Head over heels for Byron Lee since they were kids, she’s dedicated to keeping the newly transformed wolf out of trouble, even when he’s more of a danger to himself than anyone else. Edna, although an adult at twenty-three, is a classic teenager dying to escape from a controlling parent. Having no real concept of time and being an Ancient, Seth quite literally treats her like a child, which is almost entirely to blame for her rebellion and her constant need to test the boundaries of their parent-child relationship. Part of her wants to see how far she can push the Vampire, the rest of her enjoys the danger it brings because she knows without a doubt that he would A, never hurt her, and B, he’ll always be there to have her back.

In a Nutshell: Edna is an extraordinarily powerful young woman in love with a man both her controlling father-figure and the world want dead. Having the power to keep him alive isn’t the issue, it’s fighting off her own demons that will determine their survival.

Byron Lee Wallace:

Byron is the literal boy next door. He grew up in Warwick Rhode Island beside the Ersland Manor and moved back recently after his alcoholic father was murdered by Ioan Sharks. This move comes years after the drunken brute beat

Byron Lee Wallace played by Joo Hyuk Nam
Byron Lee Wallace played by Joo Hyuk Nam

his sickly mother to death. Because of his hard, strictly religious, upbringing, Byron has always longed for a normal life (white picket fence, the whole nine yards), a prospect that was stolen from him permanently when he was attacked, bitten, and subsequently transformed into a Lycan. He was found one night by his childhood friend and crush Edna, clinging to the shreds of his humanity after accidentally mauling a young woman to death, and she’s been taking care of him ever since. He openly returns the witch’s feelings but, after several mishaps where he’s accidentally scratched and even bitten her, he tries to keep his distance. Much to her dismay. Byron lives in a perpetual whirlwind of guilt, self-pity, and self-deprecation because he blames himself not only for the woman he killed the night of his transformation but for the murders and missing persons cropping up all over town. He still has a very human mindset and has not yet completely transitioned into the realm of the supernatural. Where death, missing persons, and magic are an everyday occurrence for everyone else, he still sees things through the eyes (and morals) of a mortal. He’s a welpling, a literal puppy who’s still in the midst of learning to control his transformations and will be forced to grow up very, very soon.

In a Nutshell: Byron takes being a good person to an entirely new level, but he’s soon to realize that being a good guy and staying alive doesn’t always fall in line. Watch him grow into a formidable force as he realizes that protecting his mate means more to him than his father’s religon ever could.

Seth Ersland:

Seth is a very old Vampire. So old that his personal history is lost to antiquity. (Okay, let’s cut the crap, Seth is Dracula. Literally, the OG Vampire himself. But that’s just between you and me.) Rumor has it, he met Evelyn during the French Revolution and aided her escape to the American South. No one really knows the relationship they shared, but Seth took it upon himself to watch her cursed

Seth Ersland played by Valery Kovtun
Seth Ersland played by Valery Kovtun

family after her unfortunate passing. Some suspect that the two were lovers and her dealings in black magic allowed her to give birth to Seth’s children, thus creating the curse that has now all but wiped them out. The master Vampire has lovingly admitted to having been reduced to a “Housewife with fangs” and it is noted by Lenora Bulwer (a Huntress and agent of the Vatican) that bringing him out of “retirement” would be extremely bad for anyone who crossed his path. Lenora hints at his power and at the fact that he was born Vlad Dracul, the former ruler of Wallachia in what is now modern day Romania. Why he abandoned his life after his suspected death in 1476 is up for debate and is purely speculation. After Edna returns home covered in unexplained cuts and bruises he discovers her illicit relationship with Byron and contracts Lenora into hunting and killing the wolf. He is extremely protective over the last of Evelyn’s brood (and possibly the last of his living bloodline) and will stop at nothing to keep Edna alive. He also could or could not be responsible for all the disappearances in Rhode Island and has a fondness for burning beautiful houses to the ground.

In a Nutshell: Seth is daddy,  by all meanings of the word, and someone you’ll want to keep your eye on. He loves his child, takes care of all who are indentured to him, and rains merciless hell on anyone who even thinks to abuse those he loves.

Stay tuned for more about Winterborn, including more character introductions, the Antagonists, Supporting Cast, and MUCH much more!

Until then, check out the official Pinterest Board for Winterborn! https://www.pinterest.com/KyunnieHuang/winterborn/

Winterborn Fan Casting List:

Seth Ersland: Valery Kovtun

Edna Deveaux: Amandla Stenberg

Byron Lee Wallace: Joo Hyuk Nam

Lenora Bulwer: Bryce Dallas Howard

Finn Larsen: Linus Wordemann

Nick Brawler: Froy Gutierrez

Horace Watt: Buster Keaton

George Cunningham: Adam Beach

Evelyn Deveaux: Theresa Theresa

The Winterborn Cast
The Winterborn Cast



New Character! Introducing…Lilith

"Raving bitch would be a more apropriate name."
“Raving bitch would be a more apropriate name.”

Basic Statistics
Name: Lilith
Nickname: Lilutu
Meaning of name: Of the Night
Origin of name: Assyrian
Age: Ageless
Gender: Female
Blood type: B-
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Chinese zodiac: Dragon
Element: Air
Nationality: –
Ethnicity: –
Race/Species: Demon
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Current status (marital/dating): Screwing everyone
Birth date: November 23
Birth place: The red sea
Current residence: Hell
Occupation: Demon queen
Title/Rank: Queen/Mother of Demons

Past History
Backstory: Lilith is the mother of demons, the first wife of Adam and the ex wife of Lucifer. Mother of his only legitimate son Mephistopheles, the demons split after their relationship became so unbearable he threatened to murder her. Lilith is deceitful, a backstabber and betrayer to all who mistakingly call her friend.

Physical Characteristics
Height: 5’9
Weight: 130 LBS
Posture: Straight, she’s tall and very graceful
Build: Lithe but muscular
Skin: Pale, porcelain.
Hair: Depending on her mood, it can be any color, any length and any texture. She mostly wears it either black or a very deep shade of purple.
Widow’s peak: No.
Ears: Slightly pointed
Eyes: Ever changing their color.
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Very elegant, she prefers wearing clothing that is sheer and shows off her body.

Other Characteristics
Is s/he generally balanced or clumsy?: She’s very poised and graceful
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: She’s obsessed with claiming people.
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent: She can be very foulmouthed when she wishes.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes
Intelligence level: Highly intelligent, but pretends to be ditzy and dimwitted to seduce men.
Known languages: Omnilingual
Long-term goals/desires in life: Over throw her ex husband and assume control over hell.
Short-term goals/desires in life: Get into her ex husbands pants.
Secret desires: To rule the world, all three realms, heaven, earth and hell.
How self-confident is s/he?: She’s very self confident.
How do they see him/herself?: As a queen. The one rightful ruler of the universe.
Most at ease when: Covered in blood.
Ill at ease when: Put on the spot about something.
Describe his/her sense of humor: Murder and mayhem are hilarious to this woman.
If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: Diligence
If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: Wrath
Does this character have a deep/dark secret?: No.

Emotional Characteristics
Describe character’s sense of morals: She has no morals. Anything she wants, she’ll take it, whether you’re happy about it or not.
Describe character’s sense of self-control: She has no self control. She acts on impulse.
Spontaneous or structured?: Spontaneous
Instinctual or logical?: Instinctual
How does this character act in public?: A damn fool. She is very quick to cause a scene.

Immediate family members and their ages: Mephistopheles, son, six thousand years old but looks about seven or eight. Lucifer, Ex Husband, Ageless, looks twenty seven.
Ethnicity and/or species of the mother: God
Ethnicity and/or species of the father: God

What if…:
…s/he was an animal? What would they be and why?: A lazy house cat.
…s/he were the opposite sex? What would they do?: Marry herself.
…s/he could be characterized by an object; what would they be and why?: A lute, her voice is beautiful and calming but she’s very hard to master.
…s/he were confronted with someone with an identical personality as themselves? What would they do?: Marry them.
What song best fits this character?: Scream by Avenged Sevenfold

New Character! Introducing…Lucifer.

"Why is evil so sexy?"
“Why is evil so sexy?”

Basic Statistics
Name: Lucifer
Nickname: Satan, Mephistopholes, El Diablo, The Devil.
Meaning of name: The morning sun
Origin of name: Hebrew
Age: Ageless (Looks 30)
Gender: Male
Blood type: AB
Astrological sign: Cancer
Chinese zodiac: Dragon
Element: Fire
Nationality: –
Ethnicity: –
Race/Species: Angel/Demon
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Current status (marital/dating): Single
Political Party: –
Police/Criminal/Legal record: You name it, he invented it.
Birth date: June 06
Birth place: Heaven
Current residence: Hell
Occupation: Ruler of all Demons
Title/Rank: Sovereign
Hobbies/Pastimes: Murder, Chaos, General Hell Raising

Past History
Hometown: Heaven
First Memory: His childhood with Michael
Backstory: Lucifer was once the most beloved angel of the Heaven realm. More precious even than Michael, the saint of the people. But Lucifer refused to conform. After the mass murder of the Nephilim, the children of angels and mankind, he began to see his father in a different light. What he viewed as a slight ultimately lead to his revolt and his descension from heaven into the realm of hell, where he now reigns supreme, neither angel, nor demon.

Physical Characteristics
Height: 6’8
Weight: 198 lbs
Posture: Perfect posture, he’s very tall and elegant, carrying himself as if he were royalty.
Build: Muscular. Strong shoulders and a tapered waist, proportionate hips and long legs.
Skin: Sun kissed.
Hair: Depends. He has the ability to change his appearance at will, so his eye color, hair color, and general facial structure can change at a mere whim.
Widow’s peak: No.
Describe their smile: His smile varies. At times his smile is very cruel and even frightening. He can also come across as very cold and his smile reflects that.
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): He’s very elegant, choosing to dress in neutral earthy tones with the occasional dark or sky blue.
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: The occasional suit and tie.
Jewelry and/or other accessories: The occasional watch, tie clips and cuff links. He’s not a very flashy person, his looks and presence are enough to garner all the attention one could want or need. Though, he always wears a black cross (onyx with a ruby embellishment), either on a rosary or a black chain.

Other Characteristics
Is s/he generally balanced or clumsy?: Balanced. He’s very graceful, it comes from centuries of being able to fly.
Describe their mannerisms/poses/movement: He’s very fluid when he’s moving, but when he’s standing still he’s almost like a statue. If it wasn’t for the aura of pure evil that surrounds him you would probably forget he was there.
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: He’s obsessed with
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent: He doesn’t really curse, his vocabulary is very broad and he doesn’t really see a need for it. But when he curses, its so foul it frightens the uninitiated.
Describe their voice: Deep. Very rich and lightly accented.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes
Intelligence level: He’s highly intelligent, but a little on the quiet side, believe it or not. He’d much rather listen quietly to your ranting and raving, then utterly obliterate you for offending him.
Known languages: He’s omnilingual.
Long-term goals/desires in life: The destruction of the human realm.
Short-term goals/desires in life: Stopping his wayward son from sucking the souls out of every living being…before he has the chance.
Secret desires: Re-admittance into heaven.
How self-confident is s/he?: He’s very self-confident. If you say something he dislikes, he murders you. Or worse, he sends hoards of demons to torment you until you’re begging for death.
How do they express themselves?: Blowing.Shit.Up. If he doesn’t get his way he immediately retaliates, even if you weren’t even aware you weren’t pleasing him properly.
Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: He’s dominant, but can play submissive in order to seduce.
Describe their level of patience: He’s impatient as hell (pun very much intended) but can pretend to be patient in order to seduce.
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: Logic. Even when he’s emotional it’s all carefully calculated.
Most at ease when: Covered in blood.
Ill at ease when: Around a bunch of Christians.
Describe his/her sense of humor: Non-Existent. He doesn’t really get the humor of mortals.
If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: None.
If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: …All of them darling. All of ’em.
Does this character have a deep/dark secret?: No.

Emotional Characteristics
What do they consider taboo (something they personally would never do): Nothing’s taboo to this man.
Describe character’s etiquette: He’s very well mannered surprisingly.
Describe character’s sense of self-control: He’s cold and calculating.
Spontaneous or structured?: Structured.
Instinctual or logical?: Both. Though his instincts are based in logic.
How does this character act in public?: He’s usually very quiet, but if he thinks harming someone or embarrassing you will get under your skin, prepare to watch a lot of people die.
How does this character act in privacy?: Sullen. Like a prince who never gets his way and can’t be bothered to actually complain.
How has this character most changed from youth?: He’s less optimistic and a lot less trusting.
How have they remained the same?: He’s still rebellious, even in a subtle way.
Psychoanalysis (Describe why they act the way they do): He’s not necessarily narcissistic, but he has an unrivaled sense of pride and self worth. He’s cold because he’s still hurting over the father/son spat that ended in his expulsion from heaven.

What if…:
…s/he was an animal? What would they be and why?: He would be the starving lion laying in wait.
…s/he were the opposite sex? What would they do?: Nothing would change. (S)He’d still be a cold, calculating bastard/bitch. He’d just have a vagina.
…s/he could be characterized by an object; what would they be and why?: Salt. A pure substance that can easily slip through any crevice.
…s/he were confronted with someone with an identical personality as themselves? What would they do?: They would stare at each other for about an hour…and then invite each other to a game of chess. After they used the game to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the other, they’d attack and destroy themselves in the process.
…s/he became physically handicapped? What would they do?: Assume another physical body.
…s/he had a child (if they don’t already)? What would they do and how would it affect them?: He currently has one child that he actually claims, Mephistopheles, an evil soul sucking child who reacts defiantly to everything his father tells him.
What song best fits this character?: Pain by Three Days Grace