Voodoo Child: Vampire Prosecutor II Fan Fiction


Tae Yeon lifted his head, watching as the police hauled Jae Ki into the back of the police cruiser, the balding gang leader sputtering and muttering curses as crumbs fell from his neatly trimmed mustache. It seemed as if his last meal as a free man had been interrupted. Shame. After three years of mistrials and overturned sentences the Prosecutors Office had finally uncovered the evidence they’d needed to make an arrest and obtain a solid conviction. The murdering, child-molesting bastard would be spending the rest of his life behind bars and it was all thanks to Prosecutor Tae Yeon and his team. He found himself smirking when detective Hwang Soon Beom gave him a clap on the back, his boisterous laughter pleasantly filling the night air, a stark contrast to the otherwise solemn neighborhood.

“We did it my friend. Three years of hard work finally paid off.” His grin was infectious, prompting prosecutor Yoo Jung In and evidence analyst Choi Dong Man to join them. As their leader Tae Yeon was expected to provide the congratulatory pep talk, the speech that would renew their vigor and ease their minds. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He would have liked to tell them that it was all over now that Jae Ki was going to prison but he knew better. He refused to lie to them, not when they still had a battle on their hands. They’d caught only the leader of a very dangerous gang, hundreds, if not thousands of henchmen would be waiting to retaliate for the capture of their beloved leader. It was only a matter of time before they were pulling another mangled body out of a dumpster somewhere. Their battle against Jae Ki was just getting started and he needed them alert and on their toes, not off celebrating while their enemies plotted their demise.

“Well boss? Any words of encouragement?” Jung In asked and he gave her a half smirk before slapping Dong Man across the back.

“Go home. Get some rest. I’ll see you all at the office in the morning.” He told them, holding back his laughter at the expressions that washed over their faces. Jung In huffed in indignation as he turned his back on them all and headed towards his car. The police were already leaving with Jae Ki in tow. His job was completed for the night and so was theirs.

“That’s it?” She asked, obviously offended that he didn’t drop to his knees and praise her hard work.

“D-Do we get overtime pay for this?” Dong Man asked, only to be shoved towards his van by Soon Beom.

“Yah, you heard the man, get moving. And hey Min!” He called and Tae Yeon paused to look back at the hefty grinning detective, “Do us all a favor and get yourself a woman tonight. You’re way too stiff.” He laughed, ushering the others in the opposite direction towards their respective vehicles. Tae Yeon just shook his head, unlocking his black sedan and slipping into the heated leather driver’s seat. If only he knew just how stiff he really was. Six years had passed since his sire had turned him into a member of the walking undead. And he was just as close to finding out who said sire was now than he was all those years ago. Just when his resolve was shaken and he thought about giving up his search another clue to his existence appeared out of thin air to entice him into another wild goose chase. His sire, it seemed, didn’t want to be found. But then again, he’d never had a sireling like Tae Yeon on his trail either. He would find him. It was only a matter of time.

Before he could get his car started and make his way home his phone began buzzing loudly in the breast pocket of his jacket. Fishing the device from between the folds of fabric he accepted the call and pressed the thing to his ear.

“We have another I’m afraid. I’m on my way to the crime scene now, should I expect to meet you there?” It was Doctor Jo Jung Hyun, the forensics specialist who headed his team of five. Tae Yeon couldn’t stop the sinking feeling that filled his stomach at the mans words.

“Another murder? Could it have been one of Choi’s men?” He asked and was answered with a heavy sigh from the elderly doctor. He watched his team pull away from the scene of Jae Ki’s arrest through the rearview mirror, adrenaline and rage flooding his veins at the thought of something happening to any one of them. Could the war he’d predicted be starting already? Jae Ki should have been in handcuffs at the local station, his fingers covered in thick black ink as they booked him. Had he had the opportunity to provoke his men into action, or had they been watching the entire time?

“I’m not sure but from what dispatch told me it very well could be. It matches previous cases. Young victim, she can’t be more than sixteen years old, and the poor thing was tortured before they finally murdered her. The first officers on the scene say it’s a blood bath.” Tae Yeon cursed under his breath.

“Right. I’ll be there soon.”

“I’ll have dispatch send you the location.” Dr. Jo cut the line and ten seconds later the GPS device on his dashboard booted itself up, highlighting the location of the crime scene on the digital map. Tae Yeon tapped the ignition button and the car roared to life, his very soul heavy at the thought of what he and his colleagues would be facing in the next coming months, if not years. It had taken three years of their lives to get Jae Ki off the streets, how many more would they loose trying to bring in every petty thief and gangster that worked for the fallen crime lord?

“…My friends are going to be there too… I’m on a highway to hell.” Tae frowned and switched the radio off. Even as a mortal he’d never been overly appreciative of American music, especially not the loud, animated, rock genre. And now that his hearing was heightened it was the bane of his existence, as well as anything else that was louder than a whisper. The world was so full of aggravating noises that it had become a sort of drone, dampening his senses as he attempted to block it out. Maybe that was why he didn’t hear the truck speeding through the red light, sailing across the intersection like a flaming bat out of hell. The headlights were blinding and even if he had been fast enough to spin the wheel and attempt to avoid the truck it would have been too late. They collided, glass raining upon him as the truck crushed the drivers side of his sedan, ramming the much smaller car into a light pole that teetered before falling across the roof of the car. The world slowed around him as twisted metal bit into his flesh, heavy shards of glass piercing his skin until he poured blood from several parts of his body. He cursed, gritting his teeth as he went to pull himself from the wreckage, only to find that he couldn’t move. His body, now deprived of blood, was shutting itself down in an attempt to conserve energy. Even vampires had their limits. The last thing he remembered before darkness claimed him was a tall man emerging from the wrecked truck, an assault rifle in his hands as he riddled Tae Yeon and his totaled car with bullet holes, that as well as the fading sound of the GPS system pointing him to a destination he’d never reach.

“Right turn in two point five miles…”


A heartbeat. Somewhere nearby he could hear someone’s heart beating. The muscle thudding quickly as its owner was filled with feelings of fear and worry. Every inch of him ached in response, his thirst overwhelming as his body begged him for sustenance. He needed blood to heal and in his drunken, half dead, state he didn’t care about his promise to never drink from the innocent. He needed to feed or he himself would die, there was no arguing with survival instincts, no matter how badly he wanted to walk the path of the hero and not the villain. His body screamed that he was the villain, the evildoer who took what he needed, when he needed it without any regards for the feelings or lives of those around him. Nonetheless his conscious rebelled against the thought of killing an innocent person just to save himself. But what choice did he have? Tae Yeon tensed as he attempted to sit up, his entire being protesting at his stupidity as pain erupted from every molecule. Instantly they were at his side trying to help him back into a laying position, soft words of comfort flitting from their lips. It was a woman, he could tell by the smell of her and by the cool, un-calloused, touch that elicited a growl he couldn’t contain. Her hands were as soft as he imagined the rest of her to be and the smell of her alone had his incisors elongating and his pupils dilating behind his heavy eyelids. And when she spoke, he thought he would come undone.

“P-Please sir, just lie still. There wasn’t time for them to transport you to a hospital so they brought you to my fathers pediatric clinic,” Her voice was as soft as her hands, lilting, accented to the point that it was obvious she wasn’t a local, “He left to get more sutures, we’re a little underprepared for this type of work, but if you just bare with us we’ll have you as good as new.” She said, brushing blood-soaked curls away from his face comfortingly. “Y-You lost a lot of blood. You’re lucky to be alive.” You have no idea. He thought as muscles coiled, his hunger at war with the logical, ethical side of his brain. It would be easy. Killing her would be even simpler than crushing an empty coke can in his fist. But she was innocent! His conscious retorted. He was quickly loosing himself to the insanity that accompanied thirst and she wasn’t making it any better. Did she have to smell so…edible?

“Who are you?” He asked, stiffening at her sudden intake of breath.

“I’m a nurse, an assistant to my father.” She answered truthfully, gasping again as his eyes snapped open, revealing their blue depths. He was no doubt a sight to see. A full-grown Korean man with eyes the color of sapphires.

“And your name?” He asked though he didn’t exactly know why. He couldn’t care less about her name, but her beauty was breathtaking. He’d been right in his assumption that she wasn’t a native Korean. Her heritage was a mystery and she obviously came from a mixed background but where she came from he couldn’t tell. Her skin was a pleasant shade of bronze, her dark hair falling in thick ringlets around her heart shaped face. Her eyes, an off mixture of brown and green were fearful, rife with anxiety over his battered state. When she spoke again her accent was even more prevalent. American?

“I’m C-Choi Kyun Seung.” Her eyes widened even further and he cursed under his breath, realizing what had her so fearful. His wounds were attempting to knit themselves back together, the muscles and tissue rearranging themselves slowly in an attempt to further staunch his bleeding. Something that was no doubt a horrifying sight, even for a nurse. It wouldn’t be long before he passed out again, unable to protect himself from the prying eyes of those who could tell he wasn’t exactly human.

“Kyun…Seung.” The name felt foreign on his tongue. “How old are you Kyun Seung?” He asked and she fidgeted nervously.

“Twenty-Three.” So young. That confession had been all his body needed to send him spiraling over the edge. Tae Yeon jumped off the gurney, grabbing a panicking Kyun Seung by her hair as he sank his canines into the side of her throat. She struggled, thrashing against him as her neatly manicured nails bit into his bulging forearms. He could feel himself growing stronger as he drained her dry, his hands trailing down her back before wrapping around her waist, holding her so tightly he knew that she would bruise. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he couldn’t help himself. Slowly her cries died into whimpers, her body growing weak against him. He slowly pulled himself away from her throat, his eyes, back to their normal dark hue, meeting hers. Her lips were pale, her skin colorless and sallow as she took her final breaths.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, maneuvering her so that her body lay on the stretcher. Suddenly she went still, never to move again, and Tae Yeon sighed, running his hand over her face to close her unseeing eyes. He’d survived, his body returned to its former glory. But for what? At what cost had he regained his strength? Now, after six years of abstaining from murder he was no better than the bastard who’d sired him. He was a killer. A monster. Something he’d have to deal with for the rest of his wretched existence. Taking a final look at the young woman who’s life he’d just prematurely ended, he took his leave. He had a crime scene to get to and his job couldn’t wait.

Six months later…


     Tae Yeon watched silently as Dr. Jo tacked the crime scene photos to the backlit white board, marking each of them with a little red ex before moving back to the gurney in the center of the room. The air was rife with tension, the smell of death and fresh blood; the sorrow of a grieving mother permeating the atmosphere around them as she cried her eyes out just beyond the double doors that separated the autopsy room from the morgue. The elderly doctor heaved a sigh before pulling back the crisp white sheet and revealing the corpse of a young woman who couldn’t have been more than fifteen years old. The sight of her mangled body would have turned the strongest of stomachs and, had he still been human, he would have found himself vomiting all over the doctor’s sterile floor.

“It’s him again isn’t it?” He asked and the coroner nodded, picking up a long, thin, instrument with a small mirror on the end and pressing it between her lips. The girls front teeth had all been broken. Not only was it becoming more and more tiresome for the prosecutor’s who had to keep filing botched reports, attributing the murders to a single serial killer and not a band of merciless thugs, it was becoming even more dangerous for his coworkers. They were human, with families to look after, and Jae Ki was just the type of bastard to target them just because he couldn’t get to Tae Yeon himself. Though he had tried countless times, Tae Yeon just refused to die. He couldn’t let what happened to him befall his colleagues. Even if a showdown with Jae Ki’s men was what finally sent him to eternal rest, he would do his best to protect his team.

“This is a mafia style killing Min. They used boards and a hammer to break her teeth, only one of the tortures they implemented on the poor child. Just like the girl six months ago.” He gave another sigh, placing the tool back on the little tray next to the gurney before re-covering her with the sheet. He’d figured as much. Jae Ki’s henchmen were still attempting to retaliate for their leader finally being brought to justice.

“And the crime scene?”

“But for one variation it’s the same as usual.” Jung Hyun moved back over to the white board and motioned to several of the photos. “Strange blood patterns, signs of struggle and a bloody mess of tools. This one was a fighter; it took more energy to subdue her. She tired out her assaulter to the point that it made his work sloppy. Or, there’s always the possibility that, this isn’t our usual executioner.” He added the last part under his breath, his dark eyes searching the photos as if they held some hidden meaning he’d yet to see.

“What do you mean?” Tae Yeon asked, watching the doctor pull the photos off the board again and slip them into a manila envelope before handing them off to the prosecutor.

“I think you should have a closer look at where the body was found. Perhaps your…unique skills may provide better insight as to who our killer is.” He gave him a half smirk, patting him on the shoulder as he moved towards the morgue where a woman would be waiting to identify who she hoped wasn’t her child. Tae Yeon pushed the envelope into the inner pocket of his jacket and made his way out of the room, brushing past the solemn woman the doctor and a police officer shuffled inside. He could feel her pain as if it were his own and though he’d never known the loss of a child he knew the agony of pulling back that sheet with shaking hands, praying constantly that you wouldn’t recognize the lifeless face underneath. He was no stranger to hopelessness, to the feelings of guilt and anguish that accompanied the loss of a loved one. The double doors slammed shut behind him, dampening the sound of a breaking heart as the woman screamed for mercy, begging for her god to take her instead. Tae Yeon felt his stomach clench in guilt and sympathy. Yet anther family had been destroyed by a mindless war that he was too incompetent to put an end to. Who would be the next to go, he wondered. He found himself praying that it wouldn’t be another child, even while he knew his prayers had ceased being heard years ago.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Tae Yeon paused, looking back at Chief Prosecutor Joo Hyun Ah, the man-eater of Seoul herself. She was dressed as professionally as always, her dark hair cut into its usual boyish style, framing an impish face that was full of mischief…and malice. He couldn’t help but grimace inwardly at the toothy, shark-like grin that spread across her face. He’d only returned to the office to brief his team on the recent murder, had he known he’d run into her he would have just called them. Or emailed them, anything to keep the raving witch away from him.

“I’m headed to a crime scene.” He said simply, trying his best to keep the agitation out of his voice. The two hadn’t exactly been the best of friends in the past. She was overbearing and controlling, while has was insubordinate on his best day. They had an odd love hate relationship, a superior and a subordinate who just barely managed to hide their distaste for each other.

“The Choi case right?” She asked and he didn’t answer, instead he watched her fold her arms over her chest, rocking on the balls of her feet until she stood dangerously close to him, an intimidation tactic that worked on his colleagues but didn’t faze him in the slightest. “I have something else I want you to look at. Follow me.” She turned on her heels and marched towards the front of the building, leaving Tae Yeon debating on whether or not he should follow orders or risk expulsion by ignoring her request. Deciding his efforts would be put to better use chasing down criminals than sitting at home in his apartment alone he followed hesitantly. In all honesty he didn’t have time for her bullshit, he had a gang of serial killers to stop before they took the life of another child. But he knew she wouldn’t care. That woman had her own agenda, one that didn’t include protecting the innocent, rather her own hide. She was selfish but part of him understood why. They lived and worked in a dangerous world of criminals, corrupt politicians and even vampires, opening your heart to those in need would only make you vulnerable, a lesson he’d still yet to learn.

“My I ask what this is all about?” He inquired, quickly falling into step beside her as she took the front stairs two at a time.

“I’ll brief you on the way. Take your car and don’t fall behind.” She told him as they reached the sidewalk in front of their expansive, bustling office building. Giving her a curt nod they parted ways and moved to enter their respective vehicles. Tae Yeon pulled open the door, slipping his Bluetooth headset into place as he eased into the drivers seat. The car roared to life with the push of a button, the little touch screen monitor on his dash flashing on as Joo’s face came into view. He watched out of the corner of his eye as her car sped past his and pulled his own into traffic. “There’s another murder case my superiors are trying to keep under wraps. With your success in solving the unsolvable in the past I thought it would be best to bring to you.” She started speaking and he alternated watching her face on the monitor and keeping his eyes on the road. The image on the screen shifted, splitting as her face moved to the top left corner and the GPS system blinked on, a little red marker indicating wherever it was she was taking him. Her secrecy made him wary, but he understood the need to keep things in control at all times. If this case was enough for the government to try and keep quiet it had to be something big. “Something…strange has happened and while we can’t easily explain it, we want it to go away, quietly. Understand?” She asked and again he didn’t answer. He didn’t have to. She knew she had his undivided attention the moment she’d mentioned murder. Again the screen shifted, several crime scene photos arranging themselves in little rows. He tapped the first one, enlarging it and clenching his teeth at the image of an older man with several puncture wounds in his neck. It looked like a vampire attack, but of course he couldn’t tell her that. All he could hope for was a group of teenagers mimicking what they saw in movies. Or another serial killer. Anything but an actual vampire. “There have been three victims since last Thursday but we’re expecting to uncover more bodies. Whoever this is they’re sloppy, disposing of the corpses is never their priority, only inflicting as much pain as possible before they take a life. I want them stopped Min.” She told him, her tone authoritative. It was a command, not a request. Again he remained unresponsive, his face stoic as his thoughts tumbled over themselves in his head. What if it was a vampire? What if his sire had returned after all these years to start an undead turf war he had no inclination to fight in? There were so many possibilities that it made him sick to his stomach.

“We’re here.” She said suddenly and her picture blinked out, leaving the screen filled with nothing but haunting images of bloodless corpses. Tae Yeon lifted his head as she pulled to a stop just a head of him, her tires kicking up rocks as she parked on a small gravel road. He was quick to follow suit, parking so close behind her their bumpers were inches apart. Hopping out of his car his eyes carefully scanned the heavily wooded area. It was just after dusk, the sun turning the sky into an oil painting of beautiful red and purple hues. Soon it would sink behind the mountains, leaving them in total darkness. Part of him worried for the vulnerable Chief Joo but when she slipped off her heels and charged barefoot into the forest he somehow knew she could fend for herself. Following suit he brushed through the heavy branches with ease, his senses on high alert for any signs of activity. He knew they weren’t alone, but the people he sensed where just that; people. The forensics team soon loomed into view, their cameras flashing as they took pictures of a pile of rotting carcasses. Humans and animals alike. It looked as if their killer had piled their bodies together in an attempt to burn the evidence but had lost their nerve at the last minute.  The smell was horrid, intensified ten fold by the scorching Seoul heat. The bodies had to be more than three weeks old by the looks of them, bits and pieces of their flesh having been torn off and devoured by scavenging animals. Even for a vampire the sight was sickening.

“Prosecutor Joo!” A young forensics analyst ran over at the sight of her, his thick glasses fogging up as he dripped sweat profusely. “We haven’t found any other bodies and we’ve been searching for an hour.”

“Well keep searching. This is the bastard’s dumping grounds so there’s bound to be others. Everyone spread out and find them, we have to get these people back to their families.” She barked, turning to toss Tae Yeon a look over her shoulder, “You too Prosecutor. Get busy.” She said and he just gave her a look before moving east, his movements slow and controlled, cautious. If this was a vampires stomping grounds the undead would be extremely territorial. Any false moves and he’d end up fighting for his life and a vampire throw down was something he definitely didn’t want his coworkers caught in the middle of.

He didn’t have much of a trail to work with. There weren’t any scents, other than that of rotting flesh and stagnant blood, that he could identify and pick up on. The sun had just set behind the mountains and he watched one by one as emergency lights lining the road clicked on. This must have been a national park, someplace people frequented regularly. Which is why it didn’t make sense for anyone to dump bodies there. Unless they wanted them to be seen, or they didn’t know how to hide them. Just when he was about to turn back and take another route the sound of something wet hitting the ground caught his attention. His eyes narrowed as he followed the slow dripping noise, the smell of fresh blood causing his stomach to churn at the idea of sustenance. And then he saw it, a trail of the crimson liquid leading through the brush towards what sounded like a creek. He knelt, inspecting the droplets closely, his hands reaching out to touch a stained leaf before he brought the sample to his lips to taste. Instantly foreign images flooded his brain, his heart jump-starting in his chest as the blood vision encompassed him. He could see tiny hands wrapped around a broad neck, teeth ripping and tearing as they searched for the best point of entry before growing frustrated and crushing the victim’s larynx. It was a vampire. But it couldn’t have been his sire; the man was ancient and knew how to feed. This vampire was—

Rising to his feet he pushed through the bushes and froze at what he found there. Another pile of bodies, and next to it, a beautiful young woman dressed in a pale pink burial Hanbok. In her arms was a plump man in his late sixties, his eyes glazed over in death as she continued to puncture his throat, face and torso with tiny bite marks. She was sobbing, ringlets sticking to her tear, dirt and blood stained cheeks. Tae Yeon couldn’t believe his eyes. Six months had passed since he’d last laid eyes upon that face. And here she was, alive. Or as close too it as she can get after I…killed her. No…he hadn’t killed her. He’d sired her. He’d turned that innocent little nurse into a murderer, a creature of the night. He watched in horror as she cried, lifting a heavy stone over the mans head and bringing it down hard, not knowing that her mercy killing was for naught. She was…pitiful. The poor thing didn’t even know how to feed herself. His entire being was suddenly overcome by guilt and grief. He’d done that to her. He’d ruined her life and now her soul was in jeopardy because of his selfishness.

“Kyun…Seung?” He spoke suddenly and her head snapped up, her eyes, once a beautiful hazel, now blood red with madness and thirst.

“Y-You.” She balked, her entire body tensing up as she braced herself for attack. Tae Yeon had never been more sorry in his life. He took a step towards her, only to have her jump and scurry towards the creek. She was trapped, and even if she knew nothing about vampirism every sense she possessed screamed that if she ran he would kill her.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” He said, taking slow, meticulous steps towards her until he could crouch next to her. She sat on her heels, her face buried in her knees as she inched away from him. She was terrified and he couldn’t blame her. “How long have you been out here?” He asked and she risked a peek through her curls. He could have kicked himself at that moment.

“Since…since you turned me into this thing!” She shouted, swinging a fist at his face, which he casually brushed aside. Kyun Seung growled in frustration, sinking her hands into her hair and pulling as hard as she could. She hated what she was; she hated him for turning her into a monster. She’d woken up days after he’d attacked her and left her for dead, already six feet under the earth as her grieving father screamed and begged for her to come back. She’d beat the insides of her coffin until her fists were raw and bloody but no one could hear her. No one came to her rescue as she lie, suffocating in the dirt, and no matter how many times her lungs caved in from a lack of oxygen she just couldn’t die! She’d suffered for eight days before she’d finally been able to break a hole in the cherry wood and dig her way out. And the moment fresh air hit her skin she’d been hungry. Ravenous. But nothing had ever been enough. No matter how many people she killed, no matter how much blood she drank or flesh she sank her teeth into she just couldn’t fill the void in her bottomless pit of a stomach.

“You…You…” She cried, tears staining her tattered and torn Hanbok. She could barely even speak past the thirst that burned her throat. Tae Yeon stared down at her sympathetically. He knew that feeling all too well. His sire disappeared moments after he’d been turned, walking out of his life forever. Much like he’d done her. There had been no one there to teach him either, he’d survived on his own strength and morals alone. Kyun Seung was alone. Unable to return to her family who’d already buried her and said their goodbyes. She had no one, no prosecuting career to fall back on, and no group of friends to support her even if they didn’t know the extent of her problems. “I hate you.” As you should.  He thought, tensing as she turned, hitting him in the chest again and again, raining blows that he couldn’t feel but knew he deserved. He had to do something about this. Not only for her sake but his as well. If Chief Joo found her covered in blood with a pile of bodies behind her she’d get the death penalty, or worse, spend the rest of her life underneath a microscope. He couldn’t let that happen. Not after what he’d put her through.

“Kyun Seung.” He caught her wrists and her head shot up, her eyes meeting his again, watching them shift from black to a beautiful shade of blue. “You’re going to have to trust me. I’ll keep you safe.”

“How can I trust you after you did this to me? What sort of demon are you?” She asked through her sobs but he ignored her. He didn’t have time to convince her. At any moment Chief Joo, the Seoul Police department and a team of crime scene investigators would find them and it would be over. Taking her hands he pulled her closer to the creek, washing the blood away quickly. Before she could protest he pulled her flush against his chest, crushing her in his strong arms, just as he’d done all those months ago. Kyun Seung opened her mouth to scream but was silenced as he sank his fangs into her throat. She’d expected it to be painful, as it had been the first time, but there was something euphoric about his bite. Something that could have been considered…arousing. She was loosing her mind even more than she already had but soon she found herself melting into his embrace, his lips dancing across his throat as he left several nicks in her flesh; mimicking the bites marks she’d left in her victims. Before she knew it she was unconscious, her body limp as he hooked an arm around her shoulders and under her knees.

“Min!” He could hear Chief Joo shouting from nearby and he carried Kyun Seung into the clearing, drawing gasps from the police and forensics team as well as the chief herself.

“I’ve found a survivor. We need a paramedic immediately.”

Kyun Seung sat in a steel folding chair, wrapped in a wool blanket and the remains of her Hanbok, her eyes glued to the steaming Styrofoam plate of Jjajangmyeon on the table before her. What used to be her favorite food held absolutely no appeal, in fact the smell of the spices and herbs only served to turn her delicate stomach until she wanted to vomit all over the interrogation room. And despite Tae Yeon’s quick wit and even quicker lies to law enforcement and medical personnel she doubted he could explain away bloody bile. Especially when the blood in her stomach belonged to some forty odd people, all of whom where on the missing persons list. Though, some part of her really wanted to see him try

“Are you not hungry?” The young man who’d served her asked and she timidly lifted her gaze to meet his. Her nose immediately wrinkled in disgust as the plate was pushed towards her again. The food she couldn’t stand but the smell of his skin made her salivate. He was young and clean-shaven, with neatly trimmed hair that fell just above ears that were flushing pink with excitement. Was this the effect she had on men? She’d never noticed it while she was alive, but now there was no mistaking the sound of his accelerating heart or his sharp intake of breath. The other’s she’d killed had only wreaked of fear, but this one, this one smelled sickeningly sweet, as if he’d been bathed in pure cane sugar. The man froze beside her, his fingers slipping from beneath the take out container as his eyes fixated on hers. “Y-Your…eyes…” He stuttered suddenly and she blinked twice, long lashes fanning her cheeks as she turned her crimson gaze to Tae Yeon who stood stoically behind a two way mirror, his arms crossed over his broad chest as he stared her down, almost daring her to act on her instincts and misbehave.

“Contacts.” She remarked simply, having already been debriefed on what she could and couldn’t reveal to the lucky mortals who managed his presence for more than five minutes without being assaulted.

“Cool.” The young man chuckled at her confession and her stomach tightened in response. She was hungry, and not for black bean noodles.

“Dong Man.” Tae Yeon snapped as if he sensed how close she was to breaking and the man jumped, bowing deeply before turning and hightailing it out of the room. Kyun Seung suppressed a growl as she slumped against the back of her chair, folding her arms over her chest in a huff. She’d been waiting over an hour, but for what she didn’t know. They’d held her there in that interrogation room while Tae Yeon fed them countless lies about her that they willingly believed. Instead of being Choi Kyun Seung, nurse and assistant of Choi Byung Hee, she was now Jang Kyun Seung, orphaned college student who’d been abducted by a masked serial killer and left for dead. Per his lies, Tae Yeon was a friend of her deceased father’s and, seeing as he was an orphan himself, he’d promised to take care of her should anything happen to him. What a load of bullshit. Why didn’t he just tell them the truth? He was a murdering sonofabitch who stole her life from her!

“Hello Kyun Seung, I’m detective Hwang.” She looked up in time to see an older man enter the room. His smile was bright as he took a seat across the table from her, his shaggy hair falling into his warm eyes as he quickly scanned something inside of a manila folder. Her lips twitched into a half smile at his introduction and he seemed to like that. “I’m going to ask you a few questions alright?” He asked and once again her eyes went to Tae Yeon behind the mirror. The bastard. First he murders her, turns her into a walking abomination and now he was forcing her to lie to people. He was a horrible role model and had she still been breathing she would have reported him to the proper authorities.

“Kyun, answer the man.” He said as he appeared in the doorway, a ghost of a smile tugging at the corners of his lips as if he’d heard her thoughts and found them amusing.

“I’m sorry, what was the question Detective Hwang?” She asked and the man in question blushed like a schoolboy before laughing hesitantly.

“It’s quite alright Kyun Seung. I asked what you were doing at the time of your abduction and if you can tell us anything about the person who abducted you.” He reiterated and she resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“Well, he’s tall, with dark hair and eyes. He wears a stoic expression and seems to have an affinity for expensive suits, shoes and watches. He’s—”

“Kyun Seung.” Tae Yeon sighed and she huffed, causing the detective to send them both a cursory glance.

“The truth is I don’t know anything about the person who abducted me. I couldn’t see him, my eyes were covered by a blindfold, and my ears were plugged. He took me from my…college campus around one in the morning. I was practicing in the theatre department for an upcoming musical in which I play a walking creature who preys on the innocent and drinks their blood.” She bit out Tae Yeon’s lies, each word leaving a bitter taste in her mouth.

“You mean a vampire.” The detective corrected her and her eyes snapped up to meet his, realization flooding her.

“A…vampire? Is that what I am?” She asked in awe. The detective just looked at her like she was insane.

“I think that’s enough questioning for the day. Kyun Seung has been through enough, I should take her home so she can rest.” Tae Yeon stepped forward, placing a hand on his friends shoulder, using compulsion to force him into agreeing. The man nodded, climbing to his feet and bowing to the confused Vampiress who shook with rage. The moment they were alone her eyes met his.

“You turned me…into a vampire.” She hissed and he gave her a stiff-jawed look that was less than apologetic.

“We’ll talk about this later.”

“No, we’ll talk about it now!” She rose from her seat and made her way around the table so she could growl up at him, fully aware of the crowd that had gathered on the other side of the door to listen to what they believed was a lovers spat. “You turned me into a monster! And now you expect me to cooperate as if nothing happened?!” She shouted and his fingers danced at his sides as he calmly tried to find a solution to the situation. Before she could open her mouth again he bent and tossed her over his shoulder, ignoring her screams of indignation as he turned and carried her from the interrogation room…

To be Continued…