First Look! Casting Reveal for Bad Grades!

Bad Grades Blasian Romance Novel by Author A.C. GreenleeBad Grades Blasian Romance Novel by Author A.C. Greenlee

Fangirls. We’re everywhere.

Fangirls. We're everywhere.

Guardian of the Hellmouth

Guardian of the Hellmouth

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KAILANI KEHENA was taken into foster care at just nine months of age. She has spent her life with the knowledge of her parent’s abandonment hovering over her head, and now, twenty-three years later she is forced to return to her hometown of Waikiki to settle the estate of the very people who threw her away. But what awaits her in her parents little seaside cottage is a world of horror and magic, a world of demons and angels that she’s a lot closer to than she would have imagined. As a Hellmouth, a rare breed of Changeling created through the unholy union of Norse Swart Elves and Dark Witches, she finds herself on the run from creatures of the dark who want her dead just to claim the darkness inside her soul.

THE LEVIATHAN, an ancient demonic principality spirit has spent the last one thousand years of his life in self-exile, avoiding the power struggles and pressing government issues of the hell realm that he calls home. Just when he believes he can spend the rest of eternity alone, he is summoned to earth to protect a plucky, albeit beautiful, Hellmouth. Against his urges to simply murder and be done with her, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the sassy Changeling, igniting a fast burning romance that leaves them both breathless whilst they embark on a quest to keep her alive and away from the demons, and angels, who want her dead.

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