Revenant: A list of Terms

In no particular order:

Living Vampire: Vampires with a pulse. They eat, sleep, and breathe just like every other living creature. They’re conceived by two living vampires and are, usually, carried to full term by the pregnant female, though there are known complications a pregnant female can face especially during birth. They grow rapidly, making problems of vampiric over-population a problem that is usually solved by strife within families and coven wide power struggles such as the uprising of 1876 when Elijah Cavaletti overthrew the judges, murdered his entire family with the exception of his sister Natalia who fled and sought refuge under the house of Leviticus.

The diet of a living vampire consists of many things, mostly human food, but they can develop an appetite for human blood. In fact, most living vampires still consume blood because for them it is tradition, a right of passage, something that is passed down from mother to daughter and father to son. Taste varies from vampire to vampire but the blood of young women seems to be a constant favorite.

Living vampires have all the perks of vampirism with none of the ill effects. So naturally, being exceptionally strong and resilient, there are only a few known ways to kill a living vampire. Beheading them reduces the body to ash, but removing the heart from the body turns them into one of the undead. Gold, blessed by a priest also does the trick if they’re infused with enough of it.

Undead (Strigoi): The Strigoi are the vicious monsters of legend that strike fear in the hearts of men all over the world. The blood drinkers, the flesh eaters who kill mercilessly. The undead are created by infecting humans with the vampire toxin, a viscid substance secreted from the fangs of the undead. Once bitten the host body tries to fight off the disease which results in the death of the human and rebirth of the undead.

The diet of a Strigoi is a simple one: flesh, blood, and sometimes even the bones of anything living will be consumed by these monsters.

Killing them is a lot simpler than killing a living vampire. Blessed gold, decapitation and disemboweling are all successful methods of killing the undead, and unlike living vampires this is the final death, there is no coming back a second time.

SPPO (Supernatural Police Protection Order): The SPPO is a government funded but privately run organization that handles supernatural crimes. They are the Anti-terrorist, Special Weapons and Tactics and even bomb squad of the supernatural world. Separated into different devisions their most prominent faction is Team Zeitgeist, an Anti-terrorist group of four who specialize in extraction, espionage and assassination. They are led by senior officers Adelaide Reagan and Elliot Cole.

Venom: Crotalus Tigris Aconitum, known better by it’s street name Venom is a super drug administered to werewolves to mimic ‘steroids’ or the ‘Human Growth Hormone’. It is highly hazardous to the health of the wolf taking it, especially in large doses. The drug contains Radium, an isotope that is highly radioactive and harmful to all living things. And like lead, the drug mimics calcium, working its way into the bones and teeth of the host body eventually causing bone cancer. The radium in Venom causes the serum to glow in the dark, and once injected into the bloodstream in large quantities or over an extended period of use, it can cause the host to glow as well. Over time, Venom users begin breaking down, their bodies failing them completely before they finally die very painful deaths.

Infected: The infected are usually humans who’ve been bitten or have injected themselves with the vampire toxin. Once infected they have less than an hour to reverse the turning process with an anti-toxin before their immune system loses the battle against the toxin and they succumb to death.

Triginta: A term used to identify the sanctioned three rulers of the house of Leviticus. 

Wolfsbane: A poisonous flower that completely shuts down the central nervous system if any werewolf that comes into contact with it. It is not known to be lethal so long as the antidote is administered in a timely fashion after the injection. Bullet wounds plugged with this ammo are known to ooze a purple substance reminiscent of the flower Monkshood, a type of wolfsbane.

Silver: A precious metal that is poisonous to werewolves. It toxifies and eventually solidifies the blood making it very deadly. There is NO cure for silver poisoning.

Gold Pyrite (Fools Gold): Not particularly poisonous but a very uncomfortable experience for vampires. It slows the blood flow from the heart to the brain in living vampires, temporarily rendering them unconscious. You can tell if a vampire has been shot with fools gold because of the black entrance point and dark veins that spread over the body. Ineffective against the undead or the infected. 

Gold (Holy Metal): Lethal when used against a vampire, living, undead or infected. Also particularly useful against demons.

Anti Magic Ammunition: Specifically designed to short circuit a witch’s powers making it temporarily impossible for them to cast spells.

Centum: A term used to identify the sanctioned five rulers of the house of Judges. 

Order of the Triad:

  • JUDGES (Centum) – The lawmakers of the vampire world. They decide the who, what, when, where and why, and have the authority to pass judgement on all those who fall under their jurisdiction. The judges are run by five living vampires who govern the houses that are made up of the wise, creative and the scholarly. Those who reside under the house of judges are exceptionally intelligent and particularly gifted in all things artistic and intellectual. 
  • LEVITICUS (Triginta) – The Leviticus are the enforcers, the police and military force of the vampire world. They carry out the orders of the judges without question and with stunning effectiveness. They are run by three living vampires who govern the houses. They are best known for their astounding mathematical and business skills. The Leviticus house the lawyers, accountants, stock brokers and CEO’s of the vampire world. 
  • EXODUS (Decem) – Those under the exodus household are the executioners. They are chaotic and have no set ruler answering only to the judges themselves and have a hard time getting along with the Leviticus who they believe shouldn’t even exist. They are made up of the evil undead and the infected, those who prey on humanity and are only skilled in bloodshed.

Cavaletti Enterprises: A well known company that manufactures police grade armor and weaponry such as the Cavaletti A5600, the auto ammo switching handgun used by the SPPO. It started as a manufacturer of tempered glass but switched to firearms after Giovanni inherited the company from his late brother Micah Cavaletti. Since his takeover at seventeen the company has been infinitely more profitable.

Revenant: The dead who return to life. 

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