Dreaming about Vampires?

For all the people who read this blog, follow me on Facebook, Tumblr or even twitter, it’s no secret that I’ve been working on very darkly themed stories for the past month or so. I’ve even put my Drama Legally Yours on hold, as well as a slew of other asian themed fic’s which are most definitely my forté. For those of you who’ve followed this blog from the beginning or know me personally you might remember a short story I wrote last year about Sonneillon the Demon of Hatred. Well he’s back in my head and haunting me to the extreme as I pen his very own novella. His story needs to be told and he’s taken to not letting me sleep should I go too long without writing about him. Anyway, today has been one of those classically rainy October days on which I was supposed to go out with this guy who never showed up, I’ll save that for another blog post, and after waiting hours for this no show I end up falling asleep and having the most horrifying yet wickedly awesome dream ever. About vampires no less.

In this dream I’m a little girl again, maybe nine or ten years old, who’s distraught at the recent loss of her father. And on top of her fathers death her mother has gone missing as well, leaving her in the clutches of an evil grandmother who locks her away and wants nothing to do with her. (Fun Fact: The entire dream the little girl is dressed in this dirty white nightgown and holding onto a one eyed stuffed animal.) Well anyway, time passes and mommy eventually returns to her, showing up in the middle of the night to save her from her tyrannical mother. Sounds all well and good right? Well mommy forgot to mention that she was now a member of the walking undead thanks to her new spooky yet super sexy vampire boyfriend.                                                                                    And you thought YOU had a weird childhood. 

Anyway, mommy and vampire step daddy want children but obviously can’t have them on their own so they choose me to be their little vamp baby doll and, I’m a child who just wants to be loved, I obviously don’t care how it has to happen so long as it does. I end up agreeing and ‘daddy’ bites me. Now here’s the scary part as in my opinion, vampires aren’t scary worth a damn and haven’t been since Nosferatu. Instead of just going to sleep and waking up a vampire, or changing immediately into one of the undead, my entire body has to literally die before I can be reborn as a creature of the night. I mean my entire body. My teeth start to fall out which they make me save in a wooden box as well as clumps of my hair that falls out by the hand full and only after every inch of me dies do I wake up this beautiful semi demonic entity who will never age.

This dream goes on and on as they go through the first kill of their new vampire child and their life together as a family but I don’t really need to detail that. The point I’m trying to make is; It’s October. The month of cheap scares and expensive halloween candy. It’s also the perfect month to write horror which is probably why I’m having dreams like this in the first place. Or, maybe I can place that blame on Sonneillon who, even now is calling me back to his unfinished manuscript so that he can finish inflicting terror in that oh so special way he does.