You won’t believe how simple and FREE creating an authors website can be!


In the past, an author’s personal website was the holy grail of finding information on our most beloved writers and storytellers. From book tours to correct reading order, to a mailing address where you could send fanatical letters and wail about the death of your favorite characters. Like a brick house we built with our bare hands, they were our personal spaces, our platforms through which we reached our readers. But, with the rise of blogging and social media, the authors website is slowly fading into antiquity. Or is it? Times are constantly changing and with it comes a flux of new technology and social platforms that overwrite the old. If you’re a millennial like me you no doubt witnessed the death of MySpace and the rise of Facebook and Twitter. But, who’s to say that in ten years these popular sites will still be around? Having a Facebook “like” page and a booming twitter account are fine, but in the case that Facebook nosedives at any time in the future, having your own platform that’s controlled solely by you may be your only saving grace. I can already hear you screaming at me, “But websites are expensive! I can’t afford that!” and “I don’t know how to code a website! I can’t be in control of something I know nothing about!” Relax friends and colleagues, I’m here to provide a comprehensive guide on building a simple website that you can operate without entirely on your own. Follow along and in three simple steps, you will have your own FREE platform that no one can take from you, not even the Facebook banning police. I know we’ve all had our run in with those jerks. Here we go!

STEP ONE: Choosing a host website

A.C. GreenleeThere are many platforms that allow you to host your website with a custom domain name, which is what we’ll be using here so that you completely “own” your website. The host I think is the best and personally use is Tumblr is a blogging website that allows users to create their own blogs and seamlessly share content from millions of users all around the world. This both allows authors to find and interact with new and prospective fans while simultaneously keeping their blog or website fresh with new content. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you already have an email address. If not, I highly recommend Gmail for all your emailing needs. Grab your email and navigate to and create an account. Account creation is extremely simple. Simply enter your email address, password and select a username. I suggest creating a username that in some way correlates to what you’re trying to accomplish.  AuthorJenineHadwick is perfectly fine as apposed to PrincessPonyGlitterBootyShorts. I’m serious, tumblr usernames get pretty rediculous. Now, open up a new tab and get ready for step two.

STEP TWO: Acquiring a domain name

Head over to This is your domain provider.A.C. Greenlee Website Creation Guide A domain provider, in a nutshell, is a computer network server where your website will be hosted 24 hours a day, seven days a week without disruption. Essentially, your personal computer, the one you’re using right now could act as a host for your website. With a few apps and minor HTML and coding knowledge, you really wouldn’t need a domain provider at all. Except for the fact that your computer isn’t turned on and connected to tA.C. Greenlee Website Guidehe internet all day every day and your internet connection probably wouldn’t have the strength to support all the people flocking to your website. Domain names usually range in price from $10 a month to over $100 a year for a .com domain. But, with the website, you will be
provided with a .tk domain name completely free of charge. Yes, COMPLETELY free. The only catch is that you have to renew your domain name every year. But, for a free website, that doesn’t seem too daunting now does it? Head over to and pick your domain name. Now, this will be the NAME of your website, the name through which users will find you. For example, my website is I opted to pay for a .com domain name for personal reasons but, notice how simple the web address is. Your domain name could be anything from to Just make sure it’s exactly what you want and something you won’t regret choosing later. After checking that your domain is available, proceed to the signup process.


  1. Select Use DNS.
  2. For the IP address slots, enter the IP from Tumblr ( in both slots.
  3. Select 12 Months from the drop down menu.
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA.
  5. Complete registration.

Head back over to tumblr:

  1. Click Settings (the gear icon) at the top of your Dashboard.
  2. Click the blog you’d like to update on the right side of the page.
  3. Click the pencil to the right of the username section and enable “Use a custom domain.”
  4. Enter your domain (e.g.
  5. Click “Test your domain.”
  6. Correct problems if the test finds any, and click “Test your domain” until the test is successful.
  7. Hit “Save.”

If you navigate to your blog and it tells you that theres a problem, don’t panic, this is a good thing! It means tumblr is pointing correctly to your domain name and all there’s left to do is wait until all the mechanical stuff updates iteslf. Now lets move onto step three, the fun part!

STEP THREE: Customization

The thing I love most about tumblr is how easily customized it is, even if you have no knowledge of coding. After you’ve beaten your website into shape and you have your website set up and tested, head back to tumblr and go Blog Settings and Edit Theme. You can choose from a million free (and paid if you’re about that life) themes to make your websiteScreen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.04.09 PM look however you want. By uploading a header image and profile picture, most themes will give you an entirely personalized website at the push of a button. For even more personalization, hit Edit HTML in your blog editor and get ready for your first, simple HTML coding lesson. Head over to any free tumblr theme code site (we’re going with just because I love them) and copy one of their free theme codes. Head back over to the Edit HTML section of your tumblr editor, select the HTML that’s already there, hit paste, update preview and TADA. Completely new website with the click of a button.

With your new website you’ll be able to truly build an authors platform independent of any social media sites personal fate. And, in the case that something happens to tumblr, there are quite literally a million different alternatives to hosting, and your domain provider even has its own page builder if you ever want to cut your ties to a host all together. You can have your cake and eat it to by using social media in conjuncture with your personal website, extending your reach and your influence exponentially. Make them work with each other and for each other! Now that you have the foundation laid out for you, what are you still doing here? Go! Go build a website!

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Genesis Character Introduction: Victoria Bouchard

Next on our list of character introductions is our spunky heroine, Victoria.

Adorable to look at, our heroine is a fiery little number with a potty-mouth and a penchant for getting her way, even if it means resorting to violence. Although she isn’t physically the strongest, she uses her enhanced mental prowess to overcome any obstacle she finds in her way. Now introducing, Victoria Bouchard, Kaizer’s Angel. 

—>Click here for an excerpt!<—


Name: Victoria Bouchard

Played by: Shin Yeong Kim/Ji Eun Lee

Age: 24

BirthdateSeptember 18th, 1990

Zodiac: Virgo exists in the mind, everything is inside. To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior, but on the inside, nervous uncontrolled energy resides. They are constantly trying to figure things out, how to improve everything; analyzing and thinking. Virgo can tire itself out without even moving! Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiness. They are pure, their motives are honest, never malicious and they want to accomplish something.

General information: Since she was a small child, Victoria has always had problems with her sight, a fact which often left her ostracized by her siblings and classmates. A true daddy’s girl, her only friend and confidant growing up was her father Percy Bouchard, who doted on the girl, spending a good portion of his time making sure she felt right at home. During her teenage years, Mr. Bouchard was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and spent the remainder of his life on earth in constant suffering. Victoria blamed herself. After her father’s death, she was sent to Harlan, Iowa to attend college at Viking Lake University, where she met and fell in love with Kaizer Dresden, a brilliant albeit lazy Grim Reaper. She knows his secret, to a certain extent, and he’s forever curious about the strange mental abilities she displays.

Personality Type: ISTJ – The Duty Fulfiller

Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, they work steadily towards identified goals. They can usually accomplish any task once they have set their minds to it.

Heroine Archetype: The SPUNKY KID – Gutsy and true, she is loyal to the end. She is a favorite of many writers, and for good reason. You can’t help but root for her. She’s the girl with moxie. She’s not looking to be at the top of the heap; she just wants to be in her own little niche. She’s the team player, the one who is always ready to lend a hand.

Best strengths: Intellection, Learner, badass adorable, little miss badassbadass adorable.

Worst flaws: Cannot spit it out, Anti-Hero, Innocently Insensitive.

Ego flaw: Stubbornness.

Ambitions: To graduate at the top of her class and later, help find the psychopath who’s making sashimi out of all her friends and classmates.

Internal conflict: She seems composed on the outside, but inside she struggles with the potential to do great evil in the world instead of good.

External conflict: She’s self-deprecating when it comes to her love for Kaizer. She can’t help but believe that she isn’t good enough for him.

Biggest fear: Failing. Whether it’s in life or a board game. She can’t stand to lose. Being blind, losing her sight and being ineffectivethese are the fears that haunt Victoria Bouchard.

Bio: Victoria was born in Norfolk Virginia. As a child she always dreamed of attending Harvard, or generally any Ivy League school, but quickly realized that her dream would be far from possible with her parent’s limited income. Victoria was cursed with poor eyesight as well as seemingly limitless mental abilities. She soaks up information like a human sponge, processes data like a super computer and can sometimes even hear the thoughts of the people around her.

Main Cast List:
We’ll continue our list of characters tomorrow with Mr. Ezra Dresden, the Grim Reaper Führer himself. The epitome of a powerful ‘badass’ he’s quite literally every woman’s wet dream. I think you’ll enjoy him~! Until next time!

Introducing…Giovanni Cavaletti (REVENANT)


"Hero of the story Revenant."
“Hero of the story Revenant.”

Basic Statistics

Name: Giovanni Cavaletti

Nickname: Giovanni

Meaning of name: Gift from God

Origin of name: Italian

Age: Forever 28

Gender: Male

Blood type: O+


Astrological sign: Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and that shouldn’t be taken lightly — nor should Scorpios! Those born under this sign are dead serious in their mission to learn about others. There’s no fluff or chatter for Scorpios, either; these folks will zero in on the essential questions, gleaning the secrets that lie within. Scorpios concern themselves with beginnings and endings, and are unafraid of either; they also travel in a world that is black and white and has little use for gray. The curiosity of Scorpios is immeasurable, which may be why they are such adept investigators. These folks love to probe and know how to get to the bottom of things. The fact that they have a keen sense of intuition certainly helps.


The Scorpion symbolizes Scorpio, and that is no accident. Much like the Scorpion would rather kill itself than be killed, those born under this sign are in ultimate control of their destiny. It is life on the Scorpion’s terms, too, since these folks promote their agenda (they are quite the executives) and see to it that things go forward. Others may find this overbearing (it can be) and even self-destructive, but that’s the beauty of the Scorpio: they have tremendous regenerative powers, much like the literal Scorpion can lose its tail and promptly grow a new one. Fearless Scorpios rarely lose; they just keep on going, since they are stubborn and determined to succeed (this Scorpio trait is in keeping with the Fixed Quality assigned to this sign). Scorpios work as hard as they do so they can someday sit back and feel satisfied with themselves. These folks are intense, passionate and filled with desire. They’re also complex and secretive, so don’t expect to get much out of them, lest they become suspicious and exit stage left. It’s best not to bet against Scorpios, either, since these folks are surprisingly resourceful.


Chinese zodiac: Occupying the 2nd position on the Chinese Zodiac, Oxen possess such character traits as dependability, strength and determination. Oxen are tolerant individuals who believe that the road to success involves hard work and scrupulous behavior; they don’t believe in taking shortcuts. They characterize those who don’t work hard as lazy individuals not worthy of respect.


Oxen are capable of trusting others and will listen to their opinions with an open mind. However, Oxen prefer making decisions that are based on their own research. Oxen favor strong, life-long alliances to casual acquaintances.


Home is where Oxen go to seek comfort, occasionally watching television or reading. They prefer the rural outdoors and spend the majority of their “home” time working in the garden or caring for the yard.

Element: Water/Air

Nationality: English

Ethnicity: Italian

Race/Species: Vampire

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Current status (marital/dating): Single

Political Party: Republican

Police/Criminal/Legal record: Arrested once for suspected drug trafficking but released due to lack of evidence.

Social class as a child: Rich

Social class as an adult: Exceptionally rich

Birth date: 10/29/1985

Birth place: Dublin Ireland

Current residence: London England

Occupation: Triad member, CEO of Cavaletti enterprises.

Title/Rank: Triad / Triginta / XXX / 30

Talents/Skills/Powers: Too many to list.


Past History

Hometown: Dublin Ireland

First Memory: Being shoved in front of a train by his elder brother and stopping said train with physical strength alone.

Most important childhood event that still affects him/her; how/why: The day he first drank blood. His father took him into London as an eight year old and cut open the wrist of a prostitute. He drank from her and instantly developed a taste for blood which became an obsession.

Other memories/events that still affects him/her; why/how: Being inducted into the Triad at seventeen. He was given power and a position he wasn’t ready for, but assumed his role as if he were born for it. Giovanni is a natural leader and he isn’t used to being anything else.

Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: Being unable to stop his father from dying and becoming one of the undead creatures who prey on humans and anything else that produces plasma.

Biggest role model and why: His father whom he loved above all else.

Backstory: Giovanni Cavaletti was born in Dublin Ireland to living vampires Niccolo and Lucretia Cavaletti. The youngest of seven children he was spoiled rotten while his siblings, who all competed to take their fathers coveted place in the Triad and ended up killing each other over it. Left to Lucio and Giovanni himself their father chose the latter to take his place as the more responsible, and more powerful, child. Lucio, in a fit of rage cut his fathers heart from his chest, rendering him one of the undead. Giovanni avenged his father’s ‘death’ by suffering his elder brother the same fate.


Physical Characteristics

Height: 6’7

Weight: 195LBS

Posture: Straight, perfect posture.

Build: He has a swimmers build, lean but muscular.

Skin: Pale

Hair: Black, inky.

Widow’s peak: No.

Describe their smile: His smile is usually boyish or sheepish, he uses his smile to get what he wants especially from women who find his charm hard to resist.

Glasses/Contacts: He wears a pair of black frames, but only for show since he is a vampire and his sight is perfect.

Tattoos/Scars: A scorpion tattoo on his upper left shoulder.

Ambidextrous, left or right handed?: Right handed

Distinguishing features: Uncanny clear blue eyes.

Who does s/he take after; mother or father?: He takes after his father.

Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Depends on the occasion. He can be very elegant but then again he can also be very lazy.

How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Business suits, stylish sweaters and slacks.

Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: T-Shirts and Jeans.

Jewelry and/or other accessories: Expensive watches.


Other Characteristics

Is s/he generally balanced or clumsy?: He’s a vampire, he’s very balanced.

Do they curse, and if so, to what extent: Sometimes.

Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say (can be between someone else): “You’re serious about this?” She asked, her voice barely above a whisper as she looked from him to the forty or so werewolves who waited for them just beyond the window. Giovanni did the same, shrugging his shoulders before giving her a grin.

“We all have to die sometime. Why not go out in a blaze of glory?”

“You’re an idiot.” She stood, cocking her shotgun as he climbed to his feet and kicked the door open.

“Just one of the many things you love about me.”

Describe their voice: He has an English accent. Heh.

Describe their house/dwelling: Large.


Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Intelligence level: He’s very intelligent.

Known languages: English, Gaelic

Long-term goals/desires in life: To abdicate the Exodus division. He see’s their tactless violence as useless in keeping a society of vampires peaceful.

Short-term goals/desires in life: Find Lucio and stop him from spreading the drug venom.

How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Business suits, stylish sweaters and slacks.

How self-confident is s/he?: He’s very self confident and self aware.

Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: Dominant but can also be submissive for the right woman.

Describe their level of patience: He’s incredibly patient.

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: A combination of both.

Most at ease when: Alone, reading.

Ill at ease when: When in the company of werewolves and the undead.

If granted one wish, what would it be and why?: Peace among the species.

If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: Restraint

If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: Gluttony

Optimist or pessimist: Optimist

Greatest fear: Being enclosed in tight spaces. He suffers from claustrophobia.

Biggest regret: Not sensing his brothers plan to kill his father and being unable to stop it.

Does this character have a deep/dark secret?: No.



Likes: Beautiful women, expensive wine, blood.


Color: Red

Clothing: Anything comfortable but stylish.

Place and why: His personal library. He enjoys reading.

Room in the house and why: His personal library. He enjoys reading.

Food/drink: Blood and expensive wine.

Music genre: Classical/Opera

Song and Singer/Band: Luciano Pavarotti

Movie/Tv Show/Performance: He doesn’t watch television but he enjoyed Les Miserables the stage play.

Actor/Performer: Luciano Pavarotti

Book: Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Historical figure: Does his father count?

Subject in school: History

Animal: The snake because nothing is expected of it yet everyone naturally fears and respects it.

Least favorite…:

Clothing: …Dresses? The man will wear anything that’s not womens clothes.

Place: The morgue.

Food/drink: Italian food. I know, it’s ironic.

Where does this character hang out?: His library.

Where is this character’s dream place to live?: A place surrounded by only nature and literature. Where petty squabbles and war can’t intrude.

Mode of transportation: His blood red Aston Martin Vanquish.

Most prized possession and why: His blood red Aston Martin Vanquish.


Emotional Characteristics

Describe character’s sense of morals: He’s pretty moral, he just has moments where he doesn’t care about anything other than his immediate set up. He’s fiercely loyal to those he calls his own.

Describe character’s sense of self-control: He has an incredible sense of self control. With his obsession with blood he has to less he go off and murder everyone.

Spontaneous or structured?: Both. Depends on his mood.

Instinctual or logical?: Both. Depends on his mood.

How does this character act in public?: Depends on his mood. He’s usually very cordial and an upstanding citizen because of his popularity as a well known CEO. But sometimes he has to kick someones ass. These things happen.

How does this character act in privacy?: He’s very charming, very witty.

What does this character think/feel about…:

Religion: Atheist

Psychoanalysis (Describe why they act the way they do): Giovanni was spoiled as a child, he’s used to getting what he wants when he wants it, but this need for getting what he wants is circumvented by the values his parents instilled in him as a child. He was taught to never take what was unnecessary to him and to never take from the less fortunate but instead to give.



Immediate family members and their ages: Mother-245



Ethnicity and/or species of the mother: Living Vampire

Ethnicity and/or species of the father: Living Vampire

Birth order: He’s the youngest.

Any important/infamous/famous ancestors?: No.

Birth parents:

Did this character know their birth parents?: Yes.

Are the parents still alive?: Yes.

Have the parents been separated either by choice or otherwise?: Yes.

What happened to separate the parents and why?: His father became undead.

How old was this character when this happened?: Seventeen.

What effect did it have on him/her?: He misses his father dearly.

How did the parent(s)/caretaker(s) treat him/her growing up versus now: He grew up in a very loving atmosphere other than his siblings all murdering each other.


Did/does s/he have any siblings?: Yes.

Name the siblings and their age difference to this character: Lucio is the only ‘living’ sibling he has left.

Have any of the siblings died?: Yes.

Who, why, and when?: They all murdered each other.

How has this affected the character?: It makes it difficult for him to trust so he’s constantly watching his back.

Describe his/her relationship with the sibling(s) growing up and now: They hated him, he never understood why.

Has this character ever been married?: No.

Does s/he have a family of their own now?: No.


Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: Athiest

Does s/he believe in a god/goddess?: No.

What are his/her spiritual beliefs?: He’s a vampire…

Is religion or spirituality an important part of this character’s life?: No.



What if…:

…s/he was an animal? What would they be and why?: The snake because nothing is expected of it yet everyone naturally fears and respects it.

…s/he were the opposite sex? What would they do?: Fondle himself. Daily. Hourly.

…s/he could be characterized by an object; what would they be and why?: A man made river. He’s something that was created to be in a specific place that he doesn’t necessarily want to be in.

…s/he were confronted with someone with an identical personality as themselves? What would they do?: They would probably get along.

…s/he became physically handicapped? What would they do?: Relax and enjoy early retirement.

…s/he was proposed to (if they haven’t been already)? What would they do?: Laugh. Proposing is HIS job.

…s/he had a child (if they don’t already)? What would they do and how would it affect them?: He would treat them with all the love and affection in the world.

What song best fits this character?: If I was your Vampire by Marilyn Manson

If you could compare this character to an existing character (physically or personality-wise), who would it be and why?: Gaspard Menier

Cavaletti Family History:

Niccolo Cavaletti was the grandson of Edgar Cavaletti, a living vampire who was the first member of the house of judges to successfully have a case overthrown for lack of evidence, thus exposing the botched legal system of the sanctioned five who based their verdicts on their particular like or dislike of an accused party instead of facts.
Niccolo, who followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and took the place of one of the sanctioned five fathered two children, Natalia and Elijah. The twins were expected to be excellent judges, except, Elijah had no plans of following his father into a career he deemed boring and worthless. Just after his twenty-ninth birthday he started an uprising, murdering his parents and a slew of other vampires before he and his band of two hundred were finally brought to justice. His sister Natalia escaped the carnage and sought refuge in the house of Leviticus where she eventually became the first living vampire to switch houses. She fell in love with a male Leviticus by the name of Esmond, a man exiled from his family and unable to give his last name to his new bride. Thus the Cavaletti legacy was able to continue. The two went on to give birth to three children, two girls and a son they named for her late father, Niccolo.
Niccolo Cavaletti the second went on to marry a woman named Lucretia, the daughter of a very wealthy Leviticus executioner. He fathered seven boys; Paris, Joshua, Bartholomew, Arden, Lucio, Micah and finally Giovanni. Niccolo, who was set to retire from being one of the sanctioned three who ran the house of Leviticus watched his sons fight for the right to take his place, most of them killing each other until only Lucio, the eldest of the three, Micah, who never wanted his seat of power in the first place, and Giovanni, the youngest of his seven children remained. When he decided the youngest would be the best candidate to take his place and would thus become the youngest person in history to assume a sanctioned position, his son Lucio attacked him and cut his heart from his chest, turning him into one of the undead. In a fit of rage over the death of his father, Giovanni attacked his elder brother and commit him to the same fate. Micah and Giovanni, aside from their mother Lucretia, are the last remaining heirs of the Cavaletti blood line. Micah, an eccentric painter moved to Paris some time ago, leaving his well known glass company to his then seventeen year old brother and hasn’t been heard from since, leaving the now twenty eight year old to govern the family estate on his own.

Introducing…Akane Ichijo and her reincarnation Hana Allman



Basic Statistics
Name: Akane Ichijo
Nickname: Akane
Meaning of name: Brilliant Red
Origin of name: Japanese
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Blood type: AB
Astrological sign: Cancer
Chinese zodiac: Earth Monkey
Element: Water
Nationality: Japanese
Ethnicity: Japanese
Race/Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Current status (marital/dating): Single
Political Party: None
Police/Criminal/Legal record: None
Social class as a child: Rich
Social class as an adult: Rich
Birth date: July 1st, 1848
Birth place: Nagoya Japan
Current residence: Nagoya Japan
Occupation: Princess
Title/Rank: Princess
Hobbies/Pastimes: Sewing, playing the koto
Talents/Skills/Powers: She can play the harp and koto. She’s a very good motivational speaker.

Past History
Hometown: Nagoya Japan
First Memory: Her first steps, falling forward into her mothers arms.
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her; how/why: Seeing her mother on her death bed. She lost her to the same disease that could eventually claim her life.
Other memories/events that still affects him/her; why/how: Her mother’s funeral. It was spring time when she passed and the earth was still wet after they buried her
Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: Trying to escape her father’s castle and falling off a bridge. She busted up her knee and Koahn was forced to carry her home bleeding and wailing like a baby.
Biggest role model and why: Her mother. She was a strong woman who still managed to remain feminine in a world dominated by men.
Biggest disillusions from childhood: That people are actually caring beyond the walls of her castle.
Backstory: Akane was born after several complications with her birth, with sickle cell anemia, a disease that is pretty crippling physically and mentally. After her mother passed just after her eight birthday her father locked her in the castle, forbidding her from ever going outside for fear of loosing the babe just as he’d lost her mother.

Physical Characteristics
Height: 5’5
Weight: 98 lbs
Posture: Straight
Build: Petite
Skin: Pale
Hair: Black
Widow’s peak: No.
Ears: …Normal.
Eyes: Brown
Nose: …It’s there.
Mouth/Lips/Teeth: Plump red lips, straight white teeth.
Face shape: Oval
Expressions: She’s very expressive
Describe their smile: A wry twist of her lips
Hands: Tiny
Feet: Tiny
Glasses/Contacts: None
Tatoos/Scars: Banged up knees
Ambidextrous, left or right handed?: Right handed
Distinguishing features: Large doe brown eyes.
Who does s/he take after; mother or father?: Her mother
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Elegant but still manages to be clumsy
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Kimono
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: More kimonos. Yukatas, etc
Jewelry and/or other accessories: She wears jeweled hair ornaments.
Weapons: None
Health: Poor.
Hygiene: Great
Physical Flaws: She has sickle cell anemia
Physical Qualities: …

Other Characteristics
Is s/he generally balanced or clumsy?: Clumsy
Describe their mannerisms/poses/movement: She has great posture and can be elegant when she really tries. Though she usually moves very quickly.
Describe their walk: Quick
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: She picks at the skin on her fingers until they bleed.
Speech patterns: She clenches her teeth when angry.
Unique phrases: “You’re a quitter.”
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent: No
Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say (can be between someone else): Koahn watched her tug at the hems of her kimono sleeves, tears filling her eyes and threatening to spill. “Your tears mean nothing to me.” “That’s your problem! You don’t care about anything other than yourself. I hate you!”
Describe their voice: She’s very soft spoken.
Describe their sleep patterns (light/heavy sleeper, no sleep, sleeps too often, etc): Light sleeper, the slightest sounds awaken her. She usually sleeps curled up.
Describe their eating patterns/diet (What do they eat, how do they eat, how often, are they picky, high, low, or average metabolism): She doesn’t eat very much, she rarely has an appetite.
Describe their house/dwelling: A huge castle in Nagoya Japan.
Describe their bedroom: Her quarters are very neat and very well kept.
Describe their daily rituals: Wake up, get bathed by the handmaidens, maids dress her, force her to eat something then she plays Go or reads until she goes back to sleep.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes
Intelligence level: She’s very intelligent
Known languages: Japanese
Long-term goals/desires in life: To escape her father’s castle and see the world
Short-term goals/desires in life: To escape her fathers castle and travel to Kyoto so that she can see the Inari shrine.
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Kimono
Secret desires: She wants Koahn’s approval. She wants him to look at her like a woman instead of a child. To be a geisha in training like her younger sisters.
How self-confident is s/he?: Not very
How do they see him/herself?: As the dying girl.
How do they believe s/he is perceived by others?: As the dying girl.
What is the character most proud of?: She has nothing to be proud of because she’s been locked up her entire life.
What does s/he like least about his/herself?: The fact that she can’t be normal.
How do they express themselves?: By speaking calmly. She’s good at being persuasive.
Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: Submissive
Describe their level of patience: She’s not very patient
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: Emotion
Most at ease when: Alone with Koahn
Ill at ease when: Surrounded by her father and other Daimyo
Describe his/her sense of humor: She has a great sense of humor
If granted one wish, what would it be and why?: To be well for once in her life
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: She’s a good negotiator, she has excellent will power.
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: She’s too hard on herself and other people.
If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: Humility
If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: Envy
Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): Telling her she’ll never be good enough
Optimist or pessimist: Optimist
Greatest fear: Dying.
Other fears/phobias: Loosing Koahn
Emotional/psychological/social peculiarities: None
Biggest regret: None
Other regrets: None
Biggest accomplishment: None
Minor accomplishment: None
Musical talents/instruments: Plays the harp and koto
Character’s darkest/deepest secret: She’s in love with Koahn
Does this character have a deep/dark secret?: No.
Other/minor secrets: None

Likes: Sweet things. The smell of Sakura. Being outdoors
Color: Red
Clothing: Kimono
Place and why: Her mothers garden. It’s outside for one and it reminds her of her mother
Room in the house and why: Her quarters, it’s mostly all she sees.
Food/drink: Dango
Music genre: None
Song and Singer/Band: None
Movie/Tv Show/Performance: None
Actor/Performer: None
Book: None
Historical figure: None
Subject in school: None
Animal: The monkey which represents freedom to her.
Least favorite…:
Clothing: None
Place: Her home
Food/drink: Mushrooms
Music genre: None
Subject in school: None
Simple pleasures: Gazing out the window at Koahn while he practices martial arts.
Greater pleasures: Reading with her father.
Where does this character hang out?: Her room.
Where is this character’s dream place to live?: Kyoto
Motto/Personal quote: “I can’t give up. Because then everything everyone has ever said about me would be true.”
Mode of transportation: Walking.
Most prized possession and why: None

Emotional Characteristics
Describe character’s sense of morals: She’s very moral
What do they consider taboo (something they personally would never do): There are lots of things.
Describe character’s etiquette: …
Describe character’s sense of self-control: She struggles with it
Spontaneous or structured?: Spontaneous
Instinctual or logical?: Instinctual
How does this character act in public?: Composed, regal
How does this character act in privacy?: Same
How does this character act around strangers vs. how they act around friends?: She’s fearful of strangers, and she doesn’t have any friends.
How does this character act around family?: She has her father and sisters who she loves, but shes reserved because she feels they dont understand her.
How has this character most changed from youth?: Shes even more rebellious
How have they remained the same?: Shes still rebellious
Has this character dealt with the loss of someone they knew?: Yes.
Whom?: Her mother
How has it affected them?: It killed her inside
How does this character deal with or react to…:
Conflict/Danger: She has no concept of it because Koahn always protects her
Rejection: She’d cry
Fright: She’d call for Koahn
Change: She doesn’t like it
Loss: Shes terrified of loosing the person she loves
Sex/Flirting: If it’s koahn she’s got nooo qualms about it.
Pain: She’s always in pain so she’s built up a pretty high tolerance to it.
Stress: She’s not easily stressed, she works well under pressure.
Peer pressure: Shes very strong willed
Guilt: It eats at her constantly
Being wrong: She doesnt like being wrong
Being criticized: She hates it
Being insulted (superficially: name calling, etc): She’d probably cry. Then Koahn would murder the person responsible
Offending others: She’d never
Praise: She’d preen
Being loved: She loves being loved
Being hated: She’d question it and wonder what she did wrong
Humiliation: She’d cry
How does this character express…:
Anger: By being loud and kinda violent
Sadness: She cries
Fear: She calls on Koahn
Happiness/Excitement: She’s very exuberant when she’s happy.
Love (Consider the ‘Five Languages of Love’): She’s in love.
Lust: She’s just figuring this one out.
Stress: Shes not easily stressed
Dislike (of a person, thing, or idea): She expresses it, calmly
Approval (of a person, thing, or idea): She expresses it calmly
How does this character generally express themselves?: Through speaking
What does this character think/feel about…:
Marriage: She hopes to have that privilege one day but doubts it
Children: She wants them but is afraid to pass on her disease as her mother did.
Family/Family Values: …
Children/Youth: …
Old age: …
Sex: …
Love: …
Friendship/Other relationships: …
Homosexuality: …
The opposite sex: …
The same sex: …
Money/Material things: …
Politics: …
Destiny/Duty: …
Magic/Myth: She knows demons
Racism/Races in general: …
Science/Technology: …
Nature/Animals: She loves them
Modernity: …
Antiquity: …
Their past: …
Their future: …
Their role in society/job/etc: …
Drugs and alcohol: …
Killing/Murder: She hates it but sees it all the time

Hana Noel Allman
Role: Heroine


Full Name: Hana Noel Allman

Name at birth: Hana Noel Allman

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Hana
Title(s): None
Preferred name: Hana
Age/Date of Birth: November 11th 1991

Sex: female.

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Straight
Race/Ethnicity: Blasian, black and Japanese 
Skin Tone: Tanned
Height: 5’0
Weight: 115
Build: Petite


Eyes: Black


Hair: Soft black hair worn short around her jawbone and cuffed. 
Clothes Style: She dresses modestly, long skirts and sweaters.
Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: None other than skinned knees. 


Appearance: Hana is petite with dark hair and dark eyes. She takes on the light complexion of her African American father.
Religion: Catholic
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Education: She attends college but she’s failing. 
Languages spoken: English
Weapons (if any): None


Occupation(s): She’s a fulltime student.

Past Occupation(s): She’s never had to work, her father is very well off. 
Special Abilities/Skills: She’s a painter
Activities/Organizations: None

Hobbies: She’s fond of painting. 

Interests: Obscure fashion.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Because she suffers from abandonment issues due to her mother she uses people as a crutch. 
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Baltimore Maryland. 
Now lives: Baltimore Maryland.

Lives with: Her father and later her mother, sister and grandfather. 
Current Relationship Status: Single
Relationship History: She’s always had image issues so she’s never dated.

Family: Her father, estranged mother, sister and grandfather. 
Other Biographical Remarks: None

Introducing…Koahn the Kitsune


"That damn fox." -_-
“That damn fox.” -_-

Basic Statistics
Name: Koahn
Nickname: “That damn fox.”
Meaning of name: Bright child.
Origin of name: Japanese
Age: 1948
Gender: Male
Blood type: B
Astrological sign: Taurus
Chinese zodiac: Horse
Element: Water
Nationality: Japanese
Ethnicity: Japanese
Race/Species: Kitsune (Fox demon)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Current status (marital/dating): Single
Political Party: None
Police/Criminal/Legal record: He’s murdered quit a few but has never been brought up on charges.
Social class as an adult: Wealthy, he lived in the palace of Inari.
Birth date: May 18th
Birth place: The realm of the gods
Current residence: An abandoned Inari shrine, Tokyo Japan.
Occupation: Shrine guardian.
Title/Rank: Master Koahn Sentinel of the golden army
Hobbies/Pastimes: Smoking his pipe, playing mischievous pranks on people.
Talents/Skills/Powers: Fox fire, blowing smoke rings, the ability to shape shift and create illusions.

Past History
Hometown: The realm of the gods, specifically the palace of the rice god Inari.
First Memory: Being chosen as a child (fox kit) by the God Inari to one day serve him as a sentinel.
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her; how/why: He witnessed his friend Yukio sneaking off with a human woman and envied their love for each other.
Other memories/events that still affects him/her; why/how: Being kicked out of the realm of the gods for stealing rice wine.
Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: He offered himself to the priestess that loved Yukio but she refused him.
Biggest role model and why: The God Inari. He hopes to ascend to godhood one day.
Biggest disillusions from childhood: That human women are completely meek and fragile.
Backstory: Koahn was born and raised in the realm of the gods. As an infant he was chosen by the god Inari to one day serve as his sentinel because of his sharp red eyes. Growing up a favorite of a god he was showered with every luxury known to man and god and treated like a prince. As he grew older his powers grew stronger and he often fought for Inari, but he started to grow tired of fighting and became lazy. After witnessing the leisurely life of his then friend Yukio and the time the fox spent with the humans he grew envious and propositioned the priestess that had fallen for Yukio. After being turned down he murdered the human, enraging both Inari and Yukio himself. The god sent him to earth, shackling him to a shrine as punishment. Yukio, upset at the loss of his beloved enshrined the fox so that he could never leave the shrine again.

Physical Characteristics
Height: 6’7
Weight: 200 ish
Posture: He has excellent posture.
Build: Athletic
Skin: Pale and smooth
Hair: Long, silky and silver
Widow’s peak: No.
Ears: White fox ears atop his head.
Eyes: Golden or red depending on his mood.
Nose: Straight and pert
Mouth/Lips/Teeth: Sakura petal lips, straight white teeth and sharp canines.
Face shape: Angular like a foxes.
Expressions: He doesn’t have very many expressions and is rather stoic most of the time.
Describe their smile: Cruel. Frightening. Soft, beguiling. Depends on his mood.
Hands: Coarse from wielding a sword. Long nails used as a weapon when need be.
Feet: Smooth as if he’s never walked barefoot in his life.
Glasses/Contacts: None
Tattoos/Scars: None
Ambidextrous, left or right handed?: Right handed
Distinguishing features: Fox ears and tail.
Who does s/he take after; mother or father?: He takes after his father.
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Elegant. He’s like royalty.
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Kimonos, long robes.
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: White button downs and slacks but only when he has to show himself to humans.
Jewelry and/or other accessories: None but you usually see him with is kiseru (pipe)
Weapons: Sword, his fox fire and other demon abilities.
Health: He’s very healthy
Hygiene: Very hygienic. You’ll often find him bathing under the moonlight.
Physical Flaws: None. He’s physically flawless.
Physical Qualities: …What?

Other Characteristics
Is s/he generally balanced or clumsy?: Balanced.
Describe their mannerisms/poses/movement: Very proper, slow, graceful, elegant movements.
Describe their walk: Graceful.
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: He’s obsessed with Tofu, smoking his pipe and being right all the time.
Speech patterns: He calls women he doesn’t know ‘Woman’ or ‘Girl’
Unique phrases: “You don’t expect me to sleep alone now do you? I’ve slept alone for the last five hundred years. Tonight I shall share your bed.”
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent: He curses in Japanese
Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say (can be between someone else): “W-What are you doing?” Hana blushed profusely as the fox crawled onto the futon and curled himself around her, his bushy white tail wrapping itself around her waist. “You don’t expect me to sleep alone now do you? I’ve slept alone for the last five hundred years. Tonight I shall share your bed.”
Describe their voice: Deep and smooth
Describe their sleep patterns (light/heavy sleeper, no sleep, sleeps too often, etc): He’s a heavy sleeper who’s ears are always alert. He’ll awaken at the slightest sign of danger.
Describe their eating patterns/diet (What do they eat, how do they eat, how often, are they picky, high, low, or average metabolism): He loves tofu and Inari Zushi (sushi). He eats like a bird.
Describe their house/dwelling: Run down do to his inability to keep it up while he was imprisoned.
Describe their bedroom: Simple. Tatami floors, rice paper walls, futon.
Describe their daily rituals: Bathing, smoking, drinking, eating, sleeping.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes
Intelligence level: He’s highly intelligent and very wise because he is over a thousand years old.
Known languages: He’s omnilingual. So long as he can kiss a person who speaks another language he can learn it instantly.
Long-term goals/desires in life: To return to his place next to Inari.
Short-term goals/desires in life: To find a way to shackle Hana to the shrine instead so that he may return to the realm of the gods.
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Kimonos, long robes.
Secret desires: To live the life of a human man.
How self-confident is s/he?: Very self confident. Arrogant.
How do they see him/herself?: As royalty.
How do they believe s/he is perceived by others?: As royalty lol
What is the character most proud of?: His title and rank.
What does s/he like least about his/herself?: the fact that he is strong and powerful
How do they express themselves?: Calmly, stoically
Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: Dominant. Very dominant.
Describe their level of patience: He’s very patient.
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: Ruled by logic
Most at ease when: When alone or with Hana
Ill at ease when: Around Kenji, Yukio or anyone else he doesn’t trust
Describe his/her sense of humor: He doesn’t have much of one.
If granted one wish, what would it be and why?: To be able to return to the realm of the gods. Because he believes he belongs there.
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: He’s very logical and analytical as well as very cunning.
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: He’s sly, quick to deceive or omit the truth and he sometimes over thinks things.
If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: Patience
If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: Envy
Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): He doesn’t have one. His mind is a fortress.
Optimist or pessimist: Neither. Either way, things will unfold the way he wants them to.
Greatest fear: Being returned to his imprisoned state.
Other fears/phobias: Never returning to Inari’s realm.
Emotional/psychological/social peculiarities: None
Biggest regret: Killing the priestess
Other regrets: Being thrown from the realm of the gods
Biggest accomplishment: Destroying a Deity at the bequest of his master.
Minor accomplishment: Learning to put on his own kimono. (usually it can take up to three people to dress one person in the type of elaborate robes he wears and he can do it on his on.)
Musical talents/instruments: He can play the koto.
Character’s darkest/deepest secret: He was in love with Yukio’s priestess and was embarrassed when she spurned his advances.
Does this character have a deep/dark secret?: Yes.
What is the secret?: He was in love with Yukio’s priestess and was embarrassed when she spurned his advances.
Does anyone know about it?: No.
Other/minor secrets: The pearl Hana wears is really his soul.

Likes: Tofu, Inari Zushi, crushing his enemies.
Dislikes: See above
Color: Red
Clothing: Silk Kimono
Place and why: The garden. He feels most at peace there.
Room in the house and why: His bedroom.
Food/drink: Inari Zushi, Tofu and sake.
Music genre: Harp, koto and violin music.
Song and Singer/Band: None
Movie/Tv Show/Performance: None
Actor/Performer: None
Book: Sun Tsu’s art of war
Historical figure: Abe no Seimei
Subject in school: Calligraphy
Animal: The fox
Least favorite…:
Clothing: Tight pants
Place: Anywhere public
Food/drink: Corn
Music genre: All modern music
Subject in school: Mathematics
Simple pleasures: Smoking his pipe
Greater pleasures: Women.
Where does this character hang out?: In his shrine
Where is this character’s dream place to live?: In the realm of the gods.
Motto/Personal quote: “There’s never a need to get ones hands dirty when your minions are there to do it for you.”
Mode of transportation: Running.
Most prized possession and why: His Kiseru. It was the only gift his father ever gave him.

Emotional Characteristics
Describe character’s sense of morals: Immoral as hell but he hates to be indebted to people and will keep his promises no matter what.
What do they consider taboo (something they personally would never do): Slay a woman
Describe character’s etiquette: He’s very proper and manner-able.
Describe character’s sense of self-control: He’s always in control of himself
Spontaneous or structured?: Structured
Instinctual or logical?: A combination. He’s usually logical but he’s first and foremost an animal spirit, sometimes instincts take over.
How does this character act in public?: He’s very quiet and sullen because he hates being in public.
How does this character act in privacy?: Seductive.
How does this character act around strangers vs. how they act around friends?: He is very calm around those he knows. Around strangers hes on edge as if waiting to be attacked at any moment.
How does this character act around family?: He doesn’t have any family.
How has this character most changed from youth?: He’s more calculating.
How have they remained the same?: He’s curious.
Has this character dealt with the loss of someone they knew?: No.
How does this character deal with or react to…:
Conflict/Danger: Calmly
Rejection: Kill what rejected him
Fright: He doesn’t scare easily. Unless its a dog, if it frightens him he sets it afire
Change: Calmly
Loss: Calmly, he’ll find a way to get it back
Sex/Flirting: He’s always fucking horny.
Pain: He deals with it calmly or pretends to like it.
Stress: He snaps at people
Peer pressure: Kill the peers.
Guilt: He hides it until it eats him away inside
Being wrong: He doesn’t believe he’s ever wrong
Being criticized: Kill the critic
Being insulted (superficially: name calling, etc): Kill the insulter
Offending others: He insults others like its a skill known only to him.
Praise: He preens
Being loved: He’s…not used to being love so he doesn’t know how to handle it.
Being hated: He relishes the fact.
Humiliation: Kill the humiliate…r
How does this character express…:
Anger: He kills things
Sadness: He retreats into his head like a turtle in his shell. He becomes reclusive.
Fear: He sets shit afire.
Happiness/Excitement: He smirks and pretends to not be happy.
Love (Consider the ‘Five Languages of Love’): He’ll get used to it one day
Lust: Always horny
Stress: He doesn’t get stressed out easily
Dislike (of a person, thing, or idea): He kills those he dislikes
Approval (of a person, thing, or idea): He tends to ‘keep’ people and things he likes.
How does this character generally express themselves?: He tries very hard not to.
What does this character think/feel about…:
Marriage: He’s often thought about it but figured it was well beyond his reach.
Children: He’s often thought about it but figured it was well beyond his reach.
Family/Family Values: He wants a family but doesn’t think he’ll ever have one.
Children/Youth: He’s often thought about it but figured it was well beyond his reach.
Old age: He’s already old as mummy’s dust.
Sex: He enjoys it, frequently.
Love: He’s often thought about it but figured it was well beyond his reach.
Friendship/Other relationships: He tried friendship, it didnt work out because he cant share and often just takes what he wants.
Homosexuality: Its not for him.
The opposite sex: “Beautiful works of art.”
The same sex: Rivals. Potential threats.
Money/Material things: He takes what he wants so it doesn’t matter to him.
Politics: Human politics don’t interest him.
Religion: Follower of Inari so…Shinto?
Destiny/Duty: He feels his destiny is to walk beside Inari forever and feels a sense of duty to the god.
Magic/Myth: ….He’s a fucking fox demon you tell me.
Racism/Races in general: All humans are equally inferior to demons.
Science/Technology: …
Nature/Animals: “Beauty.”
Modernity: …
Antiquity: …
Their past: What’s in the past is done, there is only the present and the future.
Their future: He will fight his way back to Inari’s side, no matter what.
Their role in society/job/etc: *&^% society.
Drugs and alcohol: …
Killing/Murder: He often indulges in it, quite frequently.
Education: Necessary
The foreign/unknown: With curiosity and often reckless abandon.
How does the character view life?: He wants what he wants and the lives and goals of others do not matter.
How does the character view death?: It is something he shall never face.
How does the character view society?: *&^% society.
How does the character imagine his/her own death?: It is something he shall never face.
What does the character want out of life?: To once again walk amongst the gods where he believes he belongs because he’s an arrogant prickface.
What does this character consider ‘success’ to be?: Winning by any means necessary.
What would the character like to change in his/her life?: The fact that he is shackled to a shrine and unable to move so far away from it.
What motivates this character and why?: Duty. The need to once again be someone important in the court of the gods.
What discourages this character and why?: He’s steadfast, he’s never discouraged unless he’s defeated and thats a rarity.
What makes this character happy and why?: Winning, stealing, sex, drinking, smoking.
What makes this character sad and why?: Loosing.
What makes this character angry and why?: Being outwitted.
What humiliates this character?: being outwitted.
What most describes this character’s personality?: He’s an arrogant, stoic prickface.
Psychoanalysis (Describe why they act the way they do): Koahn was raised by gods who told him he was the best. The best fighter, the best tactician, the best looking…He’s arrogant because he’s always been made to believe he was superior to everyone, even other gods. And since he’s always been successful in all his endeavors (except wooing Yukio’s woman away from him.) his feelings of superiority are reinforced.
Does it stem from childhood or an event, or chemical?: Childhood.

Relationships with Others
Relationship skills: Poor
Loves: He only ever loved one woman and she was taken
Lusts: After many
Crushes: None
Girlfriend/Boyfriend(s): None
Other lover(s): None
First crush…:
How did it start?: He saw her with Yukio and became envious.
Did it last?: No.
Best friends: Used to be Yukio now he has no friends.
Friends: Scary
Confident/Mentor: Genbou, a turtle demon.
Hates: See above
Dislikes: See above
Rivals: Yukio
Pets: None
What kind of person would s/he consider to be the perfect partner?: Someone quiet and submissive.
How is s/he perceived by…:
Strangers: Scary
Friends: Scary
Coworkers/Colleagues: Scary
Lover(s)/Partner(s): INSATIABLE
Family: Scary
What happens to change this perception if at all?: He falls in love with Hana and she loves him back.
Is s/he judgmental of others?: Yes.
To what extent?: Vey.
Describe their sense of trust: He trusts no one
What type of individuals does s/he like or associate with?: Those subservient to him
How do they treat members of the opposite sex?: Sensuously.
How do they treat members of the same sex?: Suspiciously
What do family/friends like most about character?: He’s reliable
What do family/friends like least about character?: He’s scary.

Sex/Romantic Life
What do they consider to be a romantic setting/activity/date?: Anytime any place
What did they do on their first date?: A walk through the garden
How does a typical date go for this character?: It always ends with sex.
How would they like to propose or be proposed to?: He’d propose to a woman in his garden, under the full moon with her laying naked beneath him surrounded by a corona of honeysuckle.
Has this character lost their virginity?: Yes.
When did h/she lose it?: FOREVER ago.
Was it consensual?: Yes.
How has this affected him/her?: He’s always horny
How did s/he feel afterwards?: Horny….
How sexual is s/he?: VERY
How does s/he feel emotionally after sex? : He feels nothing because love is never involved until Hana falls for him.
Does this character have self control around individuals of their sexual desire?: No.
Does sex play an important role in their relationships and to what extent?: Yes very.
Turn-ons: Soft moans, glimpses of flesh…everything else
Turn-offs: Women who say ‘no’.
Fetishes/Fantasies/Kinks: Bondage
Sexual peculiarities/flaws: none
Sexual perks: He has the stamina of a bull.
Sexual flaws: pft
Usually on the top or bottom?: Top
Dominant or submissive?: Dominant.
Have they ever impregnated someone, or been impregnated?: No.
Has s/he ever had intercourse or a sexual experience with someone of the same sex?: No.
Possible psychological reasons for their sexual fantasies/behavior: He’s been shackled his entire life, by Inari, again by Inari when sent to the shrine and by Hana who holds his soul. So, he occasionally likes to shackle other people.

Immediate family members and their ages: None
Ethnicity and/or species of the mother: Kitsune
Ethnicity and/or species of the father: Kitsune
Birth order: Only son
Extended family: Inari was like a father to him
Any important/infamous/famous ancestors?: Yes.
Whom?: An ancient Kitsune by the name of Koan
How have they affected this character, or their life?: no
Describe their ancestral history, if anything of particular note: Long line of foxes in service to Inari
Birth parents:
Did this character know their birth parents?: No.
Are the parents still alive?: No.
Have the parents been separated either by choice or otherwise?: No.
Was this character raised by someone other than their parents?: Yes.
What happened to the birth parents?: They died in battle serving Inari
By whom were they raised and why?: By the gods of Inari’s court because they thought he was perfect.
What was the caretaker(s)’s relationship to the birth parents?: He was their master
At what age did the caretakers begin to raise this character?: Since his birth
What effect has this relationship had on the character?: He thinks hes perfect
Are the caretaker(s) still alive?: Yes.
How did the parent(s)/caretaker(s) treat him/her growing up versus now: Inari loved him like a son but he became wayward so he had to punish him.
How did this character treat his/her parent(s)/caretaker(s) growing up versus now?: He still loves Inari and has a sense of duty towards him.
Did/does s/he have any siblings?: No.
Describe the family dynamic growing up: He was their prince.
Describe the family dynamic now: He’s a bad prince and hes grounded. literally.
Family history (the family they were born and/or raised with): …
Has this character ever been married?: No.
Does s/he have a family of their own now?: No.

Spiritual Characteristics
Religion: Follower of Inari so…Shinto?
Does s/he believe in a god/goddess?: Yes.
Who?: Inari and other Shinto gods.
What are his/her spiritual beliefs?: Hes a demon.
Is religion or spirituality an important part of this character’s life?: Yes.
What role does it play and how does it affect him/her?: He’s a servant of the gods.
Superstitions: …

What if…:
…s/he was an animal? What would they be and why?: He’s a fox demon.
…s/he were the opposite sex? What would they do?: He’d…touch himself inappropriately in public.
…s/he could be characterized by an object; what would they be and why?: A pillar of salt.
…s/he were confronted with someone with an identical personality as themselves? What would they do?: Fight each other to the death.
…s/he became physically handicapped? What would they do?: Probably kill himself lol
…s/he were placed in a new and unfamiliar environment/country/planet/etc? What would they do?: TOUCH ALL THE THINGS. He’s very curious.
…s/he was proposed to (if they haven’t been already)? What would they do?: Frown.
…s/he had a child (if they don’t already)? What would they do and how would it affect them?: Raise it affectionately.
Create your own unique situations: Hana couldn’t resist touching him. Everything about him was so soft. Except…one thing. “You can move your hand lower. Since you’re already groping me in my sleep I may as well get something out of it.”
What song best fits this character?: Locked out of Heaven. Bruno Mars.
If you could compare this character to an existing character (physically or personality-wise), who would it be and why?: Physically…Tomoe
If you could choose an actor/voice actor for this character, who would it be?: Voice actor…Yuya Matsushita. Fuck yeah.
Who/what inspired this character and in what ways?: Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, Tomoe from Kamisama Hijimemashita and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji.


New Character! Introducing…Mephistopheles

"Mephy is too adorable for words."
“Mephy is too adorable for words.”

Basic Statistics
Name: Mephistopheles
Nickname: Mephy (Given to him by Mallory and he HATES it)
Meaning of name: The Devil, The Dark One
Origin of name: Hebrew
Age: Just over six thousand, looks about seven or eight and acts like it too.
Gender: Male
Blood type: A+
Astrological sign: Leo
Chinese zodiac: Rat
Element: Fire
Nationality: –
Ethnicity: –
Race/Species: Demon
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Current status (marital/dating): Single
Police/Criminal/Legal record: As long as he is old
Birth date: August 1
Birth place: Hell
Current residence: Hell
Occupation: Son of Lucifer
Title/Rank: Prince

Past History
Backstory: Mephistopheles is the only child of Lilith and the only legitimate son of Lucifer. The heir to his father’s throne and the prince of all demons, he’s royalty and he acts like it. He wants to be served hand over foot at all possible times and won’t hesitate to disembowel those who anger him. Has gone through a record of three thousand four hundred and twelve nannies, all demons, who all met with unfortunate ends. By his nine hundredth year of life, his parents just gave up choosing a governess for the boy.

Physical Characteristics
Height: 4’11
Weight: 90 LBS
Posture: He’s very small but his posture is perfect.
Build: Thin, gangly.
Skin: Pale
Hair: Black
Widow’s peak: Yes.
Ears: Pointed
Eyes: Blue or Black depending on his mood.
Who does s/he take after; mother or father?: Both, equally.
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): He’ll wear anything but prefers to dress like a British School Boy.

Other Characteristics
Is s/he generally balanced or clumsy?: Clumsy.
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: He’s obsessed with the screams of his victims. His mother even taped a few and plays them as a lullaby when he’s falling asleep.
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent: He hasn’t learned to curse…yet.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes
Intelligence level: He’s highly intelligent for the age he looks.
Known languages: Omnilingual, like all demons.
Long-term goals/desires in life: Take his fathers place.
Short-term goals/desires in life: Murder all the humans he can before daddy comes to collect him.
Secret desires: To murder his mother.

What if…:
…s/he was an animal? What would they be and why?: A playful kitten
…s/he were the opposite sex? What would they do?: Be even more adorable, and even more dangerous.
…s/he could be characterized by an object; what would they be and why?: A blade, he’s very sharp and even deadlier.
…s/he were confronted with someone with an identical personality as themselves? What would they do?: Murder them.
What song best fits this character?: Natural Born Killer by Avenged Sevenfold.

New Character! Introducing…Eradeal

"Liar, cheater...backstabber. That about sums him up."
“Liar, cheater…backstabber. That about sums him up.”


Basic Statistics
Name: Eradeal
Meaning of name: To Eradicate
Origin of name: Assyrian
Age: Ageless
Gender: Male
Blood type: AB
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Chinese zodiac: Tiger
Element: Water
Nationality: –
Ethnicity: –
Race/Species: Demon
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Current status (marital/dating): Screwing Lilith…and everyone else
Birth date: December 12
Birth place: Hell
Current residence: Hell
Occupation: Archdemon
Title/Rank: Archdemon

Past History
Backstory: Eradeal is one of the oldest Archdemon’s in Lucifer’s employ. One of the angels who fell alongside the master demon, Lucifer has come to trust him and covet him like a brother. A big mistake on his part because Eradeal is always up to no good.

Physical Characteristics
Height: 6’5
Weight: 130 LBS
Posture: He’s pretty tall but has horrible posture. His shoulders slump and shows his age, especially when he is tired. Other times he’s very rigid.
Build: Slender, almost delicate. Which is deceptive because the man is very strong.
Skin: Pale.
Hair: Black, usually worn in a short ponytail or loose around his shoulders.
Widow’s peak: No.
Ears: Pointed
Eyes: Black
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): He has no style, he wears what is comfortable. Always black.

Other Characteristics
Is s/he generally balanced or clumsy?: Very balanced
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: He’s obsessed with being better than Lucifer.
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent: He can be very foulmouthed when he wants to be.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes
Intelligence level: He thinks he’s very intelligent but is lacking in some areas. Such as street smarts; he has none.
Known languages: Omnilingual, like all demons.
Long-term goals/desires in life: Over throw Lucifer and assume control of hell.
Short-term goals/desires in life: Murder Mallory Douglas.
Secret desires: Marry Lilith
How self-confident is s/he?: He’s usually very self confident, except for where lucifer is concerned.
Most at ease when: Scheming
Ill at ease when: Being called out on something
If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: Patience
If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: Gluttony
Character’s darkest/deepest secret: He’s secretly out to get Lucifer, and while he pretends to be an ally he’s constantly stabbing him in the back.

Emotional Characteristics
Describe character’s sense of morals: He has no morals
Spontaneous or structured?: Structured
Instinctual or logical?: Logical
How does this character act in public?: He prefers to operate from the shadows and is never in the public eye.

What if…:
…s/he was an animal? What would they be and why?: A vicious dog, pretending to be loyal but waiting to strike and destroy his master.
…s/he were the opposite sex? What would they do?: Nothing would change
…s/he could be characterized by an object; what would they be and why?: A crack in a foundation. You never know when its going to spread and ruin everything.
…s/he were confronted with someone with an identical personality as themselves? What would they do?: Murder them.
What song best fits this character?: A Demons Fate by Within Temptation

Voodoo Child Photo Spam

God, I love this couple way more than I should…

If you haven’t read Voodoo Child, read part one here!




Voodoo Child: A Vampire Prosecutor II Fan Fiction Part II

Tae Yeon

Read Part One Here

No one seemed to mind that he’d all but kidnapped the girl. He wasn’t even questioned as he carried her kicking and screaming from the Prosecutors building. His colleagues were so sure of his methods that they didn’t blink twice as she’d all but begged to be released, they’d just returned to their cubicles as if a petite American wasn’t slung over his shoulder. He couldn’t begin to tell you how he’d gotten her into his car; she was three times as strong as the average man and her hunger made her even more powerful, but he’d managed it. They made it halfway across town without incident and surprisingly she’d fallen silent as soon as he turned the radio on, like a child lulled to sleep by the motion of the vehicle and the soft classical music that filtered from his favorite station, she’d drifted off beside him. But the moment he’d pulled into the parking garage and climbed out of the car she’d bolted, throwing open her door and running for the exit, a scream tearing itself from her throat. He’d been forced to chase her down, throwing her over his shoulder as she struggled with all her might to get away from him. By the time they made it to his apartment they were both physically and mentally exhausted.

Tae Yeon dropped her onto the carpet, slamming the door behind himself and locking it tight. Instantly she was on her feet, flying towards him with tiny, furious fists. He held her at arms length, a martyred sigh escaping him as he finally pulled her flush against his chest, his arms locking around her tiny frame and pinning her arms at her sides.

“Calm down. No one’s going to hurt you.” He told her as she struggled in his arms, her exerted pants falling against his ear as she growled.

“I don’t believe you!” She kicked at his shins petulantly and his grip tightened. Tae Yeon held her until her energy was spent, finally letting her slide to the floor in front of him, curls falling into her eyes red with hunger. He left her there to sulk as he made his way into his expansive bedroom and over to the walk in closet. Choosing a light blue t-shirt and a pair of sweats he hoped wouldn’t be extremely large on her, he slipped back into the living room to hand them to the seething woman. She hadn’t moved an inch, not looking up until he was looming over her.

“Go and bathe, I’ll have Jung In bring you something more suitable to wear tomorrow.” He told her and she huffed, blowing an errant curl out of her face before reaching up to take the clothing he offered her. She climbed shakily to her feet, her movements somewhat reminiscent of newborn Colt standing up for the very first time. Tae Yeon pointed her to an open door at the end of the hall and she hesitated, trepidation and indignation flashing across her face. “I’ll wait here.” He reassured her and after another second of hesitation she finally made her way into the bathroom, torn between a need to be clean and self preservation. He wondered briefly if he was finally getting through to her, but the sound of the door rattling on its hinges as she slammed it with all her strength had him believing otherwise.

Tae Yeon heaved another sigh as he made his way over to to the bar that lined the far end of the living room, carefully skirting the long marble coffee table before reaching for a bottle of brandy. The moment his fingertips brushed the glass his cellphone rang from his front pocket, the stacccato beeps signaling that it was someone from work. Sighing yet again he snagged it and flipped it open. “This is Min.”

“You really expect me to believe that cock and bull story you fed me, Min?” He sighed.

“Detective Hwang.”

“Yes, Detective Hwang, your friend, remember? You’re not supposed to lie to your friends Min! Or did you forget that?” The detective grumbled, “Look, I know there are certain…circumstances that can’t be helped, but I know something strange is going on with Kyun Seung and I deserve the truth. If not as your friend then as your partner.”

“It’s not a matter of friendship. Things are just…complicated.” He told him, listening to the shower turn on behind him, the water hitting the bottom of the tub hard before a petite body stepped underneath the stream. He wanted to tell him everything, to be open and honest with the only one who knew about his…oddities, at least to a certain extent. But how could he tell his friend that he’d murdered a young woman, turning her into South Korea’s first female serial killer?

“Things are always complicated where you’re concerned. Just tell me, is she really a survivor of that new serial killer?”

“…You could say that.”

“That’s not good enough Min!” He hissed, “If she really went through an ordeal like that she should be in counseling or something. Why did you just whisk her out of here? Why did you stop the questioning? What are you hiding?”

“I could fill an encyclopedia with the things I’m hiding Hwang.” He said and the man sighed. “You’ll just have to trust me on this. If I could tell you I would.”

“I know, I trust you. I just wish you would let me help you Min. On top of this case with Jae Ki we’ve got killers running around eating people…drinking blood and who knows what else. Everyone needs help from time to time, even you.”

“The bodies were bloodless?” He played dumb, “Has Jo taken a look at any of them?”

“Just one. It was an older guy, Dong Han Shik, mid fifties. He had his head bashed in after he was bled almost dry. There are bite marks on his face and neck, Min, like some animal attacked him. But there’s the strange part, the bite patterns were reminiscent of human teeth.” Tae Yeon remained silent, he just didn’t know what to say to that. “If you know something, tell me before its too late alright?”

“I’ll do my best.”

“I don’t believe you…But as I said, I trust you so I’ll drop it for now.”

“I appreciate it.”

“Look, I’ll call you if I get any more information, alright?” He asked and Tae Yeon nodded even though the man couldn’t see him. The call ended without another word and he dropped his phone onto the bar, once again reaching for the bottle of brandy.

“I didn’t know undead monsters could drink alcohol.” He turned to stare down at Kyun Seung who stood just inches away from him, her dark ringlets dripping onto her shirt, completely soaking the shoulders. Her eyes were back to their normal color, except for the flecks of burgundy that marked her barely leashed hunger.

“They can’t, I’m just very fond of the taste.” He said, slipping onto a barstool as she moved closer to him, reaching over to fondle his cellphone.

“Why didn’t you tell your friend the truth? If he were really your friend he wouldn’t mind the fact that you’re a monster.” She said, turning to glare up at him, “Tell me Min, do you murder nurses for fun or for sport?”

“Neither. What happened with you was a mistake. One I won’t be making again.”

“A mistake huh? So my life meant absolutely nothing to you?” She asked and he frowned. The woman was shaking with unspent rage, and justifiably so. He’d robbed her of her life, of her innocence and mortality and he deserved nothing more than her ire.

“I don’t have the answer you’re looking for, Kyun Seung. I was dying, I could feel my life fading and I couldn’t allow that. You’re a nurse, you saw my wounds. Even as a vampire I wouldn’t have lasted very long without–” He paused as her gaze dropped to the bar.

“Without my blood. So, you murdered me to save yourself? I was nothing more than convenient cattle.” She said and he felt as if he’d been slapped. He wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch her, to offer her some comfort where none else could be found.

“You saved my life.”

“But at the cost of my own.” She growled, her control snapping as red encroached on her irises. “I had a family, Min. I had friends and a job that I loved. And all of that’s gone now.” She trembled next to him, tears threatening to fall. “I was finally happy and it was ripped away in the blink of an eye. And the worst part is, I don’t even know how I should feel right now! I should hate you, I should be absolutely livid! But I am– was– a nurse. It was my job to save lives and I can’t bring myself to begrudge you yours.” She lifted her head to stare up at him, looking every bit like a lost child. “In all honesty, I’m terrified. I’ve never been this afraid in my life.”

“You don’t have to be afraid. I’m going to take care of you Kyun Seung, I will offer you the support I never found in my own sire. It’s the least I can give after what I’ve done.” He told her, somehow hoping to chase away her fear, to reassure her that she wasn’t alone and never would be. He owed her more than just his life, he owed her everything he’d stolen from her and so much more. She didn’t say anything else but scrubbed angrily at her face to rid herself of her tears. He reached out to her then, lightly caressing her damp shoulder as she turned to stare back up at him. “You should get some sleep, it’s late.” He stood, “I’ll sleep on the couch, the bed is yours.”

“But–” She caught the tail of his shirt as he moved past her. Tae Yeon paused, staring down at her in question, watching her gaze grow dark. She didn’t need to say a word, he could feel her hunger, it hummed deep inside of him as if it were his own.

“You’re hungry.” He said, sighing lightly as he reclaimed his seat on the stool and pulled her in front of him. Rolling up his sleeve he offered the inside of a pale wrist.

“I…I don’t want to hurt you like I hurt those people.” She shook her head, taking a step back until he caught her hand and pulled her back to stand before him. “I didn’t want them to die…I was just so…”

“I understand. It comes along with the territory of being a newly awakened vampire. You’ll learn to control your thirst in time.” He reassured her, even though he, himself couldn’t be completely sure. He’d never known another vampire, and it wasn’t exactly if his own sire had stuck around to teach him anything. He wasn’t even entirely sure if giving her his blood was safe, but it would have to do until he could wean her off the live blood she’d taken and onto the blood packets he used.

“I don’t know how…to do it.” She said, frowning deeply. “The men I killed–”

“Don’t think about them.” He cut her off and her eyes snapped to his. He was protecting her, sheltering her, something she hadn’t expected. In her time on her own she’d completely villainized him for what he’d done to her. And now, here she was, standing in his apartment, dressed in his clothes with his wrist just inches from her lips. “Don’t bite directly into the vein, it will only tear it and force your donor to bleed out quickly. You won’t have time to drink and before you know it, they’re dead. Puncture the flesh around the vein instead.” He instructed her, surprised at his own knowledge. It just felt…natural. Was this how all sires felt towards their sirelings? Protective? Dare he even say nurturing?

“You’re…actually trusting me with this?” She asked, “What if I…Killed you by accident?”

“We both know it wouldn’t be an accident if you did, we weren’t exactly on the best of terms an hour ago. I would very much appreciate it if you abstained from draining me dry.” He told her and to his surprise she smiled up at him. That smile did things to his stomach. “Drink.” He ordered and she gave him a slight nod before lifting his wrist to her lips. He watched them part, her canines elongating as they sank into his flesh. And he was instantly on fire. He could feel every pull, every vital cell flowing from his body and deep inside her own. He’d never felt anything more arousing, more erotic. “Kyun Seung.” He growled out her name but she didn’t appear to hear him, tightening her grip on his arm as she pulled harder and harder, her mouth shifting until she’d nicked his vein. Tae Yeon’s mouth fell open in a silent gasp, every muscle in his body tightening in pleasure and pain, the euphoric feeling blurring the very thin line between both. He pulled her even tighter against him then, crushing her against his chest until he was certain that, had she still be human, she’d be laying in pieces at his feet. Before he could stop himself his mouth sought her throat, sinking his fangs deep into the tender flesh. She was stunned into releasing him, a startled moan escaping her lips as he reclaimed what he’d offered. Kyun Seung placed her hands against his shoulders, pushing slightly as she whimpered. Reluctantly he released her, pulling away as the high they’d shared faded. Tae Yeon stared down at her, watching her lift her tiny hand, her thumb wiping away a trickle of blood that escaped his lips before bringing it to her own. His hand shot out to grab her wrist, stopping her. “You…” He started, his voice an octave lower than it should have been. He cleared his throat, pulling himself away from her and moving towards the couch. “You should get some sleep.”


Revenant Character Introductions: The Black and White Edition

Let’s meet some characters shall we?

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the terms, check out this post.


Giovanni Maurizio Cavaletti – Living Vampire

Giovanni was born in Dublin Ireland to living vampires Niccolo and Lucretia Cavaletti. The youngest of seven children he was spoiled rotten while his siblings killed each other for the right to take their fathers coveted position in the house of Leviticus, a faction of the Triad which, along side the house of Judges and Exodus, governs all of the Vampire race. With only his brothers Micah, Lucio, and Giovanni himself left alive, their father chose the latter to take his place as the more responsible, and more powerful, child. Lucio, in a fit of rage cut his fathers heart from his chest, transforming him into one of the Undead. Giovanni suffered his elder brother the same fate before stepping into the role of Triginta, the third seat of power in Leviticus.


Richard Alistair Connell II – Werewolf

An informant of the SPPO who runs a prostitution ring to cover up his involvement with the Supernatural police. A kid at heart, he fell in with the wrong crowd as a child and almost lost his life in a Werewolf turf war.


Lucretia Cavaletti – Living Vampire

Mother of Giovanni Cavaletti and wife of recently deceased Niccolo Cavaletti. Quiet by nature but far from weak, she ruled her household like any woman of Italian blood and commands the love and respect of vampires both living and undead.


Dita Dixon – Faerie

Dita makes up one forth of the SPPO team Zeitgeist, an Anti-Terrorist/Espionage group that handle some of the most high profiled cases for the SPPO. Of Fae blood she tends to be scatter brained, but her amazing healing abilities are extremely useful in her field of work.


Lieutenant Sheila Armstrong – Species Unknown

Lieutenant of the SPPO. Sporting a sharp tongue, wit, and even sharper claws she’s well respected in her line of work. Mother of Hale Armstrong, the newest member of team Zeitgeist.


Elliot Cole – Witch

Co leader of team Zeitgeist and tech expert.


Alicia Reagan – Witch

Younger sister of Adelaide Reagan. Raised mostly by her sister she hopes to follow in her footsteps and become a police officer, something that Adelaide is firmly against.


Lucio Cavaletti – Undead Vampire

Elder brother of Giovanni Cavaletti. Responsible for the death of their father. After having his heart cleaved from his chest by Giovanni he disappeared but has recently resurfaced.


Hale Armstrong – Species Unknown

Son of Lt. Sheila Armstrong and the most recent addition to team Zeitgeist. His extraordinary physical strength is definitely an asset but he isn’t the brightest crayon in the bunch.


Nelo – Undead Vampire

A dangerous bastard with an even more dangerous agenda. An extremist with plans for assuming political power he routinely starts uprising in the house of Exodus which has no set ruler. Responsible for bombing several buildings owned by members of Leviticus.


Lazarus Ward – Living Vampire

Younger brother of Marcellus Ward, one of the sanctioned five judges. A judge in his own right he’s somewhere between the personal lawyer of the Leviticus and political powerhouse for the judges.


Adelaide Reagan – Witch Revenant

Adelaide is proof that you should never judge a book by its cover, or rather, by its size. After surviving a brutal rape by ex partner Nolan and five of his favorite werewolf buddies, she went on to join Team Zeitgeist and take his place at the top of the police food chain. A no nonsense character, people are usually taken aback by the stark contrast of her ‘baby face’ and her bold personality. This petite powerhouse doesn’t mind hurting people in order to keep them safe and is known to bite off a lot more than she can chew while refusing to let anyone lend her a helping hand. Adelaide had always been significantly more introverted than others in her circle. But after her rape, rage, temperament and trust became larger issues in her life. Imagine spending the rest of your life looking over your shoulder, being suspicious of every single person that comes into your circle to the point where you’re willing to exile yourself just to escape the fear of being hurt again.