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Legally Yours Episode One: Collision

Legally Yours

Episode One: Collision

Rated: R

I didn’t know this man, and yet his hands felt oddly familiar as they travelled down my sides and firmly gripped my hips. I didn’t know his occupation, I didn’t know if he was married, or divorced, or even if his children were likely to burst into the room at any given moment. But I knew for certain that if you asked me, I wouldn’t be able to tell you his name. I knew that we’d met less than fifteen minutes ago in an Itaewon bar and I definitely knew that the hardness of his body pressed against mine made me hyperaware of the fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties. But still, passion fell in a steady stream from my lips as he nipped at the tender flesh of my neck. His teeth, white and sharp, left marks on my skin, love-bites I was sure would still be there in the morning. The man could have been a serial killer for all I knew. But I was drunk, and I felt like liquid fire under his ministrations. The way his hands brushed bare skin, the way his leather-clad knee parted my thighs and pressed against me intimately. I wanted him and I didn’t care that it was dangerous. Every ounce of shame, every iota of discretion fled the moment the vodka passed my lips. Every shred of dignity I once prided myself in having had dissolved the instant he’d laid his hands on me. The familiar taste of alcohol coated his tongue as his lips parted mine, and I knew he was just as intoxicated as I was. His body was a hard reminder of what I was about to do and how badly I wanted it. Even through the liquor induced fog that clouded my mind some part of me knew what we were doing was horribly wrong. But I couldn’t bring myself to care. I felt the wooden door bite into my back as I was slammed against it. He wasn’t gentle, and that’s what I liked about him. I couldn’t even see his face in the dark but I would never forget how he looked in the bar. Amidst the smoky atmosphere, the dim lights playing in golden hair that made him look even more exotic than he already was. I remember thinking for a second that I’d somehow found my way back to the States, but the quick, seductive, Korean that had fallen from his lips reminded me of where I was, and why I was there. That’s right, I was celebrating! Not nine hours ago I’d just been awarded the job opportunity of a lifetime. I would work as Paralegal to none other than Choi Jung Keun himself. A prosecuting attorney who put the fear of god into some of the dirtiest criminals the world has ever seen. If the legal system where a monarchy, that man would be king. He was a nightmare to small time drug dealers and big time Mob bosses alike. And this man, this living legend, was now my boss. As a twenty-two year old, fresh out of college American, I couldn’t have asked for a better break. He’d taken one look at my resume and transcripts and had hired me without question. I was proud of myself and I have to admit, I felt oddly powerful. After my first day of work I quickly went home to change before surrendering myself to the night. But I guess I’d forgotten to take into the account that I wasn’t a very good drinker, and that I was young and naïve. Bar hopping in South Korea was nothing like it was back in the States. I quickly realized that I was a novice in a den of drinking professionals and by the end of the first round I could barely hold myself up. That’s when he appeared. Gorgeous and sturdy looking. I flung myself into his arms and before I knew it I was in his apartment, watching as he stripped my shirt over my head and let it fall unceremoniously to the floor. I could feel the heat of his chest against mine as he pressed our bodies even tighter together. My breasts felt heavy and every inch of me seemed to ache. His hands were everywhere, ghosting over my skin, teasing me relentlessly without satisfying the need he’d started inside of me. His lips blazed a hot trail over my cleavage and I could feel the pinch of his teeth as he nipped at my skin.

“Are you at least going to tell me your name?” I panted and he lifted his head slowly, his eyes meeting mine for what was probably the first time since I’d met him. They were wild with lust, his pupils wide and dilated as he briefly contemplated my question.

“Does it matter?” He asked, grabbing a belt loop and pulling me towards his bedroom. I all but fell off my heels. He had a good point though, considering the fact that I was seeing double I probably wouldn’t remember his name if he tattooed it on my forehead. And what did it matter? In the morning this would all be one blurry dream. I’d leave and we’d never see each other again. “Take off your belt.” He ordered as he pushed me backwards onto a plush bed. I felt the mattress rock beneath me as I landed in the most ungraceful fashion I could muster. I hastened to comply, fumbling with the buckle before finally ripping the damned thing off and tossing it somewhere behind me. I clawed at my jeans until I felt his hands pushing mine away. His body pressed mine against the sheets, skilled fingers swiftly taking care of the button and zipper before sliding against the naked flesh he’d found there. The sudden moan that ripped itself from my throat startled me. I had no idea I could sound so needy. The stranger stroked me almost lovingly as I nearly came apart in his hands. My skin was on fire, flames of desire licking at my skin until beads of sweat were rolling down my face and neck. I clutched at his shoulders, whimpering when he lowered his head to bite a pebbled nipple through the fabric of my bra. I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t want anything else separating us; clothing was just too much of a barrier. As if he’d heard my thoughts he slipped his hand up my body and unhooked the offending undergarment like some sort of brassiere professional. I groaned as my breasts sprang free into his waiting hands. My jeans were the next to go, leaving me completely naked beneath him. I watched as he moved to press a bare knee between my legs, knocking them open. Somewhere between the front door and the bedroom he’d lost his shirt and pants…And I guess we’d both decided to go commando that night. I could feel him pulsing against my thigh as he ground himself against me, my chest heaving as I clutched unabashedly at his shoulders. He seemed to know exactly what I wanted, no words needed to be exchanged. My back arched and I damn near came off the bed when he pushed himself deep inside of me, his groan and my gasp a crescendo of sound that filled the room with dissonance. I couldn’t help but wrap my legs around his waist as he leaned forward and pressed his chest against mine. His breathing was labored as he crushed a bruising kiss against my lips, his hips working against mine in quick but meticulous circles. I felt like I was dying. For the life of me I simply couldn’t catch my breath. His lips found my ear, the feel of his hot breath and the sound of his voice all but drove me into frenzy. My body was wound so tightly that it didn’t take much to send me flying over the edge, a scream ripping itself from my throat as he continued to thrust against me. My fingers tangled in his hair and after what felt like hours later he gave a shout of elation, a moan spilling from his lips as he moved to release himself on my stomach. His body hovered over mine as he rode out the duration of his orgasm, his eyes dark with satisfaction. I lay there panting, thankful he was sober enough to grab his discarded shirt from the floor and wipe me off, as that was not a mess I’d want to be met with in the morning. The stranger finally collapsed next to me and instinctively I rolled into his embrace. He smelled good. He smelled like me. The last thing I remember before unconsciousness caught up with me was the sound of a shutter and the flash of a camera phone.

“Oh no… Oh god no.” The moment the sunlight hit me I immediately began to die. “What did I do to myself?” I groaned as I struggled to sit up in bed. I was unbelievably hungover, I was disoriented, my wrists, hips…hell nearly all of me was bruised and to make matters worse I smelled like sex…There was also a gorgeous naked man laying in bed next to me. “Oh my god.” My eyes widened down at his sleeping form. He lay on his stomach, one leg bent as he slept peacefully amidst the pillows. He was tattooed in several places and though he was obviously Korean his hair was bleached to hell and back. Somehow it still managed to look soft and natural when it by all rights it should have been horribly damaged. I had to stop myself from reaching out to touch it, or him period. He was unbelievably sexy… Had I slept with him? I stared down at my hands to find telltale strands of that blonde hair still lodged between my fingers and instantly felt sick. What in the hell had I gotten myself into? I wasn’t normally like this! I was a college graduate! I’d kept a solid 4.0 grade point average from flipping preschool and I’d never in my life missed church on Sunday. I was a good girl! Good girls didn’t have one night stands with creepy tattooed hoodlums from…Oh god where did I even meet this guy?! It didn’t matter! I had to get of there and fast! Slipping quietly out of bed I searched his bedroom floor for my clothes…only to find that they were nowhere in sight. What if he’d incinerated them? What if I was next? After all he’d need to get rid of all the evidence…Stop psyching yourself out and move! Hastily donning an oversized shirt I hoped he wouldn’t miss too much I made my way towards the front door as quickly as I could, pausing only to scoop up my heels and panties. I barely had the front door open when a stinging slap to my ass stopped me in my tracks.

“Yah, leaving so soon? Without saying goodbye?” I turned slowly to stare up into doe brown eyes so beautiful I wanted to melt. This…obvious gangbanger, had the face of an angel, with well-defined facial features and the poutiest pink lips I’d ever seen. Part of me understood why I’d gone home with him, the rest of me wanted to kick him in the penis til it turned blue and fell off.

“I…I have to get going. I’ll be late for work.” I stammered, watching as his nude body angled towards mine. He planted his palm against the door as he flattened himself against me. I was instantly turned on, his cock hardening against my stomach in response.

“Forget about work. Stay with me.” He whispered against the side of my face before licking those delicious lips of his. I was seconds away from giving in when a familiar jingle met my ears. That was my cellphone! Success! That meant my pants where nearby! I ducked under his arm, looking around desperately and fully aware of his eyes on my backside when I bent to retrieve my jeans. I hurriedly shimmied into them before pulling out my phone and answering it.

“Yobosayo?” I answered, shooting the Stranger a seething glare when he laughed at me, he just smirked at my glare and moved towards the kitchen area. I was about to follow him when my entire body went rigid.

“Miss Park?” The voice that filtered through the voice was deep and rife with impatience. “It’s only your second day and you have the audacity to be three minutes late? We have an important trial today, please don’t make me regret hiring you.” He stated gruffly and I suddenly felt like crying. How could I be so stupid? I was throwing away my dream, all because of some cute blonde haired hoodlum!

“I’m so sorry Sunbaenim.” I sobbed into the phone, unable to control my emotions. What had I done? I’d moved all the way to Korea from San Francisco for this job, if I lost it I was screwed! The sigh that came through the phone at that moment was martyred.

“Maybe I was too harsh. Take your time getting to work, traffic will be heavy. But try not to let this happen again Park Yeun Seuk.” The connection dropped then and I pulled my phone away from my face to blink stupidly at it. What…just happened?

“Was that your boyfriend?” The Stranger asked as he leaned against the counter, still naked and looking wholly pleased with himself as if the thought of ruining a relationship made him happy.

“No, that was my boss and I almost lost my job thanks to you!” I yelled, contemplating hurling my phone at his head when he shrugged.

“So what?”

“So what?! Unlike some people jobs are important to functioning members of society!” I all but screamed at him, feeling like a complete emotional wreck. I usually had better control over my emotions but the sight of his smug face made me want to subsequently murder and vomit all over him. I was hungover, I was late for work and I was praying I didn’t have any STD’s or you could add convicted murderer to that list! “You just…you just don’t get it.” I let my hands rise and fall against my sides before stalking over to the door and snatching it open. “Out of all the people I’ve ever met in my entire life I’m happy that it’s you I’ll never see again!” I shouted before storming into the hallway of his apartment building and slamming the door firmly behind myself, barely missing the satisfied smirk that curled his lips.

“Please accept my humblest apologies Sunbaenim!” I bowed several times in front of my boss’ desk, narrowly avoiding slamming my head against it in my haste to apologize. Choi Jung Keun just continued to look bored. It had taken me half an hour to find my way back to my tiny apartment in Itaewon and another thirty to scrub myself vigorously in an attempt to rid myself of that bastards smell. Including the commute time, as he had been right traffic was simply dreadful… By all rights he should have fired me on the spot. But he hadn’t. He’d been oddly accepting.

“I’ve already explained to you that it’s fine so long as you never let it happen again. I know adjusting in a new city, let alone an entire country, can be difficult so it would be wrong of me to punish you. This time.” He threw in that last part as an afterthought as he stood from his high backed leather chair and made his way around his desk. I’d have to be blind not to notice how attractive he was, even when he looked like he secretly wanted to strangle me. My Sunbaenim was tall with jet-black hair that fell in soft waves around a perfectly chiseled face. He was long and lean, yet, the way his tailored suits fit his body part of me knew he was just as beautiful without his clothes as he was with them. My brow furrowed at that thought, don’t tell me that after one stupid one-night stand I’d turned into some sort of prostitute. No, that couldn’t be it. I was a good girl after all, and good girls didn’t lust after their bosses. Good girls didn’t sleep with no-good hood-rats either but we’ll just pretend that never happened.

“Still, I really am sorry. I pride myself in my punctuality and professionalism and yet, I’ve exhibited neither of those traits so far.” I gave him another bow and a ghost of a smirk tugged at the corners of his lips.

“From what I can tell you will be an excellent assistant Miss Park, not to mention a wonderful partner.” I couldn’t help but smile up at him. As it turned out, my life wasn’t completely over. He’d forgiven me, I still had my job and the chance to show him that I was, and would be, the best employee he’d ever had. I was about to speak when a hollow knock sounded throughout his office. He issued a brief ‘come in’ and the door swung open to reveal Kim Yoona, the firm secretary. She was a petite brunette with a constant flirtatious smile gracing her lips. She was a very likeable person, if you had a penis, that is.

“Choi Sunbaenim, your ten o’clock appointment has arrived.” She said and his face darkened instantly. I wonder what could have caused his sudden change in mood? Since I’d met him the man had only displayed two emotions, boredom and super boredom.

“Send him in.” He told her as politely as he could but I knew that secretly he wanted to snap at her. Whoever his ten o’clock was, it was painfully obvious that Sunbaenim couldn’t stand him. And that’s when I began to understand why. Yoona stepped out of the way and in walked my worst nightmare. He was dressed in a blue, red, and white plaid suit, a pair of large brown glasses perched on his nose, minus the lenses. He strolled into that office as if he owned the place and I’d be damned that for a second I didn’t actually believe he did. His eyes met mine, recognition and surprise filling them and disappearing so quickly I doubted they’d ever existed. It was him. “Miss Park, I’d like to introduce you to defense attorney Lee Junho. He happens to be the attorney we’ll be facing in court today.” I barely registered what my Sunbae said; my entire body was frozen as those lips of his quirked into a taunting smile. My life had suddenly derailed and was on a slow descent into hell. And Lee Junho was the driver.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Park.” Oh I was screwed.

Legally Yours: It’s a K-Drama…that you read?

 Lee Junho (Played by Kwon Jiyong), due to his loud clothing and brightly colored hair, is often mistaken for a criminal, something he has come to live with in his twenty-four years of life. Park Yeun Seuk, (Played by Kim Ha Yul) is a fresh faced paralegal just out of school. This Korean-American has just made her way to Seoul South Korea, leaving her family, friends and life behind. For the first time in her twenty two years she is on her own and supporting herself and much to her excitement she works for one of the most prestigious law firms in South Korea. Her boss, Choi Jung Keun (Played by Kim Jae Wook), while strict, is one of the best prosecuting attorney’s in Asia and he has his heart set on taking Yeun to the top. But after a night of drinking in celebration of her recent employment she finds herself at the mercy of a complete stranger, one she believes is a no good hoodlum. Imagine her surprise when that ‘hoodlum’ turns out to be Lee Junho, her boss’ rival and the top defense attorney in Korea!

Point of View: First Person

Genre: Romance, Crime, Drama


Kim Ha Yul as Park Yeun Seuk

Kwon Ji Yong as Lee Jun Ho

Kim Jae Wook as Choi Jung Keun

Episodes: Episode One Episode Two Episode Three Episode Four

Legally yours is a written drama. It’s chapters will be released as ‘episodes’ weekly or bi-weekly. It is copyrighted to Kyun Seung Choi © 2012. All rights reserved. 


Don’t put that there! Writing Believable Sex in Fiction.

Sex. The ultimate taboo subject. Unless you’re strolling through the Red Light District or down the streets of ancient Rome, just talking about it openly is bound to get you a few gasps or awkward stares. It’s the one thing that everyone does, but no one wants to talk about. Sex in fiction writing is something that has taken many authors years to perfect yet it’s something that can be mastered in seconds. All you need to do is kick your inhibitions, relax and just let yourself be creative. Once you begin to understand the basics, like with any other form of writing, it’s stuck with you for life. It’s like riding a bike, with the exception that, even the clumsiest people can write it. Some think of sex writing as seasoning, that final ingredient added to make your works of fiction pop. To others it’s the main course. But no matter who you are or what type of fiction you write, whether its innocent, harlequin romances, steamy paranormal encounters or flat out smut; there should always be a method to your madness. I’m not an expert by any means on writing anything, but just like my previous post on Point of View, I want to share what I know and what I’ve learned throughout the years about writing believable sex in fiction. And enjoying it too.

This is not a comprehensive guide on writing the BEST sex scenes in the world. This blog post is geared for those of you out there who are having trouble getting started writing sex at all. Blog post after the sexiness.

Taecyeon get out from in front of Junho or I will rape you both.


But I’m a virgin! I’m afraid my inexperience will reflect on my characters!

Well, unless you’re so virginal you’ve never had a wet dream I’m pretty sure the presence of a hymen has absolutely nothing to do with writing about sex. Just like reading about sex, it’s all about fantasy. And I’m sure anyone remotely old enough to be reading this blog post has had some sort of fantasy at some point in life. Just think about it, whether it involves gentle caresses and teasing butterfly kisses, or hardcore, gagged, bound and covered in candle wax fucking; It’s fantasy! Your imagination is what fuels your writing and without it your writing would be as dull as that phone manual you ditched the moment you bought your new cellphone. Don’t pretend you read the manual! And if you don’t believe me, just think about it. There was once a time where sex was even more taboo than it is now. The first women to write romance novels were more than likely virginal. I’m as untouched as they come but I’ve been known to write panty dropping, seat wetting sex. When it comes down to it, it’s all about how comfortable you are with not only yourself, but writing about something most of the world is uncomfortable with.

But I AM uncomfortable! All those bad words! I just can’t imagine myself saying the word di—

Then DON’T SAY IT! I can’t say the ‘D’ word either and it doesn’t make my sex scenes any less pleasing. One of the biggest parts of sex writing is finding your comfort zone and sticking with it. Not everyone can lay down the colorful, porno-esque language and make it believable. If you don’t know your comfort zone here’s an easy way to find it; Go to your bookshelf or wherever you hide your romance novels from the rest of your family, and pull out that erotica your cousin gave you as a gag gift last year. Open it up and read it. Do you cringe at the word cock? When the author uses the word jizz do you want to vomit? Well I do, so put that book back and find something that doesn’t scream 80’s pornography okay? Look at that Harlequin romance. Does his pulsating member make you laugh instead of turn you on? You wouldn’t be alone dear. When the author talks about heaving bosoms do you giggle uncontrollably? Me too! It’s not in your comfort zone, and be it too hard or too soft for your liking you’re not going to pull off a believable sex scene if you’re laughing at your lead male or gagging every other word. So find a comfortable medium. Pick up a thesaurus and practice writing down or typing out those naughty words. Find the ones that you can bare reading and keep hold of them, you’ll need them later.

I don’t know HOW to write sex okay? I’ve had fantasies…wet dreams and what not, but I just can’t seem to get that secret formula down pact!

There IS no secret formula. Writing sex is just like writing any other scene in your story. It has to fit in order to be believable. Some authors liken it to writing fight scenes, and if you think about it, they are very similar. You can’t just throw in a random sex scene, or fight scene, and have it work itself out.

  • Ricky sat across from Adelaide, watching as she nervously crossed and uncrossed her legs. She was waiting patiently for him to make the first move and he’d gladly oblige her if it wasn’t for her bastard mate sitting beside her. He could smell her arousal from where he sat, and there wasn’t any doubt he could smell it too. His nostrils flared and he was about to growl in frustration when a large muscular man in a diaper burst through the window wielding a sword.
  • “Get up Ricky! It’s time to do battle.”

 That ending was painful to write. Just as painful as it was to read no doubt. The point I’m trying to make is, don’t treat your sex scenes like sex scenes. Treat them like any other scene in your book. They need to have a reason to be there. They need to have the basic structure that all works of fiction have; a beginning, a middle and a climax. Pun very much intended. Your characters shouldn’t be two strangers standing in the middle of a field in one scene and in the very next be falling into bed together. We need to know why they care about each other enough to sleep with each other, or why they don’t care at all and just want to fuck each other senseless. There needs to be build up!

Okay so I get it, writing sex shouldn’t be some big whoopdiedoo! It’s just sex, just write it as comfortably as you can. Sure, but what does a good sex scene look like?

 Aish. What a question. A good sex scene, like anything else that can be based on opinion, is really up to you and your readers. There are many different types of sex scenes, find which kind you like to write about, and write about them. For me, I’m a mixture of romantic sex scenes and flat out smut bordering on the pornographic. Yet, there are certain words I can and can’t use. For example, when describing the male genitalia, I use the word cock. I hate the ‘D’ word, and penis is entirely too technical for me. When describing the female genitalia…I DON’T describe the female genitalia. I make references to it, but I rely on your imagination to fill in all the really dirty facts, but I try to make it believable enough that you won’t have to substitute the entire scene with something else. Writing sex also depends on who you’re writing it for. I write mostly for people my age and older. I write for housewives and anyone else who reads paranormal romantic fiction.


  • Excerpt from Taming the Leviathan due out later this year.
  • “Stop teasing me.” She breathed, gasping again as he tugged at the pink fabric with his teeth. Leviathan wasted no time in ridding her of the hideous khaki’s, rubbing his whiskered cheek against her thigh as he breathed her in. She smelled like honey, deliciously sweet, her scent going straight to his brain until he was drunk with it. Her mouth dropped open in a silent pant as he tugged at her panties, pulling them over her thighs and down her legs, leaving her completely bare to him. She shuddered as he teased her with the tips of his fingers, and when he took her into his mouth she thought she’d die from the sheer amount of pleasure it brought her.
  • Leviathan licked, played and teased, tugging gently on her tender folds until she couldn’t keep still beneath him, her back arching as she slipped her fingers into his hair and tugged. She was vocal, just as he’d imagined her to be, her puffs and pants and moans growing in volume by the second. He loved the sound of her pleasure, each groan making him harder and harder until he was straining against his zipper. He had to have her yet at the same time he was terrified of hurting her. The power it took to love her slowly caused him to shake, his muscles straining as he held himself back. “Oh god Leviathan.” She moaned his name and coupled with the sweet taste of her it was nearly his undoing. He slid up her body and she wrapped her arms around his torso, accepting him, craving him, as she almost demanded he satisfy her. And he had no problem complying.
  • “You’re going to be the death of me.” He growled against her lips and she chuckled, a deep throaty sound that had him gripping her throat, squeezing gently as he nipped at her ear. “Something funny?” He reached between them to free himself, guiding his swollen cock to her entrance. Kailani couldn’t control herself as she arched her hips towards him, trying to force him inside of her. She needed him. She didn’t want to wait any longer.
  • “No, nothing’s funny.” She panted and it was his turn to laugh. Leviathan eased himself inside of her and her mouth dropped open in a silent scream, her eyes clenching shut as she dug her nails into his ribs. Kailani suddenly couldn’t breathe as he stretched her to the limit. She felt as if she would shatter beneath him at any second. Leviathan buried his face against her throat as he ground himself against her, a gentle rocking motion that was meant to tease and not satisfy. She whimpered, her nails scoring his sides and leaving welts behind but he didn’t care, he was far too intent on torturing her. “You are an asshole!” She exclaimed as she rocked her hips in an attempt to take him deeper but he wasn’t having that, his powerful hands holding her as still as possible.
  • “I told you you’d be sick of me.” He chuckled, rolling onto his back and once again pulling her on top of him. “Ride.” He growled at her and she wasted no time in guiding him back inside of her.  

 Some of you may be cringing in disgust but for me, that’s the perfect mixture of quasi virginal sex and kink. Here’s another example.

           Excerpt from Werewolves are Diabolical which can be found on

  • “You have no idea what you do to me Clara.” He whispered against my ear and I pushed back against him, begging him with my body to ease the ache he had started. With a chuckle he wasted no time in complying, before I knew it he was pushing inside my body, stretching me to the limit as he filled me completely. I moaned his name as he rocked his hips against me, one of his strong hands on my belly and the other one plucking my nipple until it was once again standing at rapt attention. I wanted to scream again at the sheer amount of pleasure he was giving me. Pushing me forward onto my hands he grasped my hips and pulsated into me, the more his pace increased the more frequently I gasped and shouted his name. Before I knew what was happening he was pounding into me, my face buried in the grass as I held on to the earth for dear life. I tore up patches of grass as ribbons of white heat danced just within reach and I screamed as my orgasm rocked me, shaking me to my soul as the world shattered and exploded around us.

 Quick, sweet, and to the point. This type of writing is probably more common but it’s something I wrote before I’d found my comfort zone so it no longer does it for me. At one time it was the perfect amount of heat to get me going, now it’s just like…Okay so he put what where?

 Okay, I think I’m getting it now. So how do I go about…’getting in the mood’ to write about sex?

 How do you go about getting into the mood to have sex? Light a few candles, take a long bubble bath…hell apply nipple clamps if that’s what gets you in the mood. For me, I just fantasize. I plot out what’s going to happen in the scene in my head and if I have to replace the characters with one…or two Kpop stars to get myself going that’s what I’ll do. In the end, writing sex strictly depends on you. I can’t tell you how to do it, neither can anyone else in the world. You have to find what makes yourself tick. Now, I’ve given you the building blocks, get out there and get your characters laid. They’ll thank you for it.

Korean Popstars as inspiration?

{Oppa’s fashion sense is getting more and more ridiculous. And I’m finding it sexier and sexier.}

I have to admit. Kwon Jiyong has been my source of inspiration for a couple months now. And the sad part is, instead of creating lovely little works of fiction centered around this amazingly talented man, I’ve been too afraid of what other people would think of me to do so. It’s amazing how writers, even ones as confident as I like to pretend to be, easily talk themselves out of being creative all because of outside views that really shouldn’t matter. I’d forgotten that when I write, I’m supposed to write for me first, and then for anyone else who wants to read my work. I forgot that writing about what makes me happy is what keeps me happy and keeps the inspiration/motivation forthcoming. The opinion’s of a certain few aside, I also have to admit that I felt weird about writing fanfiction for living, breathing people. It still makes me feel a little…icky, at times. When I wrote fanfiction in the past it was always about Anime or Manga characters, or someone that was completely fictional and the creation of some depraved writer like myself. But not Jiyong, and not any of the other KPop stars that I will undoubtedly write about in the future. They’re real, living, breathing people and some inane part of me feels that I’m doing them an injustice by writing about them in a certain manner and then publishing it online for other people to read. But I can’t help myself. And I can’t stop it. It’s not that I wish to defame or humiliate them, quite the contrary. I’m pretty sure I would take a bullet for most of them to be honest. But I have fantasies that eat away at me if I keep them bottled up inside. And when I put them on paper, or better yet wordpress to gain feedback from my peers, I feel a sort of release that I can’t begin to explain. The stories are dying to get out, and once I finally unleash them I feel like I’m flying. It’s that high of writing something you just know is good, even if other people don’t like it, it satisfies you. And I’m addicted to that feeling.

In the future, as I write more and more fanfiction based on Mr. Kwon and other stars, I’ll work hard to keep them as out of character as I can, while still remaining close to the real person. And I have a reason for this. While I want my readers to feel like what I’m writing could actually happen, I don’t want to write about these people in a way that would bring them anymore hate than they already have. I’ve read a couple fanfics online that made me really angry at a certain star, and I had to step back and check myself because of it. The people I write about are in fact real people, but in my stories they are highly fictionalized. The things they say and or do inside my stories are fictional as in, to my knowledge, they never have and never will take place. If Jiyong flips out and puts his fist through a wall in one of my stories I don’t want anyone tweeting him and telling him he has rage problems. I think that as fans, we already have a sense of our idols personalities, and I will take care to embellish Jiyong as we see him. If you’re anything like me, you’ll fall even deeper in love with the man. After all, he’s perfect no matter what I do with him.

G-Dragon Fanfiction: When you just want to be left alone…

Bias: G-Dragon

Genre: Romance/Fluff/ A little angst in the beginning.

Part One

The sound of the rain pounding against my window made me shake. The clock on the nightstand next to me struck twelve. Midnight. My birthday was officially over, not that I could complain. I’d spent the day curled up in bed with a bottle of Soju and a container of cherry ice cream that I’d spilled on the sheets. I’d wash them in the morning, right now I just wanted to relish this feeling. This feeling of solitude. This feeling of being completely and entirely alone. Without everyone reminding me that I was yet another year older, another year wiser, and another year closer to death. I could do without the gifts, the parties and the cake. I could do without the painfully awkward phone calls from family members I hadn’t spoken to since my ninth birthday. I just wanted the chance to quietly reflect without everyone in my life breathing down my neck, without the fucking noise that people make, even when they aren’t speaking. I wanted the world to stop, and for twelve hours it had as I lay alone in my bed, my cellphone blissfully turned off and the landline unplugged and stuffed in a drawer. The only sounds that infiltrated my safe, silent little bubble were that of the television, the knocking of the radiator as it heated my apartment, my own breathing…and now the rain. The television had long since been turned off, leaving me alone in the darkness, the only light I could see being that of the crescent moon and the brightly lit apartment building across the street. I watched my legs move fitfully beneath the blankets, knocking the empty bottle of Soju from the bed, listening as it hit the floor hard and rolled under the bed. When had I become this pathetic? When had my life turned from that of a carefree teenager to an adult with her own responsibilities, trials and tribulations? I wanted to be that little girl again. I wanted the option of running home to my father and letting him protect me from the world. But my parents where at home in America. And I was in Korea…Alone. Would it always be like this? I couldn’t help but wonder if this was what my life was meant to be, that I would spend the rest of my life working a shitty job, making paycheck after paycheck just so I can survive. Would I actually ever live? Or was I doomed to spend the remainder of my days alone, in this house, in my heart and in my head? Just when the tears threatened to fall the hollow sound of someone knocking on the front door echoed through the apartment. It was a lonely sound, almost as lonely as I secretly felt. Frowning I cut my eyes to the clock on the nightstand. 12:15. Who in the hell could that be? I threw the covers back and climbed to my feet, my body stiff from being in the same position all day. I made my way through the abandoned apartment not bothering to turn on a single light. The dark, gloomy atmosphere matched my mood perfectly, who was I to disrupt it? Wiping my sweat slicked palms off on my pajama pants I undid the locks quickly and reached for the doorknob. Pulling the door open I frowned at who I found standing there. Kwon Jiyong. He was dressed entirely in black, which was unusual for him. The man liked bright colors; he liked drawing attention to himself. He craved the spotlight like the Leo he was. And it followed him religiously. Wherever he went he couldn’t help but shine. Silver studs accentuated the leather jacket he wore, accompanied by the studded belt that hung low on his hips. His hair was once again covered by a beanie but this time, of what I could see from the gently curling tendrils that lay against his forehead, it was dyed bright pink. He was standing there, his arms braced on either side of the doorframe, with a bottle of 1966 Dom Perignon champagne in one hand and a pint of Grey Goose vodka in the other.

“We can keep it classy, or we can get fucked up and makeout. Your pick.” He motioned to each of the bottles in turn and I just blinked at him. I hadn’t laid eyes on this man since he’d broken up with his girlfriend **** and shown up on my doorstop a little over a month ago. He’d kissed me…I remembered it with stunning clarity, his lips as they crashed against mine, the feeling of his fingers digging hard into soft, untouched skin. I could feel the speed of my breathing picking up as I continued to stare at him. Ji just cocked a brow at me in question and I suddenly returned to life. Reaching out without hesitation I grabbed the bottle of Grey Goose, uncapped it and took a hearty swig. The vodka burned a path down my throat and into the pit of my stomach, heating me from the inside out. Ji smirked as he made his way inside, shutting the door behind him. “What are you doing?” He asked and I frowned.

“Getting drunk?”

“No, I mean what are you doing sitting here all by yourself? On your birthday? Why haven’t you answered my calls or emails? I text you fifty times. I even called your mother.” He advanced on me and like a savage lion pursuing a mouse and I ran from him, retreating until my back was firmly against the wall. He looked so feral, not necessarily angry but worried, hurt, and above all else hungry.

“I just wanted to be alone.”

“Yah. Who said you’re allowed to be alone?” He braced one arm next to my head as he leaned towards me, his breath fanning my face. He’d already been drinking; I could smell it on his breath and on his clothes. It was a familiar smell, one that made my entire body ache in anticipation. Was he going to kiss me again? Please god let the answer be yes.

“I’m an adult Ji, It’s not like I need supervision or anything.” I responded with defiance, which he took as a challenge. He was so close now that I could smell his sweet, freshly shaven skin. The slight scent of his aftershave invaded my brain until I swear I was drunk with it. Or maybe it was the vodka I’d just consumed…It didn’t fucking matter! G-Dragon was standing in my apartment, close enough to touch, his lips inches from mine as he casually trailed a hand down my arm until it wrapped around the neck of the bottle I held. He lifted it to his lips and took a swig before grabbing my chin and tilting my head back. His lips covered mine and I could taste the burn of the alcohol as it coated his tongue and slid down his throat. My knees were weak. I was going to pass out from over stimulation at any second. I heard the bottle of Dom Perignon hit the end table next to us and as if he’d heard my thoughts he wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me flush against him. He tipped the Grey Goose bottle to my lips, the liquor filling my mouth and pouring down the sides of my face as I took as much as I could. And then the near empty bottle was joining the other on the end table. My body tangled with his as he pulled me over to the couch, falling backwards and roughly pulling me on top of him. I could feel him, every hard inch of his toned leather clad body as it pressed against me. Every single touch felt intimate, erotic, His fingertips gently brushed my lower back as my shirt rode up around my midsection and the skin exposed itself. His mouth was hot against mine; his lips tender as they teased mine which were bruised from his kisses. I felt as if I were drowning, and whether it was the effects of the alcohol or Ji himself I couldn’t tell. I pulled away from his heated kisses as I struggled to catch my breath. Was I dying? My name fell from his lips in the form of a sensual whisper and he rolled until I was cushioned comfortably between him in the back of the couch.
“Happy birthday.” He breathed against my forehead as he held me close, tucking me under his chin. I felt…oddly protected. I felt cherished…loved. I blinked away the tears that suddenly filled my eyes and clouded my vision. Maybe what I needed on this dreadful day wasn’t to be alone. Maybe all along, I just needed someone to remind me that I wasn’t in this by myself…Maybe I just needed Ji.

“Jiyong oppa.” I called, my voice weak and tear filled. I felt him smirk at the title.

“Ne toggi?” He answered and I couldn’t help but chuckle at the new nickname.

“Thank you for being here. Thank you for coming to my rescue right when I needed you the most.” Ji shifted against me, pressing his lips against mine once again.

“You were there for me so I’ll always be there for you.”

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G-Dragon Fanfiction: When she cheats and you’re there to pick up the pieces…

Bias: G-Dragon

Genre: Romance/Fluff

The call came through at one in the morning, my phone vibrating loudly as it rotated on the nightstand. I didn’t want to get out of bed, didn’t want to move or even open my eyes. Work had been a terror that night and the moment I was home and in bed I was asleep, releasing the tension of ten hours of running off copies and toting steaming mugs of coffee in and out of my boss’s office. God did I hate my job. But the paycheck I received every two weeks made it all worthwhile. It didn’t change the fact that I was tired though, or that my phone was still ringing. Sighing I rolled over in bed, pushing back the plush comforter so I could snake my arm out and grab the damn thing. Without opening my eyes I slid my thumb across the screen to answer the call before pressing it to the side of my face and leaving it there.

“You’d better be dying. You’d better be dying and I better be the only fucking person on the planet that can save you.” I grumbled, my voice portraying the sleepiness I felt. I wholly expected to be met with the sound of laughter from whatever friend that was stupid, or rather suicidal enough, to call me after eleven PM. Instead Jiyong’s angry voice filtered through my phone.

“Come open the door.” His voice was loud as it echoed off the empty space around him. He sounded as if he were standing in a hallway, maybe in an apartment building somewhere or even a parking garage. That’s when his words finally hit me.

“Open what door? Ji where the hell are you?” I asked, trying to force my foggy brain to wake up and realize that something wasn’t right. Without another word out of him the call dropped and my phone’s LCD screen went black.Come open the door… He couldn’t be standing outside my apartment could he?

“Aish.” I cursed as I threw the covers back and climbed out of bed, my bare feet hitting the cold wooden floor as I hurriedly slid them into my slippers. I was barely dressed in a pair of shorts and an oversized T-Shirt and my hair was a mess from my fitful slumber. I was in no condition to be entertaining company, especially not someone as important asKwon Jiyong. I’d met the man the rest of the world knew as G-Dragon or simply GD early last year after he’d beenaccused of smoking Marijuana and his drug tests ‘surprisingly’ came back positive. The scandal was huge and the stars endorsements and fame were threatened by it. Jiyong and his manager wandered into the law office where I work and after a bout of fast pace conversation my attorney got right to work. As a legal aid the boss and I were the ones who got him his indictment and kept the young star from spending five years minimum in prison. He was friendly for a pothead, even though to this day he swears up and down he didn’t know the cigarette the fan offered him was anything but. Whatever, it didn’t really matter to me what he did in his private life; what mattered was the fact that he was a good friend. Patient, sweet and considerate. Well, that is until he starts knocking on your door at one in the morning. I certainly hoped this wasn’t going to become a habit. Trudging through my apartment I headed for the front of the house, my legs stiff as I forced them to keep up with me. Unlocking the door I pulled it open to find a rather angry looking G-Dragon standing in the hallway, his phone still clutched tightly in his hand as he shook with rage. His hair, back to it’s natural dark hue for the time being, was partially hidden by a black beanie that matched the rest of his hastily put together ensemble of a baggy, red plaid shirt, black graphic T, jeans and kicks. Ji had a knack for making any outfit fashionable, even one as simple as this. Even I had to admit the man had a gift.

“You’re not on fire…And you don’t seem to have caught the plague or anything. So why in the hell are you here?” I growled and before I could get all the words out I heard his phone hit the floor. Jiyong stepped into my apartment, his hands cupping my cheeks as he pressed his lips against mine in a bruising kiss. I was stunned, completely taken aback as he guided us in the dark, the door slamming behind him as he kicked it shut with his heel. He tasted like whisky, a dark heady flavor that made my head spin as if I had been the one drinking. And anger, oh could I feel his anger. It radiated off of him in waves as my hands gripped hungrily at his shoulders. I didn’t know what came over me but suddenly I was wide-awake, my body responding to his in a way I had never before imagined. Ji pressed his body into mine, my back hitting the wall as his hands slid from my face to my waist. It was the feel of his fingertips digging into my flesh and tugging at my shorts that finally brought me out of my stupor. Placing my hands against his chest I shoved him backwards with a cry of shock. He wasn’t a very tall man, standing five foot nine inches, but he still had me beat in terms of height and strength. He didn’t go very far, his hands still on my hips as he leaned his forehead against mine. His breath smelled of liquor and cigarettes, and while I usually couldn’t stand the stench of tobacco, I had to admit it wasn’t entirely unpleasant when it emanated from him. Although, it was a rare occasion where I disagreed with anything he did.

“That bitch.” He breathed, his breath fanning over my lips until I had to force myself to stand still and not lean forward to capture his mouth again. What had gotten into me I’ll never know, Jiyong had never been the object of my affections, why was I reacting like this now, of all times?

“What bitch?” I asked as his hands slid up to my biceps, his grip tightening until I was wiggling in an urgency to get him off of me. Instantly his fingers eased their tension, as if he’d read my thoughts. The name of some female star fell from his lips like an oath and I winced. His girlfriend. “Ji what happened? You’re starting to scare me.” I said and he released me in favor of sinking onto the couch, his head in his hands.

“I caught her cheating.” He breathed and my eyes widened. That stupid bitch! How dare she?! I felt my own rage encompassing me. Ji had been nothing but good to that whore. I’d watched from the sidelines as they paraded around together, I watched a he doted on her like she was some type of princess and she had the audacity to cheat on him?

“I’m so sorry Ji.” Were the only words I could force from between my tightly clenched teeth. What I really wanted to say was ‘Where is the bitch’ and ‘Do you want me to kick her ass?’

“Yeah. I feel so fucking stupid.” He grunted as I moved to sit next to him, a hand tentatively reaching out to touch his shoulder.

“What happened?” I asked softly and he turned his head to stare over at me. His face was the picture of unhappiness and I knew it would hurt him to talk about it, but it was better for him to get it off of his chest now instead of blowing up about it later.

“I was out with Seung, Bae and the Maknae, just hanging out while we waited for Daesung to finish up one of his schedules. On the way back to the dorm I wanted to drop by her place to surprise her and I guess the bitch forgot she gave me a key. I went inside and found her on her back, beneath one of my backup dancers.” He spat, turning his head to glare holes into the floor. I sighed and moved to lay my head against his shoulder as conflicted emotions burst to life inside of me. To be perfectly honest, I’d never really liked his girlfriend. She was one of those girls. The perfect little princess who treated people like property and didn’t hesitate to discard them at her discretion. But Ji loved her, and because I was his friend all I could do was just deal with it. Now, though, I wanted nothing more than to knock her teeth down her throat. He didn’t deserve that sort of treatment, not for anything in the world. “After I kicked his ass and fired him, I told her we were through and stormed out. I didn’t even get back in the car. I just kept running and next thing I knew I was at your door.” He reached over to take my hand in his, resting it on his knee as I rubbed my thumb over the back of his knuckles comfortingly. “I’m sorry I woke you up, and that I kissed you.”

“It’s okay. I’m glad you know where to come when you’re hurting. I’m always here for you Ji.”

“And the kiss?” He asked, his eyes once again lifting to meet mine. I just blinked at him then rolled my eyes.

“Oh chill out it’s not like I’ve never been kissed before. I’m fine with it.” I told him and one lazy dimple flared to life. His smile was brilliant even at half mass.

“Hey,” He called suddenly and I blinked in question, “Can I borrow your couch for the night? I don’t want to go home, she knows where I live and I can’t face her yet.” He admitted bashfully and I smiled.

“Of course.” Turning so my back was against the arm of the couch I folded my legs and gave my lap a pat. He just cocked a brow at me, his face confused. “Come on. I’m not leaving you alone. You might wander out into the hall and start kissing people.” I told him and he laughed.

“Very funny.” He shifted in his seat and laid his head in my lap. I couldn’t help but smile down at him. “Hey, I have another favor to ask.”

“Oh god you’re so needy.” I huffed mockingly.

“Shut up.” Ji lifted himself off the couch and moved to press his lips against mine again. This time the kiss was sweet and tender, thankful. I blinked as he pulled away from me with a smirk and returned to my lap. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” I replied, my voice barely above a whisper as my hands moved to lovingly stroke his head. A smirk curled my lips as he peacefully drifted off to sleep against me. I was going to be late for work tomorrow but this experience made it all worthwhile. “Hey Ji?”

“Yeah?” He answered and I smiled, I honestly hadn’t expected him to be awake.

“Can I kick her ass?” I asked and he smirked against my thigh.


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