Revenant Character Introductions: The Black and White Edition

Let’s meet some characters shall we?

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the terms, check out this post.


Giovanni Maurizio Cavaletti – Living Vampire

Giovanni was born in Dublin Ireland to living vampires Niccolo and Lucretia Cavaletti. The youngest of seven children he was spoiled rotten while his siblings killed each other for the right to take their fathers coveted position in the house of Leviticus, a faction of the Triad which, along side the house of Judges and Exodus, governs all of the Vampire race. With only his brothers Micah, Lucio, and Giovanni himself left alive, their father chose the latter to take his place as the more responsible, and more powerful, child. Lucio, in a fit of rage cut his fathers heart from his chest, transforming him into one of the Undead. Giovanni suffered his elder brother the same fate before stepping into the role of Triginta, the third seat of power in Leviticus.


Richard Alistair Connell II – Werewolf

An informant of the SPPO who runs a prostitution ring to cover up his involvement with the Supernatural police. A kid at heart, he fell in with the wrong crowd as a child and almost lost his life in a Werewolf turf war.


Lucretia Cavaletti – Living Vampire

Mother of Giovanni Cavaletti and wife of recently deceased Niccolo Cavaletti. Quiet by nature but far from weak, she ruled her household like any woman of Italian blood and commands the love and respect of vampires both living and undead.


Dita Dixon – Faerie

Dita makes up one forth of the SPPO team Zeitgeist, an Anti-Terrorist/Espionage group that handle some of the most high profiled cases for the SPPO. Of Fae blood she tends to be scatter brained, but her amazing healing abilities are extremely useful in her field of work.


Lieutenant Sheila Armstrong – Species Unknown

Lieutenant of the SPPO. Sporting a sharp tongue, wit, and even sharper claws she’s well respected in her line of work. Mother of Hale Armstrong, the newest member of team Zeitgeist.


Elliot Cole – Witch

Co leader of team Zeitgeist and tech expert.


Alicia Reagan – Witch

Younger sister of Adelaide Reagan. Raised mostly by her sister she hopes to follow in her footsteps and become a police officer, something that Adelaide is firmly against.


Lucio Cavaletti – Undead Vampire

Elder brother of Giovanni Cavaletti. Responsible for the death of their father. After having his heart cleaved from his chest by Giovanni he disappeared but has recently resurfaced.


Hale Armstrong – Species Unknown

Son of Lt. Sheila Armstrong and the most recent addition to team Zeitgeist. His extraordinary physical strength is definitely an asset but he isn’t the brightest crayon in the bunch.


Nelo – Undead Vampire

A dangerous bastard with an even more dangerous agenda. An extremist with plans for assuming political power he routinely starts uprising in the house of Exodus which has no set ruler. Responsible for bombing several buildings owned by members of Leviticus.


Lazarus Ward – Living Vampire

Younger brother of Marcellus Ward, one of the sanctioned five judges. A judge in his own right he’s somewhere between the personal lawyer of the Leviticus and political powerhouse for the judges.


Adelaide Reagan – Witch Revenant

Adelaide is proof that you should never judge a book by its cover, or rather, by its size. After surviving a brutal rape by ex partner Nolan and five of his favorite werewolf buddies, she went on to join Team Zeitgeist and take his place at the top of the police food chain. A no nonsense character, people are usually taken aback by the stark contrast of her ‘baby face’ and her bold personality. This petite powerhouse doesn’t mind hurting people in order to keep them safe and is known to bite off a lot more than she can chew while refusing to let anyone lend her a helping hand. Adelaide had always been significantly more introverted than others in her circle. But after her rape, rage, temperament and trust became larger issues in her life. Imagine spending the rest of your life looking over your shoulder, being suspicious of every single person that comes into your circle to the point where you’re willing to exile yourself just to escape the fear of being hurt again.

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