Why I think 2PM’s Taecyeon is the Perfect Man.

I want to start out by saying that this is an opinion post and that opinion is based off of what I’ve witnessed on various Variety shows, and behind the scenes videos, as well as what I’ve read on twitter and various other places online. I don’t know Taecyeon personally and if I did I wouldn’t be writing a blog post about him at three AM. So, now that the disclaimer is over, let’s jump right into the post shall we?

On any given day our favorite Korean stars, both male and female, are asked a very simple, yet very embarrassing question. Who’s your ideal type? And while few of them can answer with a straight face they usually either give really quick, really broad answers (I.E girls with straight hair, or guys who look good with a bare face etc), or, they prattle on endlessly about the different stars they like and who they’d like to meet. And while, I’m neither Korean or a star by any means, I’m going to take the role of the prattler tonight and dish on why I think 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon is not only my ideal type, but the perfect man. Period. Well, for someone like me anyway.

I’m not really the type of woman who pays very much attention to the physical. I’d liken myself to an intellectual who knows better than to pick a prospective mate based on their abdominals or how symmetrical their faces are. I’d much rather dedicate my life and time to a man who has a personality, preferably one that doesn’t clash with mine. I, unlike most of the up and coming generation, was taught that abs grow soft overtime, and that ‘Hottie McHotterson’ you picked as a husband is going to one day get old and pudgy. And instead of being with someone with an actual brain for the rest of your life, you’ll be saddled with an idiot who keeps falling face first into the toilet in an attempt to save himself from drowning…I’ll just let that sink in.

While I’d like to think I wasn’t as shallow as the rest of the planet, the fact is, I’m a healthy human female and there are certain things that I find attractive in the opposite sex. For example, I like them tall, broad-shouldered and Asian. The next woman may tell you she prefers men who are closer to her in height with a dark complexion and light eyes. There are a million combinations ranging from the practical to the out right extreme and, while that may seem strange, that’s your human female for you. For further verification of how strange a woman’s tastes can be, it’s a widely known fact that a woman’s preference in men changes depending on whether or not she’s menstruating but more importantly, whether or not she’s ovulating. Science Daily writes that “Around the time of ovulation, a female’s preference apparently shifts from avoiding negligent parenting to acquiring the best genes for her offspring. At other points during the cycle, women will prefer more feminized male faces, as they might signal a higher willingness of the males to invest in offspring (Indiana University 2008).” There are women who appreciate men who are a bit softer, a bit more intellectual, and then there are those who enjoy their males a little bit more on the manly side. Which brings me to the first major point of this post. Taecyeon seems to have dual personalities in the fact that he can be either.

Now, I’m not saying the man is two-faced by any means but he does display two very distinct personality types depending on what situation he’s in. Off stage he appears to be this really sweet, humorous, all around good guy. He’s who his fans have affectionately coined ‘OKCat’ for his natural aegyo (cute behavior). His face seems to soften behind his glasses as if they’re a shield that holds in the beastly image he’s very well known for. He’s like flipping Clark Kent with those glasses and it doesn’t help my libido at all that he’s utterly adorkable in them. And then you have Taecyeon, the beast idol who gyrates on stage and causes all the teenaged fangirls in the audience to wet their seats just from the thought of being next to that amazingly well sculpted body of his. He’s like a lion, stalking around the stage with that toothy-grin of his. His voice…I mean I can see why he’s the lead rapper of 2PM, his voice is composed of ovarie exploding goodness. And when he moves…I’m not going to get into that. I’ll just provide a little viewing material for you folks.

To sum things up. Taec can be beastly, adorable, or just plain dorky, and my ovaries are fine with that. In fact, they love the fact that he can be who they need him to be.

Point two of this post brings me to something I think all men should have; a reliability factor. As mentioned earlier there was an episode of 2PM show in which the band decided to ‘prank’ an extremely exhausted Taecyeon just to see if the poor guy would snap by the end of the day. They annoyed him with everything they could think of, from forcing him to be the MC of the day, to physically beating him, and still he did his job without once stopping to retaliate or complain. And the man was on camera the entire time without knowing it! He could have snapped at any time and flattened one of his bandmates, and I mean easily as the man is huge in all the right ways. But he didn’t. He was as patient with them as a careful, doting father figure. Lets face it folks, patience is something a lot of people are lacking in today’s society. Despite all the interference, poking and prodding, he did his job, making him very reliable in my eyes. Against all odds, the man does what he’s been assigned to do.

Point two leads us right into point three where I say, quite honestly, that I think he’d be a spectacular dad. He’s patient, he’s reliable, he can be both funny and serious; in my opinion these are qualities of the perfect father figure. Someone doting and caring yet at the same time can be disciplinary. Lets face it, children are growing up faster and faster every year. I’ve met thirteen year olds online who complain about trouble with their boyfriends and fifteen year olds screaming YOLO while they pose for pictures with their pregnant bellies hanging out of their teenie bopper tube tops. They’re obviously lacking a lot more than just discipline but I can’t help but think that if they had a bit more of it in their lives they wouldn’t have turned out the way they did. I think that Taecyeon, even at the age of twenty three, would make not only a wonderful father, but an excellent dad. A father is a provider, that strong person in your life that is supposed to make sure you have everything you need when you need it. But a dad is someone you can run crying to in the middle of the night, and after he tucks you into bed and dries your tears, he goes and finds who or what made you upset, and kicks its ass. There are lots of fathers out there, and then there are also lots of dads. But there aren’t very many people who could easily be both. Taec seems to be a dying breed of man all together.

For the record, I think ALL of the 2PM members would make great dads. It’s like JYP put together a small army of super studs to father the next generation of JYPE trainees.

I won’t make this post any longer, it’s already huge, so I’ll wrap things up here. But you can bet your period panties I’ll be touching on this subject again in a part two.


P E R F E C T I O N < 3

4 thoughts on “Why I think 2PM’s Taecyeon is the Perfect Man.

  1. I like your though. I also think like you. I think 2PM’s Taecyeon is the Perfect Man. Have a good day, my friend ^_^

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