Korean Popstars as inspiration?

{Oppa’s fashion sense is getting more and more ridiculous. And I’m finding it sexier and sexier.}

I have to admit. Kwon Jiyong has been my source of inspiration for a couple months now. And the sad part is, instead of creating lovely little works of fiction centered around this amazingly talented man, I’ve been too afraid of what other people would think of me to do so. It’s amazing how writers, even ones as confident as I like to pretend to be, easily talk themselves out of being creative all because of outside views that really shouldn’t matter. I’d forgotten that when I write, I’m supposed to write for me first, and then for anyone else who wants to read my work. I forgot that writing about what makes me happy is what keeps me happy and keeps the inspiration/motivation forthcoming. The opinion’s of a certain few aside, I also have to admit that I felt weird about writing fanfiction for living, breathing people. It still makes me feel a little…icky, at times. When I wrote fanfiction in the past it was always about Anime or Manga characters, or someone that was completely fictional and the creation of some depraved writer like myself. But not Jiyong, and not any of the other KPop stars that I will undoubtedly write about in the future. They’re real, living, breathing people and some inane part of me feels that I’m doing them an injustice by writing about them in a certain manner and then publishing it online for other people to read. But I can’t help myself. And I can’t stop it. It’s not that I wish to defame or humiliate them, quite the contrary. I’m pretty sure I would take a bullet for most of them to be honest. But I have fantasies that eat away at me if I keep them bottled up inside. And when I put them on paper, or better yet wordpress to gain feedback from my peers, I feel a sort of release that I can’t begin to explain. The stories are dying to get out, and once I finally unleash them I feel like I’m flying. It’s that high of writing something you just know is good, even if other people don’t like it, it satisfies you. And I’m addicted to that feeling.

In the future, as I write more and more fanfiction based on Mr. Kwon and other stars, I’ll work hard to keep them as out of character as I can, while still remaining close to the real person. And I have a reason for this. While I want my readers to feel like what I’m writing could actually happen, I don’t want to write about these people in a way that would bring them anymore hate than they already have. I’ve read a couple fanfics online that made me really angry at a certain star, and I had to step back and check myself because of it. The people I write about are in fact real people, but in my stories they are highly fictionalized. The things they say and or do inside my stories are fictional as in, to my knowledge, they never have and never will take place. If Jiyong flips out and puts his fist through a wall in one of my stories I don’t want anyone tweeting him and telling him he has rage problems. I think that as fans, we already have a sense of our idols personalities, and I will take care to embellish Jiyong as we see him. If you’re anything like me, you’ll fall even deeper in love with the man. After all, he’s perfect no matter what I do with him.


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