G-Dragon Fanfiction: When she cheats and you’re there to pick up the pieces…

Bias: G-Dragon

Genre: Romance/Fluff

The call came through at one in the morning, my phone vibrating loudly as it rotated on the nightstand. I didn’t want to get out of bed, didn’t want to move or even open my eyes. Work had been a terror that night and the moment I was home and in bed I was asleep, releasing the tension of ten hours of running off copies and toting steaming mugs of coffee in and out of my boss’s office. God did I hate my job. But the paycheck I received every two weeks made it all worthwhile. It didn’t change the fact that I was tired though, or that my phone was still ringing. Sighing I rolled over in bed, pushing back the plush comforter so I could snake my arm out and grab the damn thing. Without opening my eyes I slid my thumb across the screen to answer the call before pressing it to the side of my face and leaving it there.

“You’d better be dying. You’d better be dying and I better be the only fucking person on the planet that can save you.” I grumbled, my voice portraying the sleepiness I felt. I wholly expected to be met with the sound of laughter from whatever friend that was stupid, or rather suicidal enough, to call me after eleven PM. Instead Jiyong’s angry voice filtered through my phone.

“Come open the door.” His voice was loud as it echoed off the empty space around him. He sounded as if he were standing in a hallway, maybe in an apartment building somewhere or even a parking garage. That’s when his words finally hit me.

“Open what door? Ji where the hell are you?” I asked, trying to force my foggy brain to wake up and realize that something wasn’t right. Without another word out of him the call dropped and my phone’s LCD screen went black.Come open the door… He couldn’t be standing outside my apartment could he?

“Aish.” I cursed as I threw the covers back and climbed out of bed, my bare feet hitting the cold wooden floor as I hurriedly slid them into my slippers. I was barely dressed in a pair of shorts and an oversized T-Shirt and my hair was a mess from my fitful slumber. I was in no condition to be entertaining company, especially not someone as important asKwon Jiyong. I’d met the man the rest of the world knew as G-Dragon or simply GD early last year after he’d beenaccused of smoking Marijuana and his drug tests ‘surprisingly’ came back positive. The scandal was huge and the stars endorsements and fame were threatened by it. Jiyong and his manager wandered into the law office where I work and after a bout of fast pace conversation my attorney got right to work. As a legal aid the boss and I were the ones who got him his indictment and kept the young star from spending five years minimum in prison. He was friendly for a pothead, even though to this day he swears up and down he didn’t know the cigarette the fan offered him was anything but. Whatever, it didn’t really matter to me what he did in his private life; what mattered was the fact that he was a good friend. Patient, sweet and considerate. Well, that is until he starts knocking on your door at one in the morning. I certainly hoped this wasn’t going to become a habit. Trudging through my apartment I headed for the front of the house, my legs stiff as I forced them to keep up with me. Unlocking the door I pulled it open to find a rather angry looking G-Dragon standing in the hallway, his phone still clutched tightly in his hand as he shook with rage. His hair, back to it’s natural dark hue for the time being, was partially hidden by a black beanie that matched the rest of his hastily put together ensemble of a baggy, red plaid shirt, black graphic T, jeans and kicks. Ji had a knack for making any outfit fashionable, even one as simple as this. Even I had to admit the man had a gift.

“You’re not on fire…And you don’t seem to have caught the plague or anything. So why in the hell are you here?” I growled and before I could get all the words out I heard his phone hit the floor. Jiyong stepped into my apartment, his hands cupping my cheeks as he pressed his lips against mine in a bruising kiss. I was stunned, completely taken aback as he guided us in the dark, the door slamming behind him as he kicked it shut with his heel. He tasted like whisky, a dark heady flavor that made my head spin as if I had been the one drinking. And anger, oh could I feel his anger. It radiated off of him in waves as my hands gripped hungrily at his shoulders. I didn’t know what came over me but suddenly I was wide-awake, my body responding to his in a way I had never before imagined. Ji pressed his body into mine, my back hitting the wall as his hands slid from my face to my waist. It was the feel of his fingertips digging into my flesh and tugging at my shorts that finally brought me out of my stupor. Placing my hands against his chest I shoved him backwards with a cry of shock. He wasn’t a very tall man, standing five foot nine inches, but he still had me beat in terms of height and strength. He didn’t go very far, his hands still on my hips as he leaned his forehead against mine. His breath smelled of liquor and cigarettes, and while I usually couldn’t stand the stench of tobacco, I had to admit it wasn’t entirely unpleasant when it emanated from him. Although, it was a rare occasion where I disagreed with anything he did.

“That bitch.” He breathed, his breath fanning over my lips until I had to force myself to stand still and not lean forward to capture his mouth again. What had gotten into me I’ll never know, Jiyong had never been the object of my affections, why was I reacting like this now, of all times?

“What bitch?” I asked as his hands slid up to my biceps, his grip tightening until I was wiggling in an urgency to get him off of me. Instantly his fingers eased their tension, as if he’d read my thoughts. The name of some female star fell from his lips like an oath and I winced. His girlfriend. “Ji what happened? You’re starting to scare me.” I said and he released me in favor of sinking onto the couch, his head in his hands.

“I caught her cheating.” He breathed and my eyes widened. That stupid bitch! How dare she?! I felt my own rage encompassing me. Ji had been nothing but good to that whore. I’d watched from the sidelines as they paraded around together, I watched a he doted on her like she was some type of princess and she had the audacity to cheat on him?

“I’m so sorry Ji.” Were the only words I could force from between my tightly clenched teeth. What I really wanted to say was ‘Where is the bitch’ and ‘Do you want me to kick her ass?’

“Yeah. I feel so fucking stupid.” He grunted as I moved to sit next to him, a hand tentatively reaching out to touch his shoulder.

“What happened?” I asked softly and he turned his head to stare over at me. His face was the picture of unhappiness and I knew it would hurt him to talk about it, but it was better for him to get it off of his chest now instead of blowing up about it later.

“I was out with Seung, Bae and the Maknae, just hanging out while we waited for Daesung to finish up one of his schedules. On the way back to the dorm I wanted to drop by her place to surprise her and I guess the bitch forgot she gave me a key. I went inside and found her on her back, beneath one of my backup dancers.” He spat, turning his head to glare holes into the floor. I sighed and moved to lay my head against his shoulder as conflicted emotions burst to life inside of me. To be perfectly honest, I’d never really liked his girlfriend. She was one of those girls. The perfect little princess who treated people like property and didn’t hesitate to discard them at her discretion. But Ji loved her, and because I was his friend all I could do was just deal with it. Now, though, I wanted nothing more than to knock her teeth down her throat. He didn’t deserve that sort of treatment, not for anything in the world. “After I kicked his ass and fired him, I told her we were through and stormed out. I didn’t even get back in the car. I just kept running and next thing I knew I was at your door.” He reached over to take my hand in his, resting it on his knee as I rubbed my thumb over the back of his knuckles comfortingly. “I’m sorry I woke you up, and that I kissed you.”

“It’s okay. I’m glad you know where to come when you’re hurting. I’m always here for you Ji.”

“And the kiss?” He asked, his eyes once again lifting to meet mine. I just blinked at him then rolled my eyes.

“Oh chill out it’s not like I’ve never been kissed before. I’m fine with it.” I told him and one lazy dimple flared to life. His smile was brilliant even at half mass.

“Hey,” He called suddenly and I blinked in question, “Can I borrow your couch for the night? I don’t want to go home, she knows where I live and I can’t face her yet.” He admitted bashfully and I smiled.

“Of course.” Turning so my back was against the arm of the couch I folded my legs and gave my lap a pat. He just cocked a brow at me, his face confused. “Come on. I’m not leaving you alone. You might wander out into the hall and start kissing people.” I told him and he laughed.

“Very funny.” He shifted in his seat and laid his head in my lap. I couldn’t help but smile down at him. “Hey, I have another favor to ask.”

“Oh god you’re so needy.” I huffed mockingly.

“Shut up.” Ji lifted himself off the couch and moved to press his lips against mine again. This time the kiss was sweet and tender, thankful. I blinked as he pulled away from me with a smirk and returned to my lap. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” I replied, my voice barely above a whisper as my hands moved to lovingly stroke his head. A smirk curled my lips as he peacefully drifted off to sleep against me. I was going to be late for work tomorrow but this experience made it all worthwhile. “Hey Ji?”

“Yeah?” He answered and I smiled, I honestly hadn’t expected him to be awake.

“Can I kick her ass?” I asked and he smirked against my thigh.


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